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  1. Had fun painting up this guy. I image a demon is bound to his shield. Like Stormbringer.
  2. First. A werewolf in a tuxedo drinking a drink. More dinosaurs. Special request from 3 year old. Baryonyx. Gold Dragon. “Not” Apt and Panek Sentient Plant Warriors Animal/human hybrids in Post Apocalypse setting. Example, a humanoid rabbit with an Uzi and a stop sign shield. Killbots Wolfcop Pig faced orcs!
  3. I had fund painting this one. ( I was watching "Point Break" as I painted it) Not that that is related in anyway to how I painted it. Just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Orcs. My favorite thing to paint. How do I summit this to get on the website? anyone know?
  5. Sorry, I don't think he has a number yet. Continuing on with my Savage Avatars.
  6. Sorry, I couldn't find a number for this one. In honor of Toys R Us.
  7. Sorry, I couldn't find a number for this one. In honor of Toys R Us.
  8. My 2 year old is currently fascinated with hippos so that inspired me to pull this one out of the mountain of Bones and paint him. Perhaps I should add some gloss, but I need the brush on kind.
  9. My Rictus takes care of his armor. So, in your opinion, is Rictus a death knight or just a normal well dressed skeleton warrior?
  10. Pretty cool mini. I painted him up as a half orc.
  11. It took me a little over a month, but I'm calling this beast done. Hard to get a picture of something this big, and the lighting in my house isn't the greatest but I tried anyway. I pulled out the rest of my unpainted dragons from Bones 3 once I was done this one, they look so tiny!
  12. All that armor looks hot.
  13. This guy is all bundled up. He must be cold.
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