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  1. Exactly. As for the plinth, I'm going to try to do a tree that will cover her a bit... maybe Aspen or Birch as the plinth is one of those woods and would play nicely with her colors that I'm thinking of doing.
  2. No need to tackle, she's delicate and I'm going to take my time and build up the layers with glazes to try to get a very smooth paintjob on her. I'm trying to decide on how to do the base right now, I have an image in my mind and it comes down to trying to execute what I see there.
  3. Primed with Stynylrez Green and then some highlights picked out with Stynylrez Yellow through my airbrush. Going to let it cure overnight and then start painting tomorrow. Will be using a lot of glazes and taking my time to get her to what I envision in my head.
  4. Nice! I saw a few of these as well. The bottom one was the one I was looking at very closely and which I was most inspired by. I like to spend a night to clean up everything before I start a new project. It helps me not get distracted or overwhelmed by the other stuff. Yes!
  5. Mine as well. Very different from my normal stuff. A few ideas percolating... non human skin tone. Green hair. Flowers growing in her hair and along her elbow. The base will be scenic and help portray her story. Yes, to break out of my funk and get the creative juices flowing again. Needed something “pretty” to paint is how I decided on her. Nope, no barbarian for this delicate piece. Going very feminine and whimsical.
  6. Thanks! I’ve got something special planned for the base/plinth as well.
  7. I’ve been in a rut for the last few months not producing or working on anything. Partly too busy over the holidays and partly feeling uninspired. I want to get back into it, so to that end I’m going to do something different and pretty and light-hearted. I present “Fade” from Mirico. She’s a gorgeous bust with very striking details and a lot of room to interpret artistically. I hope you all enjoy the WIP while you follow along and please feel free to offer your comments and critiques!
  8. Not much. Just a lot of wargaming dudes walking around talking about their tournament results. I got a Bronze in master’s for Nosferatu bust. Nada for Edge of Oblivion. Some people don’t like that much violence in a piece I think. I was in a hurry to leave last night so I didn’t get any feedback from any of the judges. Just collected the two pieces and my bronze and headed home.
  9. NICE! I’ve seen a few really great versions of that paintedup. The one which stuck out to me was Roman Lappat’s.
  10. She looks great! I think you need a better photo set-up tho.
  11. Grabbed a couple more things here at LVO. - Superglue - Small Greenstuff World Cobblestone rolling pin - Mega Greenstuff World Pavement rolling pin. - 2x Resin-cast rivers which are about 4 inches wide and 8 inches long and each came in 2 sections.
  12. I’m hanging out here at LVO, waiting for the judging to finish on the painting competition.
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