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  1. Very nice shield! In my opinion eyes should be a little bit more lined with stronger tone around. I have always that problem with eyes :P
  2. That's extremely interesting approach! I like this feel of "I-am-universe"-style creature (a dragon-god?).
  3. Venger is sooo awesome! And the painting is the top quality!
  4. Congrats for all! We are all winners, because we painted a great deal of miniatures! ;) Many thanks for the organizers, who gave their time despite all odds. SamuraiJack, you are great man!
  5. GW... as you can see, they used to make decent miniatures ;) And your painting made it even more outstanding!
  6. I would like to know the colour pallete too. They are marvelous!
  7. Stunning work! I like especially the colours variance between beards and clothing.
  8. It looks like the guy almost get arrow to the knee ;) And the painting is just marvellous!
  9. Model is simply beautiful as a whole! I am stunned by the water / waves effect!
  10. Can't find the words to describe how amazing it it...
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