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  1. ohhh..guess I need to buy some blades..hardware store or michaels?
  2. with all these 19century figures its awesome from getting Ideas..if you and monkey have some other ones that have color pics please post them.. For Jack I ended up using a maroon color for Jacks Coattails. Its a 1:1 mix of spattered Crimson and GW's Screamer Pink(which is more purple the pink) The pants and vest I went with Dusky Skin for a nice mauve grey color. theres a bump on the back of the cloak,which i thought was weird crease but I think its actually a molding error..but its in a recessed area thats curved..not sure how or if I should bother with trying to clean it up..looks like it needs a curved blade to .. anyways here he is so far.
  3. Got Watson all done dullcoted and Based. heres the Duo all completed..ready to eat the evidence..or Solve the Crime..who can tell.
  4. found a website called http://www.gentlemansemporium.com has all kinds of victorian outfits and steampunk outfits..perfect to get some ideas for color schemes!
  5. hmm thats not a bad idea as well maybe I'll save the Purple for a dress ..I really just want to be some what period accurate but not have all the characters all in black :) unless its appropriate
  6. zombie watson has a gloss cote drying and should be based tomorrow in the meantime I figured might as well keep this ball rolling and get a real villian done. Jack the Ripper suits the bill! So cleaned him up and cut off the slot base and glued in the pins Its raining here so used some brush on primer and a thinned down black wash to try and bring out the details for basecoating. I'm kinda torn on the colors to use. Alot of figures in this series will have alot of black so was thinking of doing a deep purple suit color and just use black for the cloak thing and hat..maybe red for the bandanna.. Or..it could be that dudes wearing tails,its gotta be black..not sure..thoughts?
  7. really congrats to everyone involved at reaper..its been a blast!
  8. I posted a new thread in OT over on NEoGaf and updated my locals stores thread showing the newest 3million mark goal..Hope we can break thru! It looks amazing btw..absolute must have!
  9. i really expected them to show up sooner since they canceled the P-65 ones..still hoping they'll make an appearance
  10. i think the 09055 breonne blue from the Ltpk would be a great base color
  11. so i decided to keep going with the suit and applied another layer of highlights to the suit and highlighted the tie and metal bits as well as painting the buttons..the top 2 i put a slight reflective highlight ..but not sure it looks right. and washed the doctot bag..I'll work on highlighting the bag and hat and shoes tomorrow. i think its better now..I tend to hold back abit and need to break out of that.
  12. Spent some more time working on Watson. I've tried to blend the soft blue midtone color up to mostly ashen blue for the highlights on the suit..I think it looks ok..but i'm not sure if I need to add one more very slight brighter highlight on the tips of peaks..being a suit I'm not sure if that will make it look to shiny but could always do a midtown glaze after to smooth it out Here he is so far. Overall its coming together..
  13. Well I tend to buy minis with the pretense of playing games with them, but I game so infrequently that I'm really just painting them. YES! thats exactly what I do ..for me its all part of the rationalization i come up with to validate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on More miniatures...tho I look at them all and only about 1/3 will ever hit the table..if that
  14. ha! thats great! I think you got 5x as many as i did! I regret not getting some of the vehicles
  15. jasper I'm in the same boat..I feel abit overwhelmed I got the bones shipment then the Blackwater Gulch then the EotD all in short order...plus all the Flames of War and Hordes stuff i've bought while waiting for the kickstarter stuff to arrive! In my head everything was gonna be spaced out by many months...not so much IRL LOL Starting with Bobbies sounds like a plan..I figured I was gonna paint up all the figures I'd need to do the intro game pdf scenerio(Zombie Holmes and Watson, Jack the Ripper, Bobbies and some civilians) I need to figure out some Terrain for this..I got the medieval Village Kickstarter set that will do for a countryside village setting but not sure about a more Victorian London Board..I might have to resort to some Paper Craft 15mm WWII buildings unscaled to 28mm size. Hope you get a shipping notice soon MonkeySloth, I can't wait to see more of their figures painted up by everyone. :)
  16. man thats pretty wicked ...that..I couldn't play if my life depended on it :)
  17. its so nice to be able to flag songs as favourites..finally..I well I'm about as good a guitarist as I am a painter...so good enough to knock out some campfire songs and easy songs like Mean woof and High and Dry..but I won't be quitting my day job ;-) I just bought some guitars after the guitar hero era @ the age of 37 and figured eh why not..but got easily distracted..Rocksmith at least gets me to have fun while learning some songs. stuffty about the wrist..definitely don't want to over do it, but hopefully you can get your moneys worth out of it....I'm at that..."Cough...Cough.." hmm I got some sick days coming to me don't I ? stage LOL
  18. So Rocksmith 2014 might be sucking up a lot of my paint time LOL..its a blast..much better then the original which is one of the only video games I still play.. Getting some painting in I decided to try abit more olive green in the flesh mix for Zombie Watson..to mix it up abit and see how it works out..as well applied abit of white to the mix for the final highlights..I think it turned out ok. Watons eyes,very tiny! I think the dots will do tho they're abit lopsided. I applied a mix of blackend brown and soft blue to make a wash and applied to the suit then applied one layer of softblue to buildup the midtone again. Might have to go back and apply one more layer... so here he is so far.
  19. thx monkeysloth i like the cobblestone it suits the EoD stuff quite well...but that happy seppuku stuff looks great..i don't know how i missed that kickstarter :(
  20. So got Zombie Holmes finished up and started on his partner in undeath Zombie Watson . Got most of the basecoating done..went with soft blue for the suit basecolor..gonna try and bring up the highlights onto that towards grey I didn't realize he had a stethoscope around his neck at first but once I get some metallics done it will stand out better
  21. from the comments section sounds like they're planning on doing another kickstarter...tho not sure if it will be this or one of their other lines. I hope its for EoD tho I hope to get enough painted to play a few games before the next kickstarter heh
  22. honestly I think you should just pick a bones figure you don't mind painting again if it goes wrong and do a quick basecoat over it and try a coating of gloss then let it dry and see if its tacky. if it is leave him soaking in simply green cleaner for a couple days then scrub him clean
  23. Love them! You did a really great job on these and I love the color scheme! these are probably my favorite figures from Circle such cool warrior Werewolves
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