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  1. I’m involved in a writers’ forum (PingosHusband is a pro) that has weathered things. It is not the most active of forums. I think much of the time it gets about 100 new posts a day, and has for most of the time I’ve been there. But for the most part the posters are thoughtful and the moderators on it.


    I’m also involved in an rpg board that has an astonishingly welcoming community. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large proportion of women gamers anywhere. 


    What both of these have in common is a relatively large pool of moderators who are communicative with the membership and try to be transparent in their decisions. The sites are also neither of them willing to put up with trolling or abusive behavior. And - get this - they both allow discussion of political issues, dissent even, so long as the participants are civil to each other - real civil, not dancing-around-the-rules-daggers-drawn civil - and evidence-based. And they will ban people, even longtime members, even moderators, if they violate these precepts.


    And it works. Both sites are chugging along. Sometimes I worry about the writers’ forum being fairly quiet, but then it has remained at this level for a long while and is still going. Also it has some quite stellar members from the professional end, so eh, maybe it’s okay.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Zink said:

    So what REaper paint would correspond to the lavender you use, @Pingo, @Aard_Rinn? I don't paint with pink much and tried reds but didn't like that. I happen to have the Isobael Bard mini base coated pink right now and this is timely because I want to continue on her soon.


    I can’t say for absolute certain, given the vagaries of monitor colors, but casting an eye Reaper paint colors I would probably pick out 9425 Icy Violet, 9024 Amethyst Purple, or even 9165 Dark Elf Highlight. That last one looks like a good subtle mauve to me.

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  3. Mann, I never noticed how cool the detailing is on the brass mounting of our front door knob.


    The house is about 130-140 years old. The door hardware is original. I’m doing an exact scale architectural drawing in preparation for using it in a painting. The door is eight feet tall!


    The outside hardware is weathered to black. The inside has been gooped over with so much paint it looks like melting wax. <_< But the part with the actual latch in has only one coat of paint on and you can still see the details.



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  4. My favorite grey is a mix of a brown and a blue (Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue) plus white.


    I like to mix greys out of complementary or near-complementary colors, usually beginning with some intensely colored earth tone which could fairly be called brown. It makes or more interesting colors than straight black and white.


    Mix Burnt Umber with enough white and you’ll get a warm grey. The only thing that makes one brown and one grey is how much white it has in it. And context (the lighting and the colors around it) can shift perception of which is which.


    The visual cues that make a texture “read” as leather are independent of color, and mostly apply to worn leather (shiny new leather is difficult to distinguish from other shiny textures). These include: A somewhat mottled background texture, more intense / darker color in seams and protected areas, considerably lighter color on high worn points, and possibly a little staining anywhere it is frequently handled.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Mad Jack said:


     94 F and 70% humidity today... Yay me. :zombie:


    Gonna be 99 tomorrow. :rolleyes:



     In other news, anybody got an old '90's-era IBM with two floppy drives that I can borrow?


    Found this at the Goodwill (complete with map, books and all assorted secondary paperwork and inserts) the other day.... 






    “Also available on 5 1/4” “


    :lol:  :wub:

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Crowley said:

    So... Lucy is home. She is not great? Wobbly, and a little out of it, but home. We have an appointment with a neurologist on Wednesday. She has anti seizure meds, and isn't uncomfortable or in distress. 


    Me? I'm still feeling stressed. And helpless. It sucks. 


    It’s always hard when someone you love is ill, especially when you can’t explain to them what’s going on. My sympathies.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    The purpose of those tags is much more warning than search, and the sort of person who wants that warning (whether because of personal preference or browsing on a work computer) is not going to want to see an unbarded and uncaparisoned horse. ^_^


    (I actually do think the answer is "yes".)


    Yeah, I decided to go with "yes" as probably the more ethical route. I also disabled the "children's shirts" for this one.

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  8. Err. If I'm posting a picture (not here, on a print-on-demand t-shirt site) and it includes an elf riding a horse and neither of them is wearing a stitch but due to angles and stuff nothing is showing either, should I label it "adult material"?


    I feel like people looking for pinups with their bits hanging out would be disappointed in my staid ol' piece of classicism.

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  9. About thirty years ago, interestingly enough, was when I gave up on science fiction fandom and conventions because the groping culture made me so uncomfortable.


    ... Only to come back a few years later when PingosHusband’s book won some awards and garnered attention. Attending cons as a pro, or at least as the family of a pro, was a lot safer.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

    Is there a story there?


    Inquiring minds want to know! ^_^


    Ehhh, just that Asimov was part of that merry band of gropers, assaulters, and jokesters who made the science fiction profession and fandom so miserable for women and girls for so long. His vouching for someone’s character counts for less than nothing.


    To quote Jim C. Hines,



    author Isaac Asimov’s proclivity for groping women was so widely known that in 1961, the chair of Chicon III wrote a letter inviting him to give a lecture on “The Power of Posterior Pinching.”


    Marcus Ranum recalls confronting Asimov at a Worldcon some 30 years ago, after Asimov groped his girlfriend in an elevator. The convention kicked Ranum out. In their view, the true crime wasn’t Asimov’s harassment, but Ranum’s complaint about it.




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  11. 5 minutes ago, klarg1 said:


    Your exploration reminds me:

    One of my best friends when I was in college specialized in middle eastern languages and archaeology. At one point, he claimed to be one of a very small number of people in North America who could translate Phoenician.


    I believe he teaches at Rutgers now. I hope he's doing well.


    Cool! (Phoenician is closely related to Hebrew. I’ve learned the alphabet but I’ve been too lazy to learn any of the language beyond a few names.)

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  12. People who talk online about Mesopotamian culture would do better to not keep cribbing off each other, especially when the major sources of online information about the foods they ate list all sorts of farm crops (including apples, which didn't show up until 2000 years after many of these places were founded) and somehow all forget that people also eat wild game and birds and the entire land is between two massive rivers and on the Persian gulf so maybe they'll eat a little fish now and then.


    Fortunately I've been basing my research on translated cuneiform tablets rather than random internet speculation, but it's still a little annoying that there's so much not-quite-right information out there.


    Never mind that I keep having to wipe Bible offa my History, so far as online talk about Mesopotamia is concerned.

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  13. 1 hour ago, TGP said:

    @Pingo how big are these things?  They are artful photos.  Is it too much for me to wish for artful and a tape measure in the shot?  I guess it is. 



    I dunno, in this thread, or the next one like it, one can posit hypotheses involving time/traveling muppets. 



    @Pingo might those things be loom weights? The ones with the holes in them inspired the thought. I won’t call it a Theory because IANAWCA. 


    (I Am Not A World Class Archaeologist)


    The ones I've seen have been small enough to hold in the palm of the hand. The first one is clearly bigger.


    And nope, they are pretty definitely eye idols. The city specialized in them, and they still exist In large numbers.

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