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  1. Thank you, I will be safe I will drop updates on this project when I am home.
  2. Good Reaper CommunityI wanted to drop in a project that I was working on before I left for the Middle East for Deployment. I was inspire by the song, ”Reignite”, by Youtuber Malukah. I wanted to incorporate elements of things that I am not used to doing for my modeling such as sculpting and painting a dynamic background.I am trying to grow my skills to enter more competitions and grow my Youtube Channel with step-by-step tutorials on the process that I did.I will be going start back to this project when I get home but I want to know what the community thinks regarding the progress so far.Please comment and Follow my progress to win
  3. here is a miniature that I recently painted on Twitch
  4. WIP Reaper miniature Larill Silverhand, Blacksmith 03803 https://twitch.tv/solacin83 Well Painted Studios
  5. Night Lords Primaris Inceptor Marine
  6. Emperors Children Primaris Intercessors Marine
  7. Dusk Raiders Primaris Intercessors Marine
  8. War Hounds Primaris Intercessors Marine
  9. The fluff it's pretty simple. Even though the Sons of Horus fell to chaos, many of them did not. The loyalist were purged on Istavaan III. The Primaris marine were made from all geneseed material, including the traitor legion. Due that genetic material is not inherently evil, each individual had a choice. This is proven with the knights errants and or chapters with fallen brothers To make Primaris Marine from these geneseed is not a far leap in the 40k. So honoring those who fallen on Istavaan III. I am updating the chapter to honor all of the legions due that there were loyal from all legions of the fallen. Naming them the Luna Wolves would be an honor due that it was the Emperor who originally named them before Horus took over. That is why I am creating all the falling legion at their original colors and names. War Hounds, Imperial Herolds, Dusk Raiders, etc I am reinventing the legions with current fluff.
  10. New from my studio Malifaux Death Marshals i am trying to clear out my bin of models that I was holding off to paint. i will have new reaper model later. Maybe even a dragon :) check out other stuff on my Facebook page @wellpaintedstudios
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