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  1. ahhh the eternal debate.how much time to dedicate to painting vs having the game figures usable to play the games you want. I feel your pain :) I tend to let my gaming interest drive my painting, it helps keep me focused but it is hard not to rush sometimes when the scope gets immense and you want to be able to play the game sooner then later. Some guys at the club suggested I start up an American Army force for Flames of War now that I'm done the russians.. my reaction was for boardgames tho honestly..let your festive non painting friends handle them for a few games and you'll get over the need to paint them up perfect pretty quick :) spills, crumbs, *drops*, "Oh these are bendy"
  2. Here he is all based and dullcoted.Was debating making the sludge around the sewer green but thought eh maybe He just staked a vamp TrueBlood style and thats all thats left of one :) Now gotta start working on a color scheme for the white rabbit. here is the official colors from the kickstarter but I'm thinking something brighter..maybe turquoise..or royal purple.hmm..
  3. Go the last of the detail work and the blacks finished on Tom and got him gloss coted and drying till tomorrow to finish basing him. in the meantime I prepped the next selection...The White Rabbit! she's a Master Illusionist or something.. I thought she looks cool. Due to how thin the high heal shoes are on her I elected to just trim the slot base down to two pegs and use that in the base instead of pinning. not sure how this will work out painting the base first..but Here goes nothing :)
  4. thx! ya know honestly, there was a point where I thought I ended up with to many shades of brown, after buying all the LTPK and the KS1 paint kits..HA! was I wrong.. and I knew i had to do the scarf on the hat red once I saw the figure..the shirt kind of just happened cus I couldn't really figure out what it was suppose to be by its sculpt so I just went with turtle neck and figured it would help tie the figure together having something else red.
  5. pssst hey Cash..guess what dlc just came out today? might need to buy a wrist brace :)
  6. used the same process as the last one to clean up the pants not to much to highlight, just tried to give it a bit of a crease highlight since that seemed to work on the last one. for the leather bandolier and whip I worked it up from ruddy leather to oiled leather. used some algae wash on the shotgun and some runefang steel for highlighting the metal on the gun and the shells..as well as some new gold for the top of the shells.. Think tomorrow I just need to work on the blacks(gloves,shoes and hat) and it will be done.
  7. great start Jasper! I only got the special weapons Peelers..but these look great! Doing all the basecoats on these in bulk is a great idea..glad the breonne worked out :) glad to see some other EoD's getting painted here :)
  8. awesome! Looks like she could just Flo thru all the Zombies
  9. if you have some brush on primer..try priming a section of bones then painting on it. I know they say you don't need to prime and some aerosol primers are an issue..but they don't say you can't primer them and some brush on should be fine. it sounds like the paint isn't bonding to the pvc material and a primer might be needed to give the paint something to grip to.
  10. thx cash! and ya Monkey I agree the fun thing about creatures is the uncanny valley is easier to deal with vs Human mini's which we instinctual focus on things that are missing(..or I do at least heh) If I'm feeling brave enough I'll have to try and do the brows. spent some time highlighting the red from the basecoat color of splattered crimson up to fresh blood. I think thats enough..I don't' have a brighter red that isn't a pink. after that I worked on the coat..building the midtone back up and blending the edges of the shading then building up the highlights from lonestar leather to tanned leather. I think its enough..i don't want to washout the darker color completely. next up the pants I think..but gonna leave that for tomorrow.
