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  1. I got a feeling the addon large figures will be closer to retail this time around for the most part vs the huge saving for the core pledge
  2. in the same boat Darsc If we end up paying duty fees + shipping .it will probably be 50% more then the pledge cost
  3. I know they had to jump thru some serious hoops with the last one..hope things will be easier for them this time
  4. are they saying Canada has to pay the same as Australia etc? I've seen others give a discounted price but that kickstarter doesn't let them distinguish. with the increase in USPS this year I wouldn't be surprised if we in the great white north have to pay something..I just hope it isn't as much as other continents.
  5. i really really hope more paint sets come ..and I really really hope they aren't duplicates of stuff from the first kickstarter or the LTPK's I already got a lot of those duplicated due to buying them all
  6. shhhh don't tell anyone..but I'm not getting anything done at work now ..this is the best kinda fun day!
  7. i love that things like the mouse lings are a pay option vs reward.. i love the way this is evolving so far
  8. got it! just had to keep reloading amazon till it went thru
  9. remembered to do the basing dry brushing before I went any further..since I inevitably get some on the feet and have to touch them up. I used the kickstarter tanned leather as the base color then washed the ground with secret weapon flesh wash then drybrushed back the highlights with the tanned leather while adding some linen white. I wanted to try and figure out a more arizona/ persian ground sandstone color..figured it would be good for my mummies and western figures and this guy is a good guy to test it on it might be abit to orange from the flesh wash I might need to do one drop of it and one of sewer brown .. after that I re-base coated the feet and trim to clean up the splatter..I realized i hadn't did the metal on the tips of the straps on his waist so did those in the blue then honed steel. I applied some sewer brown wash over the wood handle of the axe..the necklass ,rope and around the pouches creases to give some more definition. I'll bring up the highlights later but felt they needed some deeper shading and I liked how the rope worked on the woldwrath and figured i'd do something similar here. After that I made up the midtone glaze and tried to just apply it to the edges of all my highlight layers to help blend to a mid tone better and on the bottom half of the abdomen muscles.. and back muscles etc..I think it looks much better now..but not sure if it maybe needs abit of a small highlight color reapplied..I could go either way. Welp here he is.
  10. great job! I love the mountain king sculpt, you did a great job painting it..now thats a Troll :)
  11. what a great group pic..really great variety and very inspirational!
  12. thx, ya thats what I'm going for more natural colors ..I usually go colorful but this guys seems to want to be a more subtle...maybe to offset the extreme muscles :) got 2 thinned layers of honed steel applied to the metal bits..can still see abit of blue thru it but not much..it might be enough before applying wash's and highlighting . thats it for me for the weekend.. hopefully I can get back to the flesh tomorrow night after work.
  13. got the rest of the base coating done..its all the darkest shade, following the style that the flesh tutorial gave. so the figure will brighten up. I haven't applied a layer of steel yet..I figured I'd basecoat all the stuff thats going to be steel a blue tone and see how that works out..seems gold works great over brown..figured I'd try for a blue steel look. I'm gonna try using thin coats of metallic and see how that works out. so everything thats blue will be a gunmetal shade of metallic as well I want to do a bone neck-less with just a gold centerpiece I think it suits the piece. whelp progress so far.
  14. got mine and everything was in it..the sculpts look great!
  15. thx cash that makes sense..i can see where i was going wrong..just focusing to much on the literal highpoint when the figure was laying flat in my hand and not paying attention to where the highlights should be when standing vertical
  16. I still need to do the glaze to address the flesh highlights, but I figure Ill base-coat everything else first, that way if I have any errant brush strokes I can clean them up when working on the skin again. ended up using some kickstarter colors, dusky skin for the basecoat of the fur and hair and lonestar leather for the softleather/cloth sections. I'm gonna use ruddy leather and oiled leather for all the leather straps if I get time this afternoon well heres where it stands so far..
  17. ya something with a greenish blue tint for sure . i was reading this article http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.ca/2010/02/tutorial-painting-true-metallic-metal.html and would like to try experimenting abit see if I can't figure out how to get some results like that..I really do love real metalics..but i've never been able to figure them out yet :)
  18. ya i admit not really sure where to draw the line on surface area between the layers..now that you point it out I can see maybe I lost too much of the mid tone. I think I'll try a midtone glaze then try to restrict the reapplication of the highlight layer..see how that pans out. about the rest of the figure..I'm envisioning less bold colors on this guy then my typical..more the King Conan age, late 40's early 50's silver grey hair and see if i can figure out how to do some tarnished true metalic metals
  19. applied the second highlight layer..its abit stark..i guess thats why they suggest a potential glaze for the next step.. I think in general tho I'd rather thin out the paint abit more then the 2 to 1 ratio it recommends.. but this is the first mini where I've not used a wash to do the shading so I guess its gonna take some getting use to. from a short distance it looks good tho honestly. guess I gotta decide to either glaze and redo the highlights or just move on to basecoating the rest of the figure. opinions?
  20. applied the first layer of bertok's highlights using tanned skin..which i guess is actually the midtone and not a highlight but you all know what I mean. its a challenging technique pulling towards the center from the edges..I'm not sure if I was suppose to be feathering in towards the highpoints or doing a more deliberate drag..but I tried feathering. and it seemed to work. I only applied one layer..i guess thats whats needed and then I'll next apply the highlight layer. Here we are so far.
  21. that was glorious! the evolution one was cool to :)
  22. I see this and I think..AWESOME! ..Now thats the perfect army to finish for Halloween. 33 days till Halloween suddenly has a new perspective love it now how many tana leaves was it?
  23. LOL absolutely.. its like oh wow I've figured out the perfect combination of base coat,wash then dry brush to make my sand look like sand :)
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