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    Bombshell Miniatures Kickstarter

    It's nerve-wracking. Immediately after a new goal is reached, there is a flurry of activity, then things slow to a crawl for days. I'd like to move up to the next pledge level, but at the moment there aren't enough figures available that I'm interested in. But for the figures I'm interested in to become available the pledge level has to increase. I love that there are so many different designs, full of personality and interest for male and female gamers alike. I have confidence in Patrick Keith's ability to translate them into sculpts. I just ... man, I wish more people were involved.
  2. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    I've wondered about that myself. It's hard to imagine an inexpensive plastic that takes detail as well as pewter does. And although I don't have a metal ogre to compare my Bones one to, the metal figures I'm working on adjacent to it seem to have a lot finer detail and a lot cleaner boundaries. The price and the accessibility cannot be beat. And I suspect there was a pent-up demand for inexpensive minis, as the Kickstarter demonstrated. Just judging anecdotally from people's comments, it sounds like there are lots of people who would like to play, or experiment, or learn to paint minis, who were intimidated by the cost and the commitment needed. With a huge mass of tough plastic Bones, one can experiment, let the kids try, maybe mess up few, practice, and not worry about it. There's room in this hobby for a lot of approaches and levels, clearly. Back on subject, I've been following the ogres pictures thread. I think the similarities of approach may be due to the early nature of the project; there's only so many ways to approach the start of one of these things. There are fascinating differences already, and I expect to see more as people develop their projects and more people join in.
  3. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    Whoa. That's interesting. I'm curious to hear others' experiences too. I noticed something odd about the model. The ogre's skin is practically vacuum-formed to his muscles; there isn't an ounce of fat on him. His feet should correspond, be lean, sinewy, foot-shaped feet. But instead he has the puffed-up dogs of someone with a much higher BMI or a lot of health issues. Eh, I'm probably overthinking this. His feet correspond to his monstery nature.
  4. Pingo

    50236 Dita - my second mini

    I'm impressed. Green stuff on your second mini already? Way to go, and good luck.
  5. TaleSpinner pointed out that the odd blobby thing on his front shield was a woolly mammoth (thanks, TaleSpinner!), so I decided to do that before I forgot it or mucked it up (the detail on the Bones ogre is a little soft). I painted the shield with simple colors, Winsor & Newton Mars black, Liquitex cadmium red light, and a Golden matte fluid titanium white with a little black added, then washed with a mix of the black and Golden burnt sienna, and highlighted with a dark mixed grey (from the selfsame blck & white). Then I put a thin layer of the white mixed with Golden yellow oxide as a base on his flesh. It's still a bit translucent.
  6. Pingo

    Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Ten days? Okay, I think we can do this.
  7. Pingo

    Storm Giants

    Very nice. Love the hair, very dynamic. Julie Guthrie has remarkable skills.
  8. Pingo

    50209: Alice WIP (Wonderland Diorama)

    It's looking beautiful. I can't answer about the red highlights. If this figure were as big as the photos here, I'd say yes, but for one inch I don't know...
  9. Pingo

    Maybe he's born with it . . . maybe it's tangerine.

    Ah. Things become clear. I am very glad now to not have listened to any advertisements for some decades. Doesn't Rich Burlew have green goblins and orange hobgoblins in "Order of the Stick?"
  10. Pingo

    KS new sculpts

    I believe "Rikki Tikki Tavi" was one of Chuck Jones' non-Bugs Bunny cartoons. He was well suited to it. I love the snakeman's expression. He reminds me of some of Phil Foglio's characters (Winslow, Lizard of Death -- ha!). I also see no reason why he shouldn't have a bow. Why can't NPCs be as sensible about weaponry as PCs?
  11. Pingo

