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    404: law not found

    404:Law not fund kickstarter launches I know this isn't strictly a miniatures kickstarter, but I just wanted to spread the word about a fun new board game that a friend has developed and is kickstarting from today. I've done a small amount of the hundreds of hours of play testing that has gone into this game, with the mechanics being very well stress tested. In the game you play robots on a spaceship who have had their basic laws rewritten. Instead of trying to protect human life, obey human orders and try not to be destroyed, you might need to clone the ship's monkey, shoot a crew member out of a missile tube and hide all the spacesuits. The first person to complete their secret commands wins! Moves are based on choosing from a hand of cards, but your fellow robots' actions can send you widely off course, with spectacular results. The game is designed for 2-6 players, and takes about an hour to play. It cost just 28 pounds (about 45 dollars), which includes free delivery to the US and the EU. The kickstarter has made a solid start in the few hours it's been up, but the stretch goals look particularly interesting, so a push towards them will be really appreciated.
  2. Got my Bones today, everything present and accounted for.
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    Bones Shipment Tracking thread

    Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Vermin x1 Deathsleet x1 C'thulhu x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Jabberwock x1 Frost Wyrm x1 Fire Giant Warriors x1 