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  1. Plastic trays from cookies make pretty good power/shield generators too.
  2. In Google Hangouts, there is a vertical ellipsis that you can click on, and select "Use Old version" or something like that. It allows you to see and use text chat as well as audio or video. I like it, because there's a lot of background noise in the studio, and my netbook mic causes echoes for folks.
  3. Doubt I'll make any Hangouts this evening. I just got back from the monster dentist, after having #13 extracted. All things considered, it went well. The dentist was competent, quick, and gentle. Now the anesthetic's worn off, and the narc's haven't kicked in (yet). They were like, "Oh, the numbing will wear off in about two or three hours, try to take the pain meds in about an hour." The numbing wore off in, I dunno.... 15 minutes? Damn my often amazing immune system. I'mma go pass out now.
  4. Interestingly enough, in this instance, the English "till" is older than the mugged "until", dating back circa 800 CE. Yeah, etymology's one of my things. Also, entomology. And let me guess, you're an enterologist professionally? Ew. No. xD
  5. Interestingly enough, in this instance, the English "till" is older than the mugged "until", dating back circa 800 CE. Yeah, etymology's one of my things. Also, entomology.
  6. I was having problems with echos the other day; It's my netbook that's the problem; works great when on my Android (which I left at a friend's house >.< ). I'll jump in a bit later, text-mode-like. I might even give a tour of the studio (though no promises on the quality of camera work; carrying around a netbook to film isn't exactly a steadycam!). Debating whether to drive an houir to get my tablet, or just wait till he brings it by tomorrow. Oh, and quick aside, I used to get all worked up over the use of "till", thinking it should be an abbreviation of "until" typed " 'til." Turns out, "until" is derived from the contraction of the Scandinavian "un" and "till". Till is the older source, and correct without abbreviation. Language is weird.
  7. I'm in the hangout, using text chat. I'm next to a blast furnace, so background noise is very loud... xD
  8. baby's pants get pockets for the same reasons ladies pants do not. If you can figure out what that reason actually is, do let the rest of the world know. Women's pants don't have pockets so as not to distort the line of their shape (as far as I know). It also forces (for a given value of "forces") women to buy purses. Children's pants have pockets because kids are naturally curious and like to collect things. Also, where else are they going to save that awesome dead bug stuck to their hard candy with which they plan to surprise Mom?
  9. I recently started playing with DuoLingo (Spanish and French); I really like it but need to dedicate more time to it. For those looking for a way to interact with native speakers, I recommend the Android app HelloTalk. It's a language exchange app where you find native speakers who teach you, and whom you teach your native language. Features include translations and sentence correction, multimedia interaction (photo, voice, video). It is free to use, though there are limitations for non-premium members (the only one I recall off hand is limited translations). Multiple languages can be exchanged, but there is a fee for each additional language. For those learning Japanese, I highly recommend JA Sensei; again free app with premium unlocks . I've been using it off and on for a year or two, and like it's setup. Have fun learning! -Dave
  10. I was thinking about the mute issue yesterday; there's a lot of background noise here, and I like listening to music. Generally I mute and listen unless I have something to contribute, and usually only after its quieted down around here. As for the Skype problem, headphones are the way to go (besides muting). That way you can listen to music, or TV, or friends, whatever, without sharing with the rest of us. -Dave
  11. I think this in part due to the Terran Khaki offered in the KS Paint Set Alpha.
  12. For Tomix/Tomytec and Kato, I use plazajapan on eBay. Seems to be cheaper than Amazon, but ships from Japan.
  13. Hirst Arts has a few tabletops that double as wagon wheels (depending on which side is up/out). You can see an example @ http://www.hirstarts.com/tips29/tips29.html#58 I could mail you a few, and I'm sure Bonwirn has many. :) -Dave
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