  11. I got all the metal bits painted with the darkest shades of metallics then I used the secret weapon colored washes for the most part to shade everything. I've been making my own washes from the LTPK directions for a while and figured I'd go back and try and see how these work vs making your own. For the Red I used one drop of Red/Black +1 drop of Softbody black. for the Jacket 1drop of sewer water+1drop of softbody black.As well as the hair.For the wood stake and gun stock just straight sewer water. for the pants I did use a drop of duskyskin mixed with the black since i don't have a premade shade that works with it .and abit of flesh wash under the nose in the eye sockets and deeper cheek and under the chin. I started doing the facial details..using blacked brown to line the eyes and the iris's and linen white for the whites of the eyes. built up the facial highlights using the tanned skin triad from shadowed as the basecoat color up to tanned highlights. for the hair I added more grey to the blond mix for the first highlights and linen white to the mix to work up to a more grey and white hair color..with just a hint of sandy blond left to it. I don't know why but I like it better with grey hair.. I've been wondering if it isn't time I start trying to paint in some eyebrows on figures like this or if its kind of redundant. I think for the rest of the figure I'm gonna work smoothing the midtones from the shadows and then go directly to highlighting that same section vs doing all the midtone clean up before highlighting
  12. looks great Mutilatedlips your leagion army is really coming together..You should do a group photo of all painted units together :) ,I like the blue ice base to I think it works great with the Naga
  13. Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagan! Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagan! really great job..I love this sculpt so much!
  14. got all the basecoat colors applied except the metallic..used the lone-star leather for the duster and splattered crimson for the shirt and hat sash,dusty flesh for the pants again. The last thing was the blond hair..which.was a drop of alien flesh,sun yellow and a small dab of oiled leather. I think i'm gonna work it more towards grey I liked the white primer looks better honestly. Right now he looks abit to much like the crazy swed from Die Hard. I'm sure the bandolier is suppose to be shotgun shells but they really do look more like shells from a grenade launcher LOL
  15. Great work Cash! Ha! cannot unsee Michael Douglas
  16. I felt the sameway..I was midway thru some dwarfs, once they arrived I immediately switched over to these.
  17. Alexander Kawczynski did a great interview with Andy Cooper about the whole kickstarter experiance. its a very good read. http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2013/10/interview-with-andy-cooper-about-empire.html I figure the medieval village kickstarter buildings will be good terrain for a country side table but I want some buildings for an urban Victorian London table so I ordered this pdf and I'm probably gonna get a banners on the cheap mat printed of a cobblestone streets and dock area. Should be fun http://www.wargamevault.com/product/103613/Historic-District--Olde-Towne
  18. looking great! your doing really fantastic with the cloth shading..his back of the shirt looks very natural
  19. thx Anne! ..ya i'm not sure if theres any NA online stores that carry this line..but it would be nice..theres some I didn't get from the KS i'd probably buy. I really like the style
  20. well i finished up the metals and details and got him based and gloss and dulcoted..turned out ok.the shading on the blade on the back worked better then the front. Over all I'm I like him..not my best but pretty good without spending more time on him then I really wanted to. :) Next up another Empire of the Dead kick starter exclusive..Tom Gaunt!..not sure his story yet(waiting for the pdf to be updated..but looks like a vampire hunter to me! While cleaning up the mold lines I broke off the whip accidentally..so I tried pinning and gluing it back together..seems like it will hold but I'll have to be careful
  21. tried highlighting the black cloak and hat and shoes. using the noir black ..then adding some stone grey to it ..then the final highlight is just pure stone grey..trying to not go grey as well i shaded the hair and the hairline trying to shade the face abit then highlighted the hair and the chain. metallic shading will have to wait till tomorrow
  22. that turned out pretty nice..I haven't used the softtone but the pale color palette you picked worked well with it
  23. got the flesh and eyes done..tho in retrospect I should have started with a darker color. I used tanned skin then rosy then fair..I think the base color should have been tanned shadow..I was thinking he should be more pale..but the shadow color is still abit bright. after that I shaded the pants and jacket with a mix of black wash and the color of the cloth for the pants mostly shading the inner thighs and the slight creases. for the jacket the creases and the deeper parts under the arms and on the back under the cloak and crease. for highlighting the pants I mixed in some vampiric shadow with the dusky skin but only did some slight highlights..I don't want to brighten pants to much and am worried broader more gradual highlights would wash out the color. for the jacket highlights I've been using blends of screamer pink with blood red then a dab brain pink mixed into that brighter red mix for the final highlights..trying to not turn it all pink or use white..but I might need to use a bit of the darker maroon as a glaze to smooth it out. Still need to use some grey to highlight the cloak and hat ..after dinner I'll try and tackle that.
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