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  1. It was supposed to be Humourus. you know.Haha ho-ho,he-he that type of thing I made that in response to Primeval's part about being a true intellectual and thinking for themselves. It's in no way aimed at you. Tell me,did I Ever once say that you are a bad painter or anything else that was negative about your work or otherwise??? Hey.at least you can show your work off. I can't even get my hands on a digital camera if I begged and pleaded. So you are about 10 steps above me right from the start. Now this is not to be aimed at anyone.But Even Now I am trying to make things calm with this post and I bet you dollars to donut's,I get about five more people jumping in and saying something that will just complicate matters even worse. I always ty to end all of my post's.(most of them at least) with something wierd or quirky. But all I get to hear is how sarcastic I am being. well ok,at least I don't post 2 word post's on the board and try to up my post count. maybe I should start. Again,it's not aimed at you.If your having a bad day,or night,or whatever it is,your more than welcome to e-mail me or PM me or whatever floats your boat. [email protected] see,there's my adress.
  2. Uhhh...What's so smart butted about a sword weighing 25 or more pounds. I know if I tried to swing it,I would fall in a creek or something. As far as Primeval goes.Hey that's a big guy,most wrestlers come into that kind of muscle weight,maybe he is a wrestler as for the being a lemming....don't you know,there is no such thing on these here board's?? at least as far as I've seen. It was humor dude. relax....be at peace....uhhh and some other grasshopper saying's that I can't think of right now.
  3. I was thinking. If you look at the warlord model for "Orba Sinhan" His sword is really big. So I was doing some calculations. I came to the conclusion that his sword would weigh about 27-33 pounds. Now I could be wrong,but either this dude is using some new kind of light weight adamantium,or he's one tough bugger At any rate, a fiannas sword would weigh in at least 15,if not more pounds. while she could lift it.I doubt she would be able to swing it very effectivly. maybe they just throw them across the battle field and hope the weight of them mows some body down @primevil: dude if you weigh in at 220-230 and are mostly muscle,then you are 1-A huge dude 2-a huge freaking dude either way,your just plane big.I guess your momma fed you High powered wheaties when your were a kid huh??...that or some Bil-Jac as for thinking for my self. I can not think for my self.I must rely upon the Allmighty and allknowing consensus of "clicky" people here on this board to tell me how to do everything. I must paint all of my minis using the latest techniques,and I must re-do any that said group of people dictate as not worthy of viewing. I also must buy the latest in High tech,photo gear so that I may take pictures that rival even GW or rackhams Productions dept. there is no other way,you must obey.....all must follow the lemmings.
  4. Ohhh,ok,I see what you all are talking about now. We want our cake and be able to eat it too. And here all this time I thought people were complaining,seesh silly me I guess if it's a matter of preference,that each person likes,then they should go buy that particular figure and paint it up how they like. Making sure that they leave the other ones alone. that would'nt be too hard to do I guess. Untill someone finds something wrong with them and starts another Holy tyrade crusade. But that can come later.
  5. Nobody is going overboard here ironworker. I could care less if anyone likes rackham or not. But what I question is this: Don't we all play,paint,collect or whatever fantasy to get away from reality for a little while?? if so,then why do so many people talk or complain about realism? Don't we have enough of that in everyday life going to the store,and work,and in the News?? Or is this another one of those fantasy world bubble topics that is in danger of getting busted?? "pop"
  6. OK,sorry,I was away and look at how this thread goe's up Now whiz: I like your comment's,you should be my official translator,and decipher all of my mouthy-ness into coherrent thoughts Enchantra. Your comment about the French is all too true. they over exagerate alot of stuff...look what they did to alot of the arthurian legends and tales. Smokingwreckage: Now where in the heck did you get that i think only women or men for that matter can be only ugly or beautiful?? Now,there is all kinds of people. And personally I don't care if someone is fat,thin,ugly,pretty,smart or whatever. But I do care if they are a jerk-off and a moron with a crappy attitude. In other words: Judge the heart,not the looks. I guess one of the reasons why rackham products get so much heat is due too their new found fame. That game and the whole line of figures with it are kicking some major butt all over the place.Ever since the english translations hit the US it's been even better. the game is also in german,italian,and I think russian as well. Another complaint I see here on this very board is this:why does such in such company have to make this particular mini with massive pecks or why is this chick got a set of Knockers that could float a ship. well 2 things. 1- what whiz said 2-Sex appeal sells wich looks better side by side Mini#1 fianna babe with hot looks Mini#2 hag babe with gappy teeth,love handles and three dirty little ankle biters at her feet. as for barbie: hey you want realism how about this Rehab barbie: barbie's jet setting life has finally caught up with her.She has been to one too many parties and partakewn of one too many carnal pleasures. this doll come complete with thorozine,and 25 point's of articulation. also included is the nice white hospitol gown so you can put barbie in her 6th floor lock down cell in a fetal position and let her do nothing but mumble to herself and cry. thre you go folk's how's that for realism?? ohhh here's one more Change of life barbie: Barbie has out lived her usefulness to Ken.She is going through menopause,can never keep her self straight and her kids are now teens and regularly mouth off to her.She has lost all of her sex drive and any of her youthful charms. this figure comes complete with a rolling pin for beating ken,a box of tissues and smeared eyeliner for under her eye's. the doll also has real crying action tears so you can re-play those exciting real life scenes of Barbie catching Ken in bed with his 18 year old mistress,and then telling her he is leaving and will never be any good to anyone. order now and you can get the Down on her luck accesories kit. this comes with sleeping pills,jim beam,and a razor,also included is the ever popular"Dear John" letter so Ken can recive his ultimate guilty suffering and mental torture. Don't thank me folks.....I'm just a public service kind of guy.
