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  1. I thought the orbs on the staff were mushrooms so i assumed druid.
  2. Good Job! now its time to freeze myself until March. See yah then!
  3. The stretch goal reward for 3 mil is a time machine to transport us to March.
  4. Imperfections are easiest to see after the mini has been primed. Remove the imperfections before you start painting! Who could be that stupid you ask? I could be that stupid.
  5. I'm not big on Dr. Who but it definitely is a great bag for someone who is. Can someone make me a bag with Captain Riker's face on it?
  6. Some of these seem rushed/unfinished particularly 7th up from the bottom and the one below her. My favorite from the collection is 5 up from the bottom camouflage on a ranger cloak is always a nice touch. 8/10 would bang.
  7. Looks much better with the shield change. 9/10 would bang.
  8. You should do a close-up of the orb on the shield it looks awesome. 9/10 would bang.
  9. I would appreciate it if you moved to Boston so I can walk to your store. My convenience is your main priority.
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