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  1. The Little Army Men ARE FINISHED! I finally got around to finishing the 6 heavy mortar crews, nothing special but they're done and its been a long haul getting all these infantry finished. And heres a picture of the completed Russian Horde its not the greatest pic but my old Iphone doesn't do well with far way detail shots like this. Oh and all my wave 3 preorded figures for x-wing came in yesterday..which I must say I'm kinda glad I don't have to paint that game and can just play it.I really don't have any interest in painting spaceships. I got em all in to the kickstarter case with a little modifications and all the tokens and dials into a Mastercraft parts storage container. So thats 2 core sets and one of every ship type... I should have bought more of those cases during the kickstarter..they're handy Now I think I gotta get back to finishing up those LTPK before tackling some Bones...its gonna be nice to focus on one single figure at a time for a change let me tell ya! :) YAAAA :bday:
  2. thx all! much appreciated :) kinda cool all my preordered X-wing wave 3 figures showed uptoday at lunch...how fortuitous ;-)
  3. the pathfinder dragon looks spectacular,the belly scales are inspiring..I love it ..except the blue horns and tongue..they look out of place. they need some deeper shading and some highlights to match the rest of the painting you did.as is they seem flat vs the rest of the dragon..I think abit more work on the horns could really elevate that piece .really great work overall tho..keep it up!
  4. Welp. I finished off the last of the medium man packed gun teams from the PSC army bundles I bought..all thats left of the infantry stuff is the 6 large based Heavy Mortar teams.Which i'm halfway done...so close :) the bases are mostly made up of small bases I had left over from the 3 packs of plastic rubble bases I had left. I just glued two of them them onto some blister plastic and filled in the gap in the middle they're abit rough around the edges but it worked out ok. The two in the front right were made from a large base I cut in half then just used wood filler and sand on to create a bit of a dirt mound.
  5. its awesome..but now I can't stop hearing the theme song from the Andy Griffiths show in my head.
  6. Howdy all, I ended up taking a few weeks off from painting and just enjoying the summer holidays the mat wasn't going were I wanted so Figure I'd roll it up and get back to it when I'm in the mood. But alas before long the itch was back to finish up some more figures so I've been working on the large gun teams the last week I used some woodfiller to flesh out the large bases and give them some ground shapes for the zis 2 and zis 3 teams..I glued down a few remaining inserts from the infantry team scultpted bases in the front and then applied some sand and dry brushed the colors up to match the bases I've done for the infantry. Overall I think they turned out pretty good. I'm gonna use the rest of the small inserts on the Large mortar Crew. I find when I press in the infantry bases to create sockets its best to just let the whole thing dry for a couple days before popping them back out..less cracking. so Here are the finished 45mm 1942 obr medium gun teams..the bases are made up of two small bases glued together on some plastic from blister pack and used some woodfiller ot blend together..overall it worked out pretty good then I finished up the zis 3 teams on the large bases and then the zis 2 teams..I messed up and have the axels upsidedown on these which is why they're pointing up higher.....didn't notice I did them wrong till I was painting them heh
  7. are you just cutting the bones off the broccoli base then super gluing to the B2B bases? or are you pinning them as well?
  8. this as well has me thinking..around the dry dirt areas if i painted more dead grass and brown wash around them and connect the sections together like a dried creek. maybe where the dried earth was more ponds..not sure if it will work or be two busy..might do some photoshop testing to see
  9. thx for the ideas folks..definitely got me thinking and reassessing things.. gonna try and get some good Ariel reference photo's to help..one think i want to somehow incorporate is some wild flowers..but not sure if that will work..but seems 90% of the pics of fields and meadows all have white/yellow/purple wild flowers in them.
  10. ya it needs something like that..I'll stew on it for tonight see if inspiration doesn't come to me
  11. so been dry brushing away on the grass areas and the tall grass /dead grass areas for a couple days.. not sure I'm all that happy with how things are going..for one thing trying to not get streaks at this scale is challenging. And the dead grass areas are well to lime ish..i like the top colors but building up is painting to much underneath as well..I might try a dull brown wash over those sections to give it a more earth color.and try and blend in from a distance more....not sure Over all its..eh..I don't know..it feels to splotchy..I gotta go back and clean up the trees and cracked earth..due to over brushing..then do the rocks. Anyways heres progress so far. heres pic closer to one edge so can see the details better
  12. So I made a black/green wash and went over all the grass again..its taking a couple hours for that to dry. W hile waiting I drybrushed some highlights to the cracked earth area's. I think its got the right tones now. Next UP I think I need to start adding some straight green highlights to the grass areas which will brighten it up. I was thinking of doing abit of a ring of dried grass..greenish yellow around the dried up pond area's and some of the areas looks like matted down tall grass.was thinking of working them up to a straw brown.. I still need to apply another highlight layer to the trees but I think I'll wait till after I do the grass. heres progress so far..colors are reproduced better under direct sunlight.