  7. What about elmore's line of minis?? they don't all look like twig's. Or even hasslefree. I like that chick with the big butt and axe Baby's got back..... As for the male fig.s...well sometimes the muscles are a little over developed. But.A beer gut can be sculpted on with some green stuff with no problem. just grind off the sword and replace with a twinkie and you have realisim in it's full glory. As for the female fig.s again use green stuff. Put some meat and cheese on those thighs. add a little extra to the boobies and make them sag....ohhh and don't forget to make one fall out of the really tiny skimpy bikini. Go to the dollhouse supplies and get a few kids to put at her feet,and alos an apron. For the liberal woman: just get a really skinny model,add glasses,put hair up in bun.Add stilleto 6inch heels and have a man slave under her foot. put pencil in one hand and the bill of right's in the other....ohhh also don't forget to re-sculpt the nose so that it is pointing up in an arua of highh majestic-ness
  8. My only question. Who would be 9ft. tall?? Barbie or the Fianna? Barbie I could see,but the fianna.......ummmmm NO. anyone got some stat's to back that claim up? Considering that the wolfen would = 9-12feet tall That would make a fianna roughly 5'10-6'2 in real life.
  9. Yea,but barbie does'nt look quite as good in a skimpy chainmail get up with a rather large sword Now alot of people complain,or make cracks at the rackham line.Which is ok,cause that's just one more figure that get's sold over and above GW,Reaper,or anyone else. Now would any of you buy those chicks if the Scupltors made them with crooked,yellow buck teeth,scraggly hair,sagging boobs,and chin and under arm hair??? ohhh,and don't forget the familiar.......a water bladder over one shoulder and a baby on her large cottage cheesse looking hip.
  10. Liquid sculpy??!!! Where have I been? dang What's it all about?what can you do with it,awe heck I will just look at the website.
  11. I howl and giggle when painting lupines. just me I guess
  12. Yea,I like the mercs and the darkspawn too. I thought I heard they were going to do like souce books for each faction? anybody wanna confirm this
  13. Hey that reminds me. were'nt they supposed to have a few more Darkspawn out for warlord? I thought I saw them on the alliance site. something about a dark elf sorceror and some kind of warrior chick?? I was kind of loking to get them.
  14. Ok,let me chime in here. rackham= the company confrontation= the game. now that's cleared up,on to another thing. I play confrontation....alot. I paint them alot...poorly but at least I paint them. As for price,well sorry pal,these are imported from france. and they are also of top quality sculpture wise. So looking for these figures at a price under 10.00 is not going to happen. the only way and this is a big "IF" is if you find a store trying to blow out the remaining french stock,in favour for the english releases. Painting wise,you do what you want.but I will tell you from expeirence that you better have a whole lot of paitence....cause these things can pissoff the pope. they have real high detail,and just when you think you are making great headway,you find something that sends that puppy right back to the green bath for the umpteenth time. so in other words don't start with the wolfen,or the red lioness,or melmoth the crane,or the undead,or the drunes,or the griffons,or the goblins,or the dev's.....as a matter of fact just consider yourself warnned.
  15. simple. anyone got a link,tutorial,a picture,or hey even a clue as to how to do this?? My Killyox needs to be in style
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