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  1. *quietly raises hand...now waits for paints to arrive*
  2. Yes. Or Superman socks that have capes built in. You know those make you run faster.
  3. http://files.petapix...menup3_mini.jpg She so reminds me of this :D psyberwolfe1, I plan to when I've actually panted some minis. I don't believe the Show-Off section is the place for paintings and drawings? I suppose I should have lurked some more, but I thought that some criticism, provided it was constructive, was welcome here. Is it too harsh to point out an anatomy issue that is very, very likely corrected in a sculpt?
  4. Okay, how about this: I'd like to see the artist take a photo of themself in that pose to prove that it's possible. "Female Anatomy for Artist" - it is a website...you will see naked people. If that works, go there and look for the "Augustina Standing" photoset. Pose #3 in that is very, very close to the pose which Talin sketched out. Granted, she isn't also holding a giant club - but she is half bent at the waist, on leg straight and the other bent with her hand on the bent leg. There are a lot of poses that I know I couldn't get my old bones to bend into, but watching the Olymp
  5. Stare at them for awhile, I think. Then paint, and paint, and paint. I play D&D 4e, DMing currently, but only online so it's a bit hard to use them on a virtual table top. Perhaps someday there will be a group in person.
  6. Standing on a dislocated leg does look painful : (
  7. Vampire with a trade in for Sophie 4 Paint sets Cthulhu Pathfinder Red Dragon Extra Familiars (I'll have to add a $1--didn't know about the Sophie trade in until too late).
  8. Thanks. I recall using my acrylics before, many moons ago, though I don't recall it working very well. I probably didn't thin them enough.
  9. My question is this: Are there mini paints that have the same color qualities as Alizarin Crimson and Viridian? It's not the transluceny of both that I'm looking for so much as how rich both are and how well they compliment one another. I have a background in fine art and haven't come across many complimentary artist colors that actually do mix to a very nice black. Any ideas?
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