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  1. Thanks to your hard work it will be much easier for me to get everything put into a Springpad notebook. And then from there I can easily catalog it all into what I have & don't have painted once I get them. I think you can check out my notebook here- I've spent about 10 minutes on it so far. I hope to get it all updated with everything shown so far over the weekend. I'm also keeping track of everything in an Excel spreadsheet that I will include with the notebook. https://springpad.com/#!/kayradebaugh/notebooks/bonesiikickstarter/blocks
  2. We received 3 of these- two of them had the arm attached and one did not. I'm not convinced it is "broken"- more that it needs assembly like a lot of the other figures do.
  3. I know some people think I'm crazy for planning so early- before Reaper even starts thinking about posting information- but some of us NEED the extra time to get plans in place and I am extremely thankful for everyone that has helped contribute information. I hope it will help other ReaperCon newbies figure out if they can make it to the con & plan for the trip.
  4. Kenny, (the husbandish) enjoys gaming so he'll likely be interested in gaming. He doesn't have the chance to do it very often, or he just chooses not to because of the people here that game, I'm not sure which is more accurate, so he has mentioned being interested in catching a game or two while there. As far as him painting- it's similar to the results you'd get if you gave a paintbrush to a gorilla. The paint would likely get on the miniature but wouldn't necessarily "stay in the lines" so to speak. Fine, detail work isn't his strong suit unless he's soldering circuit boards. :D
  5. Love the wings!!! I wish I could get my feathers to look that good.
  6. The first set of pictures read very pink to me, the second set reads a bit more purple. The little strip of colors is interesting. I wonder if/how that works.
  7. Many of the artists run similar classes at other conventions, like Gencon(*). While mistakes will happen, and stuff will be forgotten, I would expect things to work out. I'm sure Reaper will make sure to have as much paint on-hand as possible, and the instructors generally bring their own basing and sculpting materials. (* - In fact, I was first drawn to Reaper con because of good experiences with Gencon classes) I don't go to most cons, they have never really appealed to me, but Reaper Con gets me excited. I think because there are things there that I want to do- PAINT! I don't game, I'm not into the sci-fi stuff (other than Dr. Who), so there isn't anything to draw me to them. (at least not that I'm aware of) We aren't making reservations anywhere yet. We'll wait until the official information comes out. I just needed to get a draft plan in place so we would know how much to save up, the route, some other things to do on the way, etc. But thanks for the reminder about the hotel status.
  8. I have to agree with ShadowRaven- make sure you are having fun. Don't look at other people's work and compare yours to theirs. Don't even compare yours with your girlfriend's and vice-versa. People naturally have different techniques, strengths and weak areas when it comes to skills and they are as individual as each person. Learn some basic painting steps and techniques and make them your own. Make sure you are happy with the end result and if you aren't, figure a way to get it the way you want it. Post pictures and ask for help. (a lightbox, or any better lighting, will help us see what you see) DO look at other people's work for inspiration and ideas though. Striving to make fabric, skin tones, shadows, etc. look like someone's you admire is a good way to push your own skills.
  9. I wish you all the luck in the world finding a shop that meets these requirements. I'm sure they are out there, but I have never stepped foot in one personally. The best experience I have ever had in a gaming community has been here at Reaper, and I was hesitant to admit I was a female when I joined. If you find a shop that treats you as a fellow human being and not some sort of alien that should be gawked at or leered over (or worse, talks down to you like you're an idiot or in the wrong store because "yer kind don't belong here" ) make sure you spread the word. Good information like that needs to spread!!
  10. They look great. Keep it up and with practice, reading the boards here and following the L2PKs you'll be painting like the pros in no time.
  11. Thanks, I picked up on that from other posts, but that doesn't exactly answer my question. I want to fill some gaps on some of the Bones figures- do I have to use Kneadatite Green Stuff or will any two part epoxy putty do the job? Is that the "only right tool for the job"?
  12. How is he?? How is he?? I was thinking that the wings had veins in them because the webbing was thinner than his scales & skin and would show the veins through it.
  13. HA HA HA HA HA He looks rather drunk and goofy listing to the side with his tongue out to the side like that. Not menacing at all. I don't think either of mine do that.
  14. Okay, so I have a big question, I understand that Green Stuff is a two part epoxy putty- but will any two part epoxy putty work? Like what I get in the automotive department, hardware department, craft stores, etc? Or does it have to be the "name brand" Kneadatite putty?
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