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  1. Thanks to your hard work it will be much easier for me to get everything put into a Springpad notebook. And then from there I can easily catalog it all into what I have & don't have painted once I get them. I think you can check out my notebook here- I've spent about 10 minutes on it so far. I hope to get it all updated with everything shown so far over the weekend. I'm also keeping track of everything in an Excel spreadsheet that I will include with the notebook. https://springpad.com/#!/kayradebaugh/notebooks/bonesiikickstarter/blocks
  2. We received 3 of these- two of them had the arm attached and one did not. I'm not convinced it is "broken"- more that it needs assembly like a lot of the other figures do.
  3. I know some people think I'm crazy for planning so early- before Reaper even starts thinking about posting information- but some of us NEED the extra time to get plans in place and I am extremely thankful for everyone that has helped contribute information. I hope it will help other ReaperCon newbies figure out if they can make it to the con & plan for the trip.
  4. Kenny, (the husbandish) enjoys gaming so he'll likely be interested in gaming. He doesn't have the chance to do it very often, or he just chooses not to because of the people here that game, I'm not sure which is more accurate, so he has mentioned being interested in catching a game or two while there. As far as him painting- it's similar to the results you'd get if you gave a paintbrush to a gorilla. The paint would likely get on the miniature but wouldn't necessarily "stay in the lines" so to speak. Fine, detail work isn't his strong suit unless he's soldering circuit boards. :D
  5. Love the wings!!! I wish I could get my feathers to look that good.
  6. The first set of pictures read very pink to me, the second set reads a bit more purple. The little strip of colors is interesting. I wonder if/how that works.
  7. Many of the artists run similar classes at other conventions, like Gencon(*). While mistakes will happen, and stuff will be forgotten, I would expect things to work out. I'm sure Reaper will make sure to have as much paint on-hand as possible, and the instructors generally bring their own basing and sculpting materials. (* - In fact, I was first drawn to Reaper con because of good experiences with Gencon classes) I don't go to most cons, they have never really appealed to me, but Reaper Con gets me excited. I think because there are things there that I want to do- PAINT! I don't game, I'm not into the sci-fi stuff (other than Dr. Who), so there isn't anything to draw me to them. (at least not that I'm aware of) We aren't making reservations anywhere yet. We'll wait until the official information comes out. I just needed to get a draft plan in place so we would know how much to save up, the route, some other things to do on the way, etc. But thanks for the reminder about the hotel status.
  8. I have to agree with ShadowRaven- make sure you are having fun. Don't look at other people's work and compare yours to theirs. Don't even compare yours with your girlfriend's and vice-versa. People naturally have different techniques, strengths and weak areas when it comes to skills and they are as individual as each person. Learn some basic painting steps and techniques and make them your own. Make sure you are happy with the end result and if you aren't, figure a way to get it the way you want it. Post pictures and ask for help. (a lightbox, or any better lighting, will help us see what you see) DO look at other people's work for inspiration and ideas though. Striving to make fabric, skin tones, shadows, etc. look like someone's you admire is a good way to push your own skills.
  9. I wish you all the luck in the world finding a shop that meets these requirements. I'm sure they are out there, but I have never stepped foot in one personally. The best experience I have ever had in a gaming community has been here at Reaper, and I was hesitant to admit I was a female when I joined. If you find a shop that treats you as a fellow human being and not some sort of alien that should be gawked at or leered over (or worse, talks down to you like you're an idiot or in the wrong store because "yer kind don't belong here" ) make sure you spread the word. Good information like that needs to spread!!
  10. They look great. Keep it up and with practice, reading the boards here and following the L2PKs you'll be painting like the pros in no time.
  11. Thanks, I picked up on that from other posts, but that doesn't exactly answer my question. I want to fill some gaps on some of the Bones figures- do I have to use Kneadatite Green Stuff or will any two part epoxy putty do the job? Is that the "only right tool for the job"?
  12. How is he?? How is he?? I was thinking that the wings had veins in them because the webbing was thinner than his scales & skin and would show the veins through it.
  13. HA HA HA HA HA He looks rather drunk and goofy listing to the side with his tongue out to the side like that. Not menacing at all. I don't think either of mine do that.
  14. Okay, so I have a big question, I understand that Green Stuff is a two part epoxy putty- but will any two part epoxy putty work? Like what I get in the automotive department, hardware department, craft stores, etc? Or does it have to be the "name brand" Kneadatite putty?
  15. Thanks for the help everyone!! I am really hopeful that we will be able to attend in '14. I'm fairly happy with my painting already but there is always room for improvement, esp when you're self-taught. I know I can watch videos online and I can read all about it, but there's nothing like being with someone that can tell you what you're doing that you can improve on & how to do it. I think that would be a HUGE boost to my work and self-confidence. Even *if* I didn't get in all the classes I would like to take, just being there and able to talk to other people in person would be beneficial. I'm also very intrigued about modifying miniatures. The thought of it sends cold chills down my spine, but I would love to see how it's done- safely, so as to not ruin the figure- and maybe try my hand at it. My husbandish and I haven't been on a vacation together since our daughter was made- 18 years ago, so it would be really nice to have some time together. The last few years have really pushed us apart and I think being stuck in a car together for two weeks would either bring us back together or rip off the bandaid and let us see for sure just how badly damaged we really are. I've reached the point of "crap or get off the pot"- but I can't stay where I am- so two weeks of no kids, pets, household stuff, etc. would help clear the air between us. So we *REALLY NEED* to go to Reaper Con. (yeah, any time away would be helpful but RC is such a fantastic excuse to head out of town... )
  16. If it is coming UPS be aware that for residential deliveries their "End of Day" is 7pm- not 5pm as most would expect. Mine showed up at 7:10p.
