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  1. really beautiful work on this one Cash .. the hair and the NMM Gold on all the trim works so well together, and you really got the pastels to work without going chalky great job!
  2. Sanael this really is quite awesome, really spectacular. So is this more a T-1000 type thing..or more a Flesh/Clockwork Golem Frankenstein sewn together Dragon? Love the new angel of the wings looks so much nicer this way
  3. so got the third coat of tanned shadow applied...i think that did it for good coverage... as well spent some time and got the mouth and the eye done..i seem to have an issue with being off center when I paint the eyes.. but I think its ok to leave as is instead of doing it over. next up first layer of highlights
  4. ya at first i was like huh? but i think its their way of taking the training wheels off...which is ok these are fun to paint..since they're ment to experiment and learn on I don't have any expectations for them. i got two coats of tanned shadow down but its still abit transparent in places so gonna apply a third coat when I get home..i think i thinned it abit more then what was necessary
  5. love how that triad worked out for the hair..looks really nice
  6. So its time for LTPK4! I got both figures cleaned and primed. Just finished up the lining for Bertokk .. this kit seems to just focus on the advanced skin techniques and I guess your suppose to use what you've learned to date on the other bits..should be fun next up some flesh basecoating.
  7. Here is Tsuko sealed and based, from the L2PK #2 Open Wip thread. really nice to be back doing the L2PK's they are alot of fun
  8. i enjoy using quickshade on some stuff...just depends on the goal with the figure.( i just finished painting and dipping a ton of FOW figures) For such a huge figure like Kaladrax I can certainly see the appeal. One thing you should do tho is paint highlights on the bone extra bright so when you quickshade them they don't disappear(same affect that glazing has ). even if your just drybrushing some highlights on the bone top areas..it will help add some more dimension to the figures.
  9. looks great! and I agree strong tone does work really well for bone shading.
  10. I got through with Tsuko (I know, "pics or it didn't happen"... ), but got stuck on Laurana. I'm having a difficult time figureing out where the shading should be, because her muscle definition is so slight. The technique used for Tsuko is pretty much the one I've always used for shading, but Laurana's style is new to me. Are there any "tricks" I'm missing, or have I just not gotten used to it yet? if she's just primed..try taking some photos of the model with very sharp angled over head lights that really bring out some shadows. then when your working on an area reference the pictures to verify the shape your looking for. I found with the bright light I like to paint with I was losing the muscle definition on her..but looking at the pics when she was just primed helped to find the detail i don't know if that makes sense..but it worked for me :)
  11. I ended up trying experimenting with the gold , since the instructions are slightly vague on what to do with the metallic I basecoated the gold areas ruddy brown and then used a slightly thinned coat of ancient gold on them. after that dried I applied some secret weapons armor wash on the rivets and the chain links recesses to shade the metallic. I then touched up when it was dry with some more mid tone ancient gold. after that I used abit of new gold along edges and corners to line/highlight and then added a drop of pearl white to the new gold and tried to give some slight bright highlights to the gold edges and rivets. seemed to work..tho maybe the last point highlights should have been more pearl white then newgold I think thats about it for Tsuko..I think he's ready for a glosscote.
  12. k looks like kit 4 is next.. :) should be fun..i really do like following along with these kits.. i think for kit 5 i'm gonna do the bones Dain Deepaxe and the Metal one at the same time and see how they compare when following along with the kits but that's a ways off
  13. ya i think doing it after the shading wash makes sense but before the highlighting so any touch up would be relatively easy. I got the weapon and sandals all painted brown and highlighted...just need to do the gold now and and some touch ups. which is the next logical progression for these kits? LTPK4?
  14. applied the coral highlight color to the paints..I'm hoping I didn't use to much..mostly just the front of the knees and main creases. the grey color of the sash is almost the same color as the primer I used that was a challenge to try and make sure I had good coverage. then highlighted the cloth strips..I might have made the color of the sash to light..not sure Looks like its the weapon and sandals left and any outstanding touch ups Well here it is so far...
  15. Heres the the base drybrushing..does blend pretty well with the broccoli base I basecoated the pants blood red then applied the wash as per the instructions then used thinned down blood red to bring the midtone color back up gonna start on the highlights next..I'll do the belt and wraps after..didn't make sense to do them before applying the wash to the red areas. Heres pic of the pants right after applying the dark wash..then after building back up the midtones. I really do prefer to coat the whole thing in the wash then blend back the mid vs trying to just paint in the wash in the creases(like the shading on the skin)..I find its easier to blend back up to the mid. pants washed pants midtone brougth back up.
  16. thx for the kind words! I filled in the gap between the broccoli base and lip of the plastic last night with watered down white glue and sand..just working on washes and drybrush to blend together atm i got the red basecoat done. once I do the wash for shading on the pants I'll post an update.
  17. love it Girot! I think you nailed the color choices perfectly
  18. i need to nail down a color sceme for my reptus army..I want to paint this hydra but I'm still trying to figure out how to repose him so he's standing up on his hind legs which will let him fit on a base better
  19. applied another light highlight layer to skin..its subtle not sure if it needs another one and then did the eyes mouth and hair.eyes are abit lopsided but turned out ok..as always one eye seems to just cometogether nicely and I struggle to get the other the same :) had to keep touching up the left side of his nose due to getting liner and white on it. on to pants now I think.
  20. next stage adding some highlights..gonna probably give it another layer. I'm back to my skimmed milk ring issue again..probably have to much paint on the brush again :) but its getting there.
  21. Started up on the LTPK 2 its time to tackle Tsuko and try and get back into the groove of detailed painting. got the basecoat applied on thurs night. this morning I started got some basic shading of the skin done for stage two of the instructions...little rough in spots but I'm hoping the blending of highlights will help clean up my post sat morning recovery shaky hands
  22. ya its the LTPK2 colors..might just be the camera tinting it abit..or I might not have done a great job with the paints 1:1 ratio..but its a cool base color for sure :)
  23. Tsuko's Back on the Menu! so after months of painting FOW soviets its time to return to Painting some 28mm figures. just got the skin basecoat done..applied a couple layers before having to go out tonight...gotta say tho...feels good. I'm excited to get back to the LTPK's and when they're done try out some Bones! I'll probably just post updates in the LTPK2 thread... I'm really gonna have to figure out who I have to ask about getting this thread renamed to Bloodydrake's WIPS...haven't painted a Circle figure in ages hehe
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