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  1. The MapForge Isometric Kickstarter campaign has funded! Not only that, but two Stretch Goals have already been unlocked, and a third is tantalizingly close. If the campaign reaches $7600 in funding (just $346 more), that will mean THREE free isometric content Add-Ons for everyone. It looks like maybe 10-12 more backers would do the trick. The campaign ends in 21 hours.
  2. GMs of tabletop RPGs who would like to make gorgeous full-color isometric maps or "handouts" for their players should check this out. No drawing skill required. Making isometric maps can be about as easy as snapping blocks together to create your own unique fantasy (or modern day) locale. Check out the campaign!
  3. The MapForge software (which runs on Mac & Windows) was designed to create customized tactical-scale battlemaps for RPGs, and is already supported by an impressive 80+ mapping content Add-Ons (12 of which are free!) covering all major game genres. Maps produced with the software can either be printed for use at the gaming table, or used in virtual tabletop software such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. But despite the wealth of fantasy mapping content already available, GMs have been clamoring for even more. So we've got some great new content lined up, and are raising funds to cover the porting/development costs. Click here or on the image below to check out the latest Kickstarter campaign for MapForge, which just launched two days ago. Note that the software itself is already developed and available (though a new version is due out later this month); this crowdfunding campaign is only to fund the development/porting of the new fantasy-genre mapping content. Fairly quick delivery of rewards is expected (August), and there are no shipping costs involved, since it's all digital downloads. Campaign launched on: May 22, 2019 Campaign ends on: June 17, 2019 Some boardgamers and wargamers were quick to catch on that the software can also be used to produce custom game boards or tiles for games such as Myth, Descent, HeroQuest, Aliens, Skull Tales, and many others.
  4. Funded. Thanks to everyone who took a look. The content should be available for direct purchase in January 2019, for anyone who missed out.
  5. Lots of views, but no one has any good answers or suggestions? How about this? It could also be that I've overestimated demand for custom sci-fi battlemaps.
  6. The campaign ends in three days, and just needs a few more backers to fund. You can see content preview videos here and here, and sample pics here of a free sci-fi Add-On that all backers will get.
  7. Sci-fi minis need sci-fi battlemaps, right? I've seen pre-printed sci-fi battlemaps for sale, but those aren't customizable and might be difficult to work into a particular campaign, and you can only reuse a given map so many times before it gets old and stale. What I have not seen is decent software for creating custom battlemaps with strong support for sci-fi mapping assets. Dundjinni used to be a good option, but it's end-of-life. So what are folks using to create their own sci-fi battlemaps? Photoshop and Gimp? Do they NOT create their own, and stick to using published deckplans, or perhaps modular 3D terrain? Is there a pent-up need/demand for a mapping app that caters to sci-fi gamers? Of possible interest: RPGMapShare.com has some great sci-fi mapping assets posted there. And Heroic Maps has some wonderful sci-fi tilesets on DriveThruRPG.
  8. When it comes to map-making software and mapping assets for pen-and-paper RPGs, the sci-fi genre usually gets short shrift. GMs of sci-fi RPGs like Starfinder, Star Wars RPG, Traveller, Shadowrun, Stars without Number, and other game systems need and deserve a good set of tools and assets to create great looking battlemaps, whether printed for use at the gaming table, or for use in virtual tabletop software like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to try to provide a turnkey solution for this under-served market. I hope some of you will check it out. If you've invested in nicely painted minis, you'll want nice battlemaps to place them on. No need to limit yourself to non-customizable pre-printed battlemaps.
  9. This thread could use a little closure. MapForge v1.0 was released back in March 2018. There were some issues with the initial version, so it's been updated to v1.0.3 (which now runs on the latest MAC OS X version, High SIerra). MapForge v1.0.4 is due out within 2 weeks. Support for hexgrid overlays is imminent. The app has a new website on a speedy SSD-equipped server, and the MapForge Store is now open for business, for those who missed out on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Those who backed the crowdfunding campaign/s but have not yet claimed their license, or their Add-On registration codes, should do so by following the instructions posted here.
  10. This is what the interface looks like. But you can also hide the interface and work in full-screen map mode, for a much larger canvas and even quicker asset browsing.
  11. The general consensus of the KS backers has been very supportive, with comments along the lines of "take the time you need to get it right". It's not like folks are having fits because of the delay.
  12. Allow me to clear that up a bit. Sentence 1 is true. I posted about it in this KS Update. Sentence 2 is mostly false. Allow me to quote from the aforementioned Update. "I have no doubt that I'll be able to deliver MapForge v1.0 and the 50 Add-Ons promised, so don't worry." What I might not be able to deliver on right away is on two of the Stretch Goals from the KS (Donjon support and the Crucible app that would let you roll-your-own MapForge Add-Ons). That would likely require me to take on a side job and work on those Stretch Goals on the side. So it would still get done, it'll just take longer. Sentence 3 is true. I hit some unforeseeable technical roadblocks along the way that took a long time to resolve. But please keep in mind that I am delivering something that will be significantly better than was was initially promised. A couple of examples: I promised high-res export times that would be completed in a matter of minutes, and am delivering export times best measured in seconds. I promised a maximum map size of 10000x10000 but the app now supports up to 20% larger maps.
  13. Anyone who may have missed out on the MapForge Kickstarter campaign...You can now get in on the MapForge Indiegogo campaign. There are two new videos to check out, even if you already backed the Kickstarter. And the MapForge Beta is available for download, so you can take the software for a spin.
  14. Hi folks. I am creating cross-platform map-making software (for Windows and macOS), suitable for creating both print-resolution maps and lower-resolution maps suitable for use with virtual tabletop software. It's called MapForge, and it will be sort of a spiritual successor to Dundjinni, but with a greater focus on stitching maps together from pre-existing map tiles and then customizing the resulting map (with additional decorations, etc.) to suit the GM's particular needs. MapForge should appeal to GMs of face-to-face game sessions and to those using any VTT software, who want to create their own slick-looking battlemaps to visually enrich their RPG sessions (in any genre), but who find existing mapping programs (including image-editing tools such as Gimp and Photoshop) too intimidating/confusing/expensive. I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the program's development. The software will be priced to be very accessible/affordable, probably $30 or so, but it's just $27 during the Kickstarter campaign. And to help offset the cost even more, there will be at least 9 free content Add-Ons for it, covering various genres. MapForge will also offer a free level of use, so having a license won't be required to make maps with it. Version 1.0 of MapForge should be ready to go on sale in July 2017. Shortly after that, MapForge will also have the ability to generate random "dungeon" layouts via Donjon. I hope you will all take a minute to check out the project, play around with the downloadable prototype, and if you like what you see, tell your GM friends about it. 
 Thanks! --Hernan (aka Heruca) PS: The campaign funded on day 1, and is now at 475% of the funding goal, with ~1330 backers and 9 days to go. All the Stretch Goals have already been unlocked.
  15. With so many virtual tabletop programs to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you and your gaming group. This Guide to Choosing a VT should help. My own VT offering, Battlegrounds, has very powerful and flexible dice macro and turn sequencing systems that I believe would support WoD quite well. For example, the dice roller supports many dice rolling mechanics, such as target numbers, counting successes, botches, difficulty numbers, recursive re-rolls, etc. I admit that I'm not very familiar with the WoD system, but I have heard that it is closely related to systems like Exalted, Scion, and Shadowrun, and those are all systems that people are using BRPG to run their games with. Hope this helps. If you can tell me specific requirements for supporting the WoD system, I can tell you if BRPG supports it or not.
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