  17. It's so cute!! I can't wait to see the finished product. Out of curiosity, why did you use the plastic base it came with and not just the stones? Was it a stability issue?
  18. I don't have the cases so I can't check personally, but is it possible to take the foam out and let it dry out for a few days? Meanwhile clean out the case with some Goo Gone or other glue remover (and the bottles) and then when the glue is dry on the foam and the case is clean reglue them with a better adhesive that won't spread about the case onto the bottles? And don't put the bottles back into the case before the glue is cured. Just curious....
  19. Given all the classes they offer regarding painting and all the various techniques used with miniatures & basing I would think that it would be hard to move those classes if all the instructor's materials are already housed at the warehouse. Surely something important will get left behind with an undertaking that big. But if anyone can figure a way to make that work I'm sure it would be Reaper. On the topic of classes- are the classes offered from year to year pretty much the same? I know nothing is set in stone until the class actually starts, but in general, will the classes that were offered last year be offered this year? Basic painting techniques, basing, advanced painting techniques, sculpting, etc.? Just kind of wondering what I can start to look forward to.
  20. Be advised: parking is extremely limited at the factory. I drove down last year and managed to get a spot every day but I went very early. I noticed that last night when I found the place on Google Maps. So where do they park everyone that drives?
  21. Wow Wren that's fantastic information!! Thank you so much!! The onion family allergy is a giant pain when trying to go out to eat. Subway and Jason's Deli work great for me and I can find something to eat pretty easily at any grocery store. Sushi is also always welcome in the limited menu options. In addition to the onion family issue I'm also hypoglycemic and I prefer not to eat anything that has come out of a microwave (those do horrible things to your food). But from the sounds of what you have listed here finding something to eat won't be a problem. Plus I can always bring some apples and a jar of peanut butter and be quite content for a while. We'll be driving down so easy access to a car won't be a problem. We're also willing to drive people to wherever they might want to go too since I'm guessing quite a few will be flying in.
  22. I don't like fast foods either. Sonic had a roasted veggies on rice (white) which got me through a busy afternoon. The breakfast can be as large as you want it to be. When planning trips, I always try to make sure I have a good breakfast since there never seems to be enough time for lunch. Your budget for dinner is more than enough. Most places will keep you well under budget. As for preorder of stuff from Reaper, I'm sure they would do that but I don't see the point. The con is at the warehouse and you can shop till you drop (or lose feeling in your arms). Roasted veggies sounds good, as long as there are no onions/garlic in it. I'm allergic to everything in the onion family. I just wanted to make sure they had what I want. With so many people there for the con I was concerned about supply vs. demand. Good idea, thanks!
  23. CRAP! The one cost I didn't include is the most important!!! Con tickets and classes. In my defense it was really late when I did it last night. But I still think we'll be fine. I budgeted $20 a day for breakfast and some hotels include that and when they don't I doubt we will hit that mark. I usually don't eat breakfast anyway. We also budgeted $50 a day for dinner and I doubt we'll be having dinner at high end places most nights. So I'm pretty confident I've over budgeted for food by a few hundred dollars, but it's nice to know that we have a cushion if we need it. Kenny will do Sonic in a heart beat. I have trouble with fast food so will find something else. But it doesn't look like I'll have problems finding something to eat, even with my food allergies. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if I can order/pay for something online and just have Reaper hold it for me to pick up at the con? I just looked up my confirmation email… 2013 con rate was $89 / night. That's the normal rate I found for a double queen. I think I'd rather just book/pay early and get the lower rate. I found cutting out carbs helped a ton with my snoring + I'm getting in better shape, but breathe Right strips also help I wish he would get in better shape. It would make it easier for me to get in better shape too. But he LIVES on soda and carbs. He drinks a 2ltr of Mello Yellow a day (the higher caffeine Coke brand equivalent to Mountain Dew for those of you that don't have it in your area) and then has crap on top of that, like corn dogs. Even though I don't buy it with the household grocery budget he still heads to the store and gets it himself. He did just quit smoking, again, because I gave him an ultimatum he wasn't happy with, so I'll cut him some slack with the soda. But he is starting to cut back on it a little bit. He was drinking a 2ltr + every day, plus smoking a pack a day, and eating junk food. Baby steps....
  24. .. In what way do the con rates not work with Internet booking? I booked through the Hilton website using the convention code and got the convention rate. Did I miss something? You probably didn't miss anything if it took off the difference for the con rate. I think TS meant that if you used an internet booking site like Hotels.com or Priceline you wouldn't get the special rate. They normally don't include special rates like that on their sites but if you book through the individual hotel's site you can use it normally.
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