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  1. I want the arms of the frost wyrm, in particular. I think I dould have some fun with a few of those spare.
  2. Nice work! I think the base looks fantastic. :)
  3. Vyr


    These will give me sleepless nights...
  4. Vyr

    Novelty Fantasy Vignette...Moonshine

    That base looks fantastic!
  5. Vyr

    77004: Cave Troll

    I think it's a combination of the camera and the sealer , it has no shine in person.
  6. Vyr

    77004: Cave Troll

    77004: Cave Troll Citadel: knarloc green, camo green, cathlan brown, thraka green, devlan mud MSP: ruddy leather, oiled leather, linen white, sun yellow P3: jack bone Please excuse the poor photography. This was painted for skin practice, it's my first attempt at trying more advanced techniques. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I think I'll be painting another in the near future. Thanks for viewing!
  7. I just received my shipping notice, heading to Melbourne, AU.
  8. Vyr

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    Oh I love this. I think the staff is my favourite. Fantastic name too!!
  9. Vyr

    Wall of Ice

    I'd definitely like to try adding a semi-gloss, that's a great idea. :) I may just buy more of these!
  10. Vyr

    Wall of Ice

    I was lucky enough to stumble across this model in a store a few weeks ago. Always loved it. I was worried I wouldn't see it until it showed up in the Bones line. It's painted for tabletop use. I hadn't done dry brushing in a while so you can see some of the brush strokes... I'll probably be stripping this later on and repainting it, but thought I'd post it just because I adore the model. :)
  11. Vyr

    77171: Stone Golem - my first KS mini!

    I really love this. Great job! :)
  12. Vyr

    Need help improving my leather

    I'm in the same boat for this as you are! So I'll be watching this thread. XD
  13. Vyr

    Thorzin Thumbbreaker, 14042

    His eyes are staring into my souuuullll.. o_o
  14. Vyr

    WISH I WAS HERE by Zach Braff

    Before judging it I'd much recommend watching the 4 min video, ya? I think it's neat.