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  1. The LVO started today and I picked up a few things: Privateer Press' Queen of the Broken Coast bust Deluxe Hot Wire Foam Factory package which includes a 4" Hot Knife, Sculpting Tool, and Engraver as I'd like to start doing a little bit of foam terrain for my D&D games. 2 cool wooden plinths from CK Studios.
  2. Received my order - Of the 4 figures I ordered: 1 said it was to be refunded (the one I least liked), 1 was an incorrect figure as I ordered TKS' Child Thief and instead got TKS' Ninja Lady. Dunno how they screw up such a small order and still SIGN OFF on it. Anyhow, I just submitted a ticket and told them that I actually like the Ninja Lady and she's about the same price as the bust they are supposed to refund me, so just send me the correct Child Thief figure and we'll call it even. Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly as I really want the Child Thief and he was the one that really spurred me to order from them in the first place. Dunno if I'll be ordering from them again in the future or not, they seem to not have any real grasp on CS or quality control at this point.
  3. He got back to me and was very sorry for the mess up. Was wondering why he had an extra arm and is sending it to me today.
  4. At our D&D table, death and maiming (of the PC's) is rather common. The DM's don't usually pull punches, they allow the players to go wherever they want and do whatever they want. Some areas are not meant to be visited and some things are not meant to be fought throughout the worlds. It's the PC's who decide where they want to go, what they want to do, and who they want to try to tangle with. There's always an option to run away and live to fight another day if you get in over your head, or try to be dogged about it and muscle through a situation. In my current game it's a bit different - all the PC's are demigods, they were gods before mortals stopped worshipping them about 3000 years ago. They are slowly regaining knowledge of who/what they were and I've told them if they die they get 2 more incarnations of that god(dess) where they have to keep the same domains, but the class will change the first death, if they die a second time - they will get a random race and class of my choosing and keep the same domains. So far, nobody has died and they are all 9th level, a few have come pretty close a few times...
  5. Got my package from heresy miniatures with the big giant and 4 normal figures... opened it up and looked through it all and found that the giant is missing his right arm. I sent Andy @ Heresy an email letting him know. It sucks for him too since he has to pay the shipping to get it from the UK to me and I know he's a one-man operation with a very thin margin.
  6. Wuuuuut!? Just got my shipping confirmation from CMON. All 4 items are in the shipment according to the email!
  7. I’ve heard of the Earthsea books, but never read them. I may have to give them a read in her honour.
  8. Processing .... processing..... processing....
  9. Still waiting on shipment notice (mostly) patiently.
  10. Nope. Don’t make me get the rolled up newspaper!
  11. I’m still going to be patient and hope the 4 things I ordered arrive some time in 2018. I’m not even mad, a bit annoyed, but with how great the deal was and how viral it went they were obviously ill-prepared to handle such a volume. It probably slows them down even more to deal with the irate customers messaging/emailing them over every platform asking where orders are and them having to answer all of them rather than pack up the orders.
  12. Yeah, I couldn’t pass it up. He was too cool to not get. I’m still at $1 for Bones 4 and may or may not add to it. I go back and forth as I don’t really paint many bones figures, mostly I do the boutique stuff now and I like to work on the 54mm+
  13. Got notice today that the pre-order giant i got from Hersey has shipped. The giant is frickin .... giagantic! Maybe he’ll help me break outta my funk.
  14. Critical Roll is a video cast/podcast of live d&d games with prominent voice actor Matthew Mercer at the helm as the DM. He has other voice actors and/or famous actors as his party. He’s had Vin Diesel and Joe Mangiello in his games.
  15. Ahh, I just ordered 4 things. Nothing for me was “must have” just “great deals” which is why I’m so unconcerned I guess.
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