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  1. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.
  2. First. A werewolf in a tuxedo drinking a drink. More dinosaurs. Special request from 3 year old. Baryonyx. Gold Dragon. “Not” Apt and Panek Sentient Plant Warriors Animal/human hybrids in Post Apocalypse setting. Example, a humanoid rabbit with an Uzi and a stop sign shield. Killbots Wolfcop Pig faced orcs!
  3. I had fund painting this one. ( I was watching "Point Break" as I painted it) Not that that is related in anyway to how I painted it. Just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Orcs. My favorite thing to paint. How do I summit this to get on the website? anyone know?
  5. Sorry, I don't think he has a number yet. Continuing on with my Savage Avatars.
  6. Sorry, I couldn't find a number for this one. In honor of Toys R Us.
  7. Sorry, I couldn't find a number for this one. In honor of Toys R Us.
  8. My 2 year old is currently fascinated with hippos so that inspired me to pull this one out of the mountain of Bones and paint him. Perhaps I should add some gloss, but I need the brush on kind.
  9. My Rictus takes care of his armor. So, in your opinion, is Rictus a death knight or just a normal well dressed skeleton warrior?
  10. Pretty cool mini. I painted him up as a half orc.
  11. It took me a little over a month, but I'm calling this beast done. Hard to get a picture of something this big, and the lighting in my house isn't the greatest but I tried anyway. I pulled out the rest of my unpainted dragons from Bones 3 once I was done this one, they look so tiny!
  12. All that armor looks hot.
  13. This guy is all bundled up. He must be cold.
  14. The blue skinned one reminds me of something out of Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean. If you never heard of it, check it out.
  15. Some Fat knights in full plate armor. More fat people of all kinds. And, as always, a werewolf wearing a tuxedo. He should look distinguished.
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