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  1. I don't know how to format this website. I miss my bbc code.

    1. Pingo


      Tell me about it.  The forum upgraded to this software last spring and for a while it was driving me crazy.


      If it's any help, the box at the far right but one of the control panel, the one that is a tiny magnifying glass over a rectangle with a corner cut off, will give you a preview of what the post will look like.


      I find it's worth it because the community is a really friendly and supportive one.

  2. Transformer powering our whole block caught fire in the middle of a record-setting heat wave. Not fun.


    Power's back on now though, but heat isn't getting any better.


    At least this happened after the Bones 4 KS ended.

    1. Pingo


      Yikes. ::o: 


      Glad you're okay.

  3. 2017 Art Plans:

    - Keep making art every day! :wub: I'm so close to reaching a 365 day streak!

    - Finish Spring Exchange

    - Ordinator cosplay

    - Sew a Hufflepuff backpack purse thing

    - Sculpt an anatomically correct human body!

    - Sculpt my ReaperCon Entry(ies)

    - Sculpt my own Setters of Catan board

  4. Happily in "deep remission."

    1. Pingo


      I will take a guess that that is good news and say "congratulations".

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  5. *blinks*


    Things look different!!!!


    might have been the nap though.

  6. I've gone and coughed my back out, somehow. I didn't think that was possible! :blink::zombie::unsure:

    1. Pingo


      I'm so sorry.  I hope you can get comfortable enough to get some rest.

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  7. Wait.  This is a thing now?