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  1. I just can't seem to build terrain and paint figures so If I can get cheap terrain I will :) More Phantom progress I applied some shading wash's and let them dry..then build the midtones back up then moved to detailing and highlighting For the face I used tanned skin for the mid then tanned highlight for the highlights then a slight dab of linen white added to the tanned highlight. I used abit of diluted red wash on the creases of the burned part of his head tho it doesn't show up well in the pictures. after that I didn't do a lot with the pants other then cleaning up the midtown and slight highlights on the creases. for the cloak I used blood red for the mid highlights up to fresh blood for the brightest..I might need a bit brighter just at the edges, but I dont' want to turn it pink. The mask i used yellowed bone then highlighted up with some linen white up to pure white. Still lots to do but here is progress for the day.No sure if I can get in anymore brush time till Sunday but I'll update if it happens.
  2. thx KruleBear ya i just found black or white primer or just metal is very hard to see on the gametable from standing distance and the zenithal(i knew there was a proper name of it) priming seemed like a good stage to get them to and that way I can just reach in a pic a figure I wnat to paint and its ready to go :) I hope everything goes ok with that PoBoy Western Terrain indigogo campaign i went in it for the full town set..once they arrive should be able to try a few different western systems and see which one we like the best. if it works out it sounds like he plans on doing a victorian town as well..i might hold off making more buildings to see what he comes up with..
  3. Happy Holidays everyone Its been a while since I painted anything and I guess its time to get back to it. and update the thread I finished up a unit of reserve artillery 152mm for my Flames of War Soviets. and then came to the conclusion im never gonna get to play any of the games from the kickstarters I supported unless I assemble them first and paint them later. So I've gone thru and based and assembled all the Empire of the Dead figures I got. I realize now I should have bought the regular bobbies as well as the special branch ones..but live and learn The bobbies I do have I used army painters ultramarine blue primer on them the rest I used a dark grey sandable primer then used white primer from above down on to them to create a black and white highlight area..I always wanted to try that tecnique and I think it looks great for playing till I get to painting them. I've run out of assembly supplies before finishing all the Blackwater Gulch figures..still got about 12 figures to go..but almost there. Overall they are pretty good tho there is definitely some scale issues..it seems the Secret fist was scaled down too small from their 3D master by about 10 percent ..they are abit on the tiny side..there's one giant fella in the Dockside drifters but otherwise they are pretty good. I think due to using 3d modeling, instead of traditional sculpting, some of the details like gun barrels are abit to fine and will likely break off sooner then later..but beside these minor things they look great. once I get some more superglue and plastic cement I'll finish assembly but for now Gonna try and get back to painting. I've finished basecoating the Phantom used gory red for the cloak, yellowed bone for the mask,vampiric shadow for the shirt cuff,russet brown for the leather,hair and gold undercoat and finally dusty skin for the pants(apparently my new favourite pants color heh)
  4. looks stellar.Cash really beautiful work .to bad the hair wasn't abit longer on the trophey so the head hung below the lantern. I don't think I could work with delicate resin pieces I'm far to clumsy as is :)
  5. didn't really look deeply into the weirdness that is Indiegogo before pledging. I pledged 100dollar for the townset wave one..but I'm in canada..do I have to make a seperate pledge to cover shipping costs to canada?( i just figured we could up the current pledge like kickstarter)
  6. so awesome! ..and by awesome I mean disgusting..but very awesome
  7. thx :) I figure I'll continue the detail step by step of this thing for everyone else thats curious how it all comes together. I printed off the roof at 105% the default size..and decided to try and figure out a way to do the roof in one piece and not cut it apart. So I left about 1inch of paper around the print out edges and scored the centerline crease folded and used the marker to cover over the white paper edge. Then I took a foamboard panel thats about 3/8s of an inch to big and lined it up right against the crease (held the roof paper at 90degrees) with that glued down and dried i then glued the other side of the roof to the underside of the paper..using a spare piece of foamboard as a spacer to ensure the proper armount of room for the fold. once the second section was glued down I removed the spacer and let it dry. after that dried I flipped it over and used the hobby knife to cut the whole thing to its finished size and a clean edge all the way around. you can see when by hand you lift the edge up you get a perfectly fitted right angle to glue while keeping the roof printed paper a single piece. so then put a bit of glue on both sides of the rabbet and glued in two support pieces that fit just inside the buildings peaks. and let it dry the roof fits pretty good but I did find one issue the extension to the font and the back isn't quite enough the lip of the roof catches the edge of the front and back wall. I think If I printed the roof off at 110% for the next one it would fix the issue. Over all tho it doesn't look bad at all.I still have a chimney to add to it.. For the windows I think on the front I'm gonna try adding the whole window as protruding and on the back just try doing the brick above the window and the window sill and see what looks better to everyone. Heres what it looks like now.
  8. got two more mini's based and primed(Tatu’ a half vampire and the Phantom). but wanted to do abit more work on the building I got some more stuff printed off and wanted to get the edges of the building cleaned up. Starting off I cut out the corner joints..using a smooth sculpting tool and a straight edge I scored teh center fold line on the printed side. This lets you fold the corner piece smoothly but splits the edge abit tho when you fold it. after folding and while folded over tight i used a black permanent sharpie marker along the edge to cover over the white paper that shows thru along the corner after that dries I flatten out and use a straight edge and an exacto knife to cut out the white parts...then use a sharpie to blacken the exposed edges all the away around( its just like lining! LOL) after that I put a bead of glue down the middle of the paper in the corner and used a Q-tip to spread it out to all the edges smoothly and then just pressed it onto the corner of the building...i got the front two done..I think it really does a great job setting off the corners. I want to print out the windows but need some cereal box cardboard to glue to to get the proper thickness I think the 5mm foam board would stick out to much. Heres pic with corner edging.
