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  1. Today is the final day of my CMON saga. Finally received the Child Thief after having to send back the Ninja Lady (on their dime). So I got 3/4 things I ordered, the one that wasn't included was refunded and now my order is closed. It's been a LONG road, but I've been patient and it paid off with me finally getting what I wanted most in the original order.
  2. Since my birthday (big 40) is this month. I told my wife I wanted the Ultimate Gaming Table, gave her the link and she looked it over. Said to just order it myself so that it was exactly what I wanted with the accessories I need. So I just ordered a 3.5x5 ft table, felt pad, 5x cup holders, and tabletop cover. It's all in birch/white, will be shipping in May as it was a pre-order. Table Mat - Elite Series - 3'x5' / Black x 1 Cup Holder with Dice Tray - Elite Series - Birch x 5 3.5 Table Top Covers - Elite Series - white x 1 Table of Ultimate Gaming 3.5 ELITE Series - Standard Table Height - Birch x 1
  3. Nice work! Glad to see you get outta the funk! I'm still kinda in that same funk, but I also have had very little time in the evenings and weekends lately to do anything. I've been puttering around with making some terrain for my D&D game lately using pink insulation foam.
  4. I turn 40 next month. Don’t feel that old and certainly don’t act my age!
  5. My pleasure. Can’t wait to see the finished product as it already looks awesome.
  6. Take some plasticard and glue it to the edges or wherever you don't want to see the wood grain. You can then prime and paint it whatever color/design you want. This is a way to make cheap plinths look like expensive ones.
  7. So I got my $27 refund for the missing figure last night and they contacted me this morning and are going to send me a fedex label for ninja lady and then when they get her they will send me the Child Thief I’ve wanted all along (if he’s in stock by the time they get the ninja lady back). It’s just been been a big mess and I’m hoping it’s all done and over soon and actually get the Child Thief figure.
  8. It took over a week for the first response. I can’t remember the category. I think it was incorrect item or something to that effect. Sorry, it’s been about 2 weeks ago at this point so I can’t remember exactly what I chose.
  9. Just heard back from the CS rep. They apologized for misreading my email and double-checked my mailing address to send the Child Thief to. Hopefully i actually get it and everything gets resolved soon.
  10. Got a reply back from CMON yesterday. The stupid CS rep obviously didn’t read the two sentences I wrote to them and gave me a seriously flawed response. I simply asked that they send me the correct figure that they have in stock. I offered to keep incorrect figure and then they do not have to refund me for the one figure that they would have to refund me for not sending it as it becomes a wash. Said is they can’t sent me something not in original order and are sending to refund dept to give me a refund. Like me what kind of answe is that??? ugh, so frustrated at this point with them
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