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  1. As requested earlier, I would definately want to see more "Inprogress" photos of key techniques. Most pictures accompanying explanations simply show before shots and after shots and the better the artist, the harder it is to see how they achieved the result.
  2. I use brown primer, but for priming skeletons, not for black linning.
  3. My preference has always been for realistic looking figures. But my figures are used only for RPG and when you put them in the middle of the table with all the other crap that goes with a D&D game, (paper, maps, chips, bottles of coke, etc) they tend to look bland with most detail lost at the distance. So lately I have taken note of the stage makeup techniques, where an artist's makeup looks gawdy and over the top when you are up close, but perfectly natural at a distance, and starting using brighter colours, black lining to highlight features and more blantent highlights to raised areas. Up close my figures might look at bit cartooning, but on the table they are starting to look a lot more interesting than the natually painted ones. Like Zaphod said, they are all styles and techniques to achieve an end
  4. I have always used spray satin to seal my figures, it doesn't have the shine that make gloss look un-natural, and also does not dull metallics that I find matt sealers do.
  5. have your tried the Digital Dragon at Digital Dragon
  6. After player all editions of AD&D over the years, the latest (3.0) and ever more so 3.5 really put the emphasis on figures, with the earlier versions, 1 and 2, figures were usefull, but we tended to use them more to keep track of what was still standing and who was fighting what. With 3rd edition's need to track actual positions, movement and even facing, having something that looks like your character is got to be better than using dice or coins or Jelly beans (left the figures box at home, but got to eat what ever we killed). With more people playing, especially with the huge amount of marterial available for D20, having a cheap source of painted figures is going benefit a lot of people who don't have the time, inclanation or money to buy and paint lead figures. As posted earlier, I agree that ok looking cannon fodder figures can add some more variety without the need to paint large number of figures that generally are off the board before they know what hit them.
  7. Trying not to sound too ignorant, but what does NMM stand for. Thanks
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