  13. ya thats much closer ..I did a black/brown wash over the trees last night and the cracks of the dried mud.then drybrushed some highlights on the trees this morning..they're are looking better. I think I'm gonna go over the green parts with a green/black wash and try and get it to settle into the recesses..the brown can look kinda natural..but I think the details will stand out better if the deeper parts are darker I'm gonna have to buy some more paint after the holiday today..2oz of brown and green isn't gonna be enough.
  14. ya I think its the lighting..its more green then blue in person :)
  15. so I make a darkbrown wash and applied it over the whole mat to start..the latex seems to take along time to dry Here you can kind see the brownish tint (having issues taking pictures in the kitchen with iphone..colors are getting all messed up) after that I used straight brown on the trees and a mix of brown and yellow on the dried up ponds/ cracked dirt areas. then I used green with a touch of black added and make a bit of a thinned down paint. Using a big 4 inch painters brush I kinda wet drybrushed scrubbed over all the areas that weren't brown..and proceeded to paint over the trees...should have did those after. I took it outside to take a picture so the natural lighting would help with the color reproduction. The greens not a solid coat..more tinted I'm not sure if I should leave some brown showing thru or do a dark green wash over th whole thing..I know I don't wan to paint to thick or it will flake off the matt. Heres acouple close ups where some brown is showing thru..it might be find like that honestly....but I'm curious if anyone thinks it just looks to splotchy and unfinished vs..dirt showing thru the grass color still lots to do..Next I think I'm gonna do a darkbrown/black wash over the trees before drybrushing up some highlights on them.
  16. I need a break from the soviets . So I'm gonna finally get around to painting my zuzzy matt. I bought a 6x4 Scourged Forest matt I'm gonna try and paint it up like I did the woldwrath base before I added water effects and follow the colors from it. Gonna have to go back and reread it all ..i'm using craft paints so colors won't be the same but I'll see what I can come up with. and here it is all layed out with on a drop cloth..first things first is gonna be applying a dark brown wash to the whole thing..and let that dry
  17. just fantastic! great job!
  18. I've never used a high end brand brush yet. but I've tried the army painter line, the citadel(shudder) line, and reapers own master series I found a recommendation mentioned here on the boards about a cheaper alternative to the Winsor&Newton, the Rosemary & Co. Series 33 brush's. http://www.rosemaryandco.com/watercolour-brushes/pure-kolinsky-sable/pure-kolinsky-pointed I've been using them for a couple weeks and so far I find them really nice and the best I've used so far..they are nice short handle brushes and have a longer brush head length with a really nice point. I can't speak for longevity yet..perhaps someone else here can, but I found the price very good even including the shipping from the UK to Canada.I think it worked out to about 7.50 Canadian a brush to buy 4 brushes including shipping costs. Heres couple pics of the rosemary ones with 2 reaper ones ..you can see the rosemary are shorter handled and the end is slightly narrower for the same size rating but with longer hair..
  19. Thank God for OCD! I feel the end is near tho( well cept for vehicles,but since it seems the decals are back ordered forever they'll wait)I received the large bases so If I can muster up the endurance I shall endeavor to finish all the large gun teams and the last few of the medium ones. I can tell you tho..I'll never buy another nations army...ever...ever,ever, ever...EVER.
  20. and finished up 3 light and 3 medium mortar teams... my can of Army Painter Desert Yellow gave up the ghost..so guess I'm gonna have to start priming in white or black then paint the uniforms as well.I don't think there are enough infantry figures left to be worth he 17bucks the army painter cans go for.
  21. those precision plastic sanding needles..anyone know a store in Canada that sells them?
  22. So more of the same infantry team heres 12 more LMG teams and man packed gun teams. Slowly but surely getting close to being done with these fellas.
  23. stellar work Cash..really beautiful
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