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  1. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    BTW: My daughter is making a web comic: http://comicaurora.com/
  2. Pingo

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    In the fourth century BCE, Zhuang Zhou wrote: ”RIFLING TRUNKS IF ONE IS TO GUARD and take precautions against thieves who rifle trunks, ransack bags, and break open boxes, then he must bind with cords and ropes and make fast with locks and hasps. This the ordinary world calls wisdom. But if a great thief comes along, he will shoulder the boxes, hoist up the trunks, sling the bags over his back, and dash off, only worrying that the cords and ropes, the locks and hasps are not fastened tightly enough. In that case, the man who earlier was called wise was in fact only piling up goods for the benefit of a great thief.”
  3. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Today I put all my Prismacolor pencils in order and catalogued which ones were missing (surprisingly few, ... one, in fact ...). In the course of which I discovered at least four different eras of Prismacolor pencil, datable by the different typefaces used on the things. The oldest ones (my 120-pencil set, the full range “New for the ‘90s”) have a plain round font and say “Berol”. Slightly later ones (the 48-pencil set, I think it was) are the same, except the numbers identifying the colors are in a bigger, fancier, kind of art deco font. Later ones have a smaller, rectangular font and no company on the pencil. And later ones than that have the rectangular font and say Sanford. I really like my Prismacolor pencils.
  4. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    “Pen Test” isn’t naughty, it’s just testing computer security features with a macho manly tough guy flavor (Going by the images that cropped up.) BtW, being brave and / or foolish I Googled “Fairy Stick” and found many pictures of sparkly little wands with stars on the end.
  5. Pingo

    What's on TV?

    Christopher Reeve was a sweetheart and his Superman was delightful. But I like this Superman’s forthrightness.
  6. Pingo

    What's on TV?

    He shows up every once in a while. I guess they don't want to overshadow Supergirl too much. He plays a major part in this season's crossover episodes. I think he might be our family's favorite screen Superman.
  7. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Note to self: "Pen Test" is not a suitable tag for a video about testing marker pens for lightfastness.
  8. Pingo

    What's on TV?

    My family considers the Agents of Shield Ghost Rider the best version on any screen. My kids watched the Nicholas Cage movies just to razz them. Isn’t he lovely? Everything Superman should be: Kind, modest, understanding, and fundamentally decent.
  9. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I introduced my kids to the Ramones yesterday. We were having a lunch table conversation over the 1970s and the origins of punk (like you do) and I mentioned them as possibly rhe earliest manifestation that I knew of. The family rule is that singing at the table while eating is strictly verboten, but I chanted “Hey, Ho, Let’s go,” under my breath and the kids stared and said, You mean from Spiderman Homecoming? and I said I guess? not having watched it and they were delighted and perturbed that the song was called Blitzkrieg Bop and I explained that Dee Dee Ramone grew up in Berlin and it was just a warm and fuzzy intergenerational punk moment.
  10. Huh. It looks like next I'm doing a video on the cave art at Lascaux. So ART HISTORY. But after that back to painting, I'm pretty sure.
  11. New video is up! "Materials World: Fade Testing Black Felt Tip Art Pens" It's ... no about paint or minis this time. It's about India ink and drawing pens. It turns out there are LOTS of art topics I want to cover. I hope people here might find it interesting anyway. I plan to get back to painting next video.
  12. Call it a stretch, but how’s this for inspiration for magical hybrids? https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/06/narluga-very-strange-hybrid-whale/592057/ A mystery skull of a peculiar looking whale killed off Greenland in the 1980s has been identified after DNA testing as “narluga,” a narwhal-beluga hybrid. Narwhals have a singe large spiral tooth with two vestigial teeth behind it. Belugas have a large number of small, identical teeth. The mystery skull had a moderate number of medium-sized, varied teeth, some of which grew in spiral patterns. The Inuit hunter, Jens Larsen, who killed the whale and two others like it said the creatures were smooth grey, instead of the white of belugas or the mottled grey of narwhals. Technically a hybrid with a beluga father and narwhal mother should be called a “belwhal,” but the skull has been nicknamed “narluga” for almost thirty years and even scientists agree, it just sounds better.
  13. Pingo

    Happy Birthday Vaitalla

    Happy birthday to you!
  14. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Whoops. too late. Its incorporated into batter in the oven. Imagine, oh, the grayness of oatmeal, only grayer. Imagine the color of rotting zombie brains. It's like that.
  15. Pingo

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    It seems like the only reason we don't have banana jam is its revolting color. I cooked up some banana purée with a little sugar the other day, to prep it for banana bread (one of us has a mild allergy which seems alleviated by precooking the bananas). It seems to have formed pectin the way most fruits do when cooked with sugar, and is basically jam-textured. But that color, yikes.