    60079: Lyrie Akenja

    I like the sepia-toned effect too, now you come to mention it. With it the figure looks like a little statue, and it gives me ideas for grisaille effects. However, for now I'm trying to paint it fairly standardly. I have painted in the skin (but not yet shaded it) and the eyes. Her skin is a simple mix of burnt umber and titanium white, both matte. Her eyes (and hair) are painted in non-matte black with a touch of light grey. On the figure her skin looked a lot less flat. Clearly photography is pretty good for showing one's painting flaws. Also I just noticed there's a brush hair on her left cheek. Sigh.
  12. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    I looked close and you're right -- it is a woolly mammoth, looking to the left. Its detail is a little soft and rounded compared to the rest of the ogre (Are the metal ogres sharper? I'm painting mine along with some metal minis and the level of detail on the ogre seems less somehow). I think I'm going to paint it like a luridly-painted shield, orange and black and white or something.
  13. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    I started mine. It's just that taking pictures and posting took a little time what with household responsibilities and all.
  14. I have started mine by priming it and then washing over it with a diluted burnt umber so I can see the details. Normally I prime with white, but that is very hard to see on a Bones figure. Also I found that the initial layer of paint beaded up somewhat. So I added a touch of burnt umber to my primer to produce a dull, very light brown. I am using artists' acrylics, which may have something to do with the beading. Anyhow, I primed with Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics in titanium white with a tiny bit of burnt umber, thinned with Liquitex Matte Medium (which helped prevent beading), let dry and washed with thinned-down burnt umber.
  15. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    A couple of questions about the model. What is that ... thing on the front of the shield he's using as a codpiece? A skin or fur of some kind? And on his left shoulder, is that ritual scarification? Awesome if it is, because it fits with an idea I've had.
  16. Pingo

    Storm Giants

    And you have no idea how much envy I have that you got to paint a metal version. No idea. It's partial compensation for the brutal painting schedule he has to meet. (this is just a suggestion. I am No Expert)
  17. Pingo

    Storm Giants

    One of the metal masters for the mold production. (basically a first-run metal miniature - so Reaper probably did multiples. For the metal minis we get, they come out of molds made from the same kind of master.) Ahhh. Neat. Thanks.
  18. Pingo

    Storm Giants

    I have an actual question. What did Martin Jones paint? The female cloud giant model is done, but I can't imagine he painted the actual prototype. The casting of the Bones, I assumed, was done in China. So what's that then?
  19. Pingo

    Do Acrylics really produce formadehyde?

    The main problem is that every individual person has different levels of sensitivity to toxins, and we don't know how toxins react with each other in the body. What's perfectly safe for one person may trigger a massive reaction in another. Since we don't know what might set our particular individual systems off, it's simple prudence to minimize our exposure to irritants and toxic substances. That's not to say go crazy with paranoia. But do have adequate ventilation. Don't eat your paint or point your brush with your lips. Don't get paint on your skin if you can avoid it. Treat your paints with respect. Don't be careless with them, but don't fear them either.
  20. Pingo

    Do Acrylics really produce formadehyde?

    I have some acrylic medium to add to paints to make them more fabric-compatible. It has to be set by heat, and during that time it releases enough formaldehyde to make one's throat burn. I have used an OSHA respirator since the first time. Yes, acrylic paints contain formaldehyde and ammonia. Don't paint with them in a sealed room, but it's not like turpentine or anything. Just a little ventilation and you're fine unless you're already sensitized.
  21. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    My ogre has arrived (just in time). I commend Reaper on its turnaround time. Mine is the Bones version. I plan to prime it anyway.
  22. Pingo

    Doc Is Old

    I do, very much, yes. That would be super excellent awesome. Sure you don't need it? Woot. Glad I brought it up. Speaking of which, this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45819-davros-and-special-weapons-daleks/ reminded me that I think I recall having some Doctor Who miniatures back in the day. Again, I may be confused, but could swear I remember painting a tiny Jon Pertwee, long ago.
  23. Pingo

    Davros and Special Weapons Daleks

    Well, hey, squee. Those are -- hope this doesn't offend -- adorable.
  24. Pingo

    Painted Product Pics

    I imagine it's rather like being a movie reviewer. You have to paint / review everything that comes out, whether you enjoy it or not, whether it's to your taste or not. Even the things you do like just keep coming at a rapid pace. You don't ever get to linger. And some fans will always complain about your job. It seems to take a special kind of dedication.
  25. Pingo

    Group WIPs interest?

    Waiting for mine to arrive.