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  1. All kinds(sorry, it's true), but I lean more towards Reaper's. Picts, Gaels, or Scots?
  2. The only thing remotely resembling food on my desk right now is a can of Diet Coke. Axe or sword?
  3. Options are nice, but one can get carried away. I remember the old days of running a game for my younger cousins, and the PCs they would try to put over on me. "Can I be a Demon Lord?" "No." 'Can I be a Storm Giant?" "No." "Can I be a vampire?" "No." "Can I be a demigod?" "No."
  4. Brule the Pict from the Kull stories by Robert E. Howard.
  5. I don't understand the mentality of a person who, in a temporary situation, would try to change everything about a family...but then again, there are a lot of power-and-control-hungry types out there. I REALLY don't get why the family LET her smash their property...did she do it when no one was around, or right in front of them? Does no one in that family have a backbone?? This is why I mainly watch History Channel and Cartoon Network.
  6. Looks like we'll be "losing" folks to D&DO soon.
  7. Cool Bass! What kinda music do ya play?
  8. Another big plus for me is that I have friends that haved moved to various parts of the country. We can still play together on WoW. It's not the same as being in the same room moving minis around, true, but it's still fun. What 'Storm said about the people on the game is true...you do occasionally run into some real jerks. But I've also played with some very cool folks as well. It sounds as if some folks have something against the game because they've "lost" someone to it. As I said previously, it's not the game's fault. These poor souls could have just as easily gotten "addicted" to things like gambling, porn, or religion.
  9. The great state of Texas, San Antonio, to be specific.
  10. I will admit that it's easy to get caught up in RPGs, but you can say that about tabletop or pen-and -paper games as well. The trick is balancing things. I still read way more than I play WoW. I don't play wargames as much because it's hard to get all my friends together to do so with our schedules. With WoW, I can jump on and play wether my friends are there or not. Now, if someone's playing whatever and ignoring obligations to family/friends/pets/work/school/etc, then that's bad, but it's not the games' fault, its the doofus who can't pry himself away from the screen's fault. I'm sorry to hear that some of you have "lost" friends to computer games, but it isn't WoW's or Everquest's or fill in the blank's fault. And this may sound like blasphemy to some here, but is playing a game for hours any worse than painting minis for hours? As long as you're enjoying yourself, not hurting others, and meeting whatever obligations you have in your life, what's the big deal?
  11. If a guy wants to play a game that doesnt happen to involve minis, let him. Geez. One can do both, ya know.
  12. Welcome to the wonderful addiction known as WoW! I just started an Orc warrior on Silverhand.
  13. Of course, I have to put my word in for anything by Robert E. Howard. There's quite a few collections of his work available (3 volumes of Conan, the Solomon Kane collection, the Bran Mak Morn collection,etc). The Dragoncrown war series by Michael Stackpole is good,too. Read the prequel The Dark Glory wars first. If you like horror, give anything by author Tom Piccirilli a try. I especially liked A Lower Deep and November Mourns.
  14. Decado, the author of the Dragoncrown books is Michael Stackpole. Happy reading!
  15. I really like this series as well. Unlike some series, you never know who will make it to the end of the book still alive. I just finished the latest installment a few weeks ago. Another series I can reccomend is the Dragoncrown War Cycle(The Dark Glory War, Fortress Draconis,When Dragons Rage, and The Grand Crusade). Good thing is , you can get the whole series 'cuz its done! I do enjoy coming into these late, so I dont have to wait for the next book. Still, Martin's books are worth it.
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