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  1. Is it possible to update or change username?
  2. Thank you it’s was at first but then I thought to try my luck
  3. sorry again I don’t see on the website a sponsorship coordinator in the contact section
  4. Curious question I see a good amount of streamers with logos of sponsorship from reaper miniatures. I am curious how they are able gain sponsorship with being a streamer or YouTuber
  5. Thank you, I will be safe I will drop updates on this project when I am home.
  6. Good Reaper CommunityI wanted to drop in a project that I was working on before I left for the Middle East for Deployment. I was inspire by the song, ”Reignite”, by Youtuber Malukah. I wanted to incorporate elements of things that I am not used to doing for my modeling such as sculpting and painting a dynamic background.I am trying to grow my skills to enter more competitions and grow my Youtube Channel with step-by-step tutorials on the process that I did.I will be going start back to this project when I get home but I want to know what the community thinks regarding the progress so far.Please comment and Follow my progress to win
  7. here is a miniature that I recently painted on Twitch
  8. WIP Reaper miniature Larill Silverhand, Blacksmith 03803 https://twitch.tv/solacin83 Well Painted Studios
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