  9. looks cool! i think foamcore laminated western terrain could be the perfect bridge between print your own and paying huge coin for MDF terrain..and its magnetized I like that I think I'm in..would be perfect for blackwatch gultch and Malifaux
  10. I figured if she's an illusionist. she could be abit more flamboyant and theatrical like a stage magician than the dark colors in the source art..I have a lot of other characters to do that will be overly dark and black so why not brighten up a few :) i think perhaps I would start the cloak with the darker tones and then build up the mid and highlights...maybe some wetblending vs just layering as well. I'll try on the next figure I use a grey cloak for. i think its partially the way it ripples..the more straight creased look of the other overcoats haven't' been to much of a problem. appreciate the comments and ideas as always :)
  11. really spectacular work Cash, you really do a masterful job of a muted color scheme..
  12. thats a great scene the "Np its all good" look on the cat's face is perfect I like the shield and I find the red on the skirt thing turned out fantastic I like it its got a Disney Badguy character feel to it to me
  13. esterdoom: I can but its just an empty hollow with the wall paper on it atm..the pdf comes with interior walls to create rooms and floors(tho i might have to find my own way to stack them its not made clear) and furniture and stuff but I haven't done anything yet..right now its more just a shell, which will be suffice for our first game of Empire of the Dead wargame I think...could probably use em for Malifaux as well. jasper: I used the foamcore 5mm directions tho you can build these with just cardboard cardstock if you prefer(comes with both instructions and cardstock supports that can be made. i went with foam core and a board cutter for ease of building and structural strength more then anything. Once I get all the basic buildings build I'll probably go back and start adding details like to be fair I'm using a color laser @ work for the printing so I just bought the cardstock paper not the ink..I'd be terrified to try and use an ink jet to print these up..maybe a print shop would be the cheapest way not sure. Our Local game store were I normally play has a ton of terrain and buildings but nothing that suits a Gothic Victorian London setting. I got some more work done on the white Rabbit. i went back and tried glazing the coat with the darkest color then the same for the highlight color n the high points..but its still abit rough..grey's a tougher color to deal with then I thought. I used the Ltpk lauranna hair directions for the hair..which makes a nice strawblond color..then used a blend of bright turquoise up to LED blue for the outfit.for the petticoat I built back up the mid tone of yellowed bone then highlights using linen white up to pure white. I wimped out on trying to paint a rabbit head on the card(just to small a spot) and just went an more easily recognizable Ace of Spades. still need to work on the cane /gun and the black slacks and sleaves..but its getting close to done.
  14. its a pdf thats got all the pieces on different pages..just got to make sure to set the print to actual size not fit. The way its been designed each wall fits on a normal page..you just print off the floor,exterior walls,interior walls then cut and glue them to the foam board..theres a section of the pdf thats all interior furniture and bay windows,chimneys and arch ways..etc..but this is just a basic building. Lining them up isn't to bad..just start with say the outer side of a wall and glue it down one side of the foam board.then cut it out..then for the other side of the wall ,its easy enough to line up since its the exact shape now.
  15. no painting this weekend but I started building the Olde Towne pdf from wargame vault. picked up an x-acto board cutter and some foamboard and printed out a basic building. Over all it works out pretty good. I think I'll print out the windows and glue down on top to give it abit of a 3d look..the plain build is a bit flat.But just looking for reasonably quick and easy buildings Only issue I have so far is the roof is to small. I'm gonna print it out again @ about 110% to give it abit of an overhang then mount it on foamboard. I think they should work out pretty good for Empire of the Dead buildings.
  16. *sings* "I like the way you smile at me Baaaaby...I like the view from here, and when you call me dear", I like the way you smile at me Baaabyy, so baby wont you smile for me." "Bah bah bah ,bada bah bada bah "
  17. someone posted a bigger pic so we can drool over things at alarger scale :)
  18. Ya at first I missed the career path from the original..but its really kind of still there they just changed it to the rocksmith recommends missions I've just been mostly doing the requested missions in the 3 categories( guitarcade, learn a song, and session mode) then decided to go thru and try and get gold on easy for all the songs flagged as favorites in score attack..which between importing all the songs from rocksmith 1 and dlc is gonna take awhile.then move up to medium and try and gold em all etc. Score attack is so fun! glad they added a guitar hero game mode and thx female faces are so much more challenging then male..i think the lip color worked out ok not looking to clownish.. :)
  19. so Rocksmith 2014 has its claws deep into me..its sooo much better then the original. but its cut down on my painting time.. I did get some more done..I painted over the coat with rainy grey then I made wash's for the coat the petticoat hair and turquoise pieces. I got the face detailing done..tho i might need to go back and shade it abit more..I built up the mid tone and highlights on the coat..tho I think I need to do a glaze of the darker color to help clean up some of the transitions..its a bit rough atm. but here she is so far.
  20. really great looking stingers I like the green/yellow acid look vs the usual blue fireball nice work Sanael
  21. *slaps forehead* thats the name! thx LOL\ and thx Uber :)
  22. So ended up going with bright turquoise for the main body color with black pants and shirt sleaves and sash. and used aircraft grey for the overcoat and hat. and yellowed bone for the.... well I honestly don't' know what the proper name is for the frilly skirt is :) the aircraft grey dries more powder blue then grey..but i'm hoping a dark wash will tone that down... as well the turquoise might be abit to dark for a mid tone but I'll see what I can do. again i didn't show enough restraint and not glue attach the cane and hand..now its being a pain to paint around..I should know better heh. ah well heres just the basecoat
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