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  1. Still waiting like most everyone else. Not really concerned though tbh. I haven’t painted in 2 months and I have many 20 minis to paint anyhow.
  2. I’m not saying in any way that you aren’t entitled to your opinion or that I think you should love the new movies. I’m simply stating that the wonder you (and many others) felt when watching the original trilogy is mostly gone as an adult and a lot of people may be viewing through that lens. The OT was far from perfect and had many flaws that a lot of people overlook because of their nostalgia for them. If they came out today for the very first time then I bet you and many others would probably find the same problems/issues that you do as an adult with the newer stuff.
  3. @Beagle - exactly! The nostalgia is very strong and a lot of fans who hate the new stuff are comparing to the feelings they had as children watching for the first time with those as more cynic and jaded adults. Really, with Star Wars there’s a formula that Lucas (and now the new directors) follow for the most part. The new films don’t give the same sense of wonder to a lot of the older crowd.
  4. Again, she was a junker and actually knew how to fix things and how things worked. Most of the time on the Falcon it was R2 or Chewy who fixed the broken stuff and got things going. Han was mostly the pilot. Luke was never trained to do mind tricks, he saw Obi Wan do it 1 time in the first movie. He could barely force lift things by the end of his training with Yoda. So what does this all mean? The Force in all these movies is INSTINCTUAL on so many levels. They know how to use it to manipulate minds, how to fix things, how to pilot, how to move things, and how to fight. They use more of their minds, they can access different parts of their brains and they can do things that others cannnot. We have to suspend reality in terms of Star Wars and stop asking why can X do this and remember that throughout the series Y and Z also do it. Her biggest flaw to me is her impulsiveness and her need to feel like she belongs. Really I think people expect too much out of a 2 hour movie as far as character development goes. None of the Star Wars movies do a good job of character development to be honest. It’s a Space Opera centered around magic and technology and one family (mostly). It’s good versus evil adventure and meant to entertain not create an Oscar winning deep plot and great character development. Throughout the series it’s been about balance of the Force. There’s always a yin/yang. So yeah, I think some expect waaaay too much and blithely forget the original trilogy had just as many if not more flaws with character development and plot holes and then nostalgia makes them conveniently forget and hate on the new stuff which is as good or better than the originals in my opinion. Yes, I think a few changes would have been cooler. I’d have loved to see Rey and Kylo join up together and become Grey Jedi and I’d have loved to see Finn go out in a blaze of glory in heroic fashion taking out that laser canon, but they went in different directions and I’m excited to see how it concludes in Episode IX.
  5. I think a lot of people forget that Luke trained with Ben for a day or two, then Yoda for a couple weeks and suddenly he’s a full fledged Jedi able to go toe-to-toe with the one of most powerful and skilled Sith ever in Darth Vader and even defeat him in front of the Emperor. We we find out that Jedi training should take many many many years to reach Jedi Knight. Anakin was “too old” according to Yoda in Episode 1 to even start training to become a Jedi. So, it’s a bit of a rehash with no real argument for the hate Rey gets as she’s able to stand up to and fight/defeat a very hurt Kylo (shot in the side by Chewy’s crossbow blaster that sends stormtroopers flying 30 feet back and get Han’s great approval) in TFA and then she gains in power in TLJ (just like Luke). She actually was really good at defending herself living in a harsh unforgiving climate and knows how to fight! Luke was a whiny farm boy in A New Hope with no previous training at all.
  6. Some was post-con cool down, some was busy holiday stuff, and some just lack of mojo/desire. So I need to work on something fun and simple on Sunday (tomorrow is D&D game day).
  7. Going to try to get outta my 2-month painting funk this weekend.
  8. Received email letting me know mine was ready. Replied back to ship it!
  9. You are inside for most of the time there, brand new building with AC. No big deal
  10. I’ll probably be able to attend. Means 1 less day is have to take off work!
  11. Very nice job on all of them my howling friend!
  12. I sent an email to them a week ago and got a reply back saying that they apologize for the time it’s taking, the sale was a much bigger thing than they anticipated. They are trying to process all the orders they received. I’m disappointed a bit in their CS, but I know this sale went viral amongst the miniature community and receiving thousands of orders when probably anticipating like 1/4 of what they got has me giving them a pass on being too upset. Not like I’m going to paint what I ordered anytime soon or that I don’t already have 20 minis to paint.
  13. Got a nice card a stroopwaffle and some candy from @Glitterwolf!! Thanks, wolf friend! Xmas hobby haul only came from my brother. He sent me a Grex .5mm needle and a fantasy art book, both of which were on my amazon wishlist. Other stuff: An Xbox 1 game, 4 Blu-ray movies, Braun electric shaver, Bose wireless in-ear headphones, a nice polo shirt, and a card game about memes. It’s a lot like CaH with a picture instead of a black card and captions to make it funny or naughty. Still waiting on my CMON stuff I ordered last month. I think it’s time I poke at them and find out where my stuff is.
  14. Happy Christmas, Merry Yule, Feastive Kwanza, and/or happy holidays everyone!
  15. Going thru one of my ruts right now. No hobbying, but soon I think I’ll be doing stuff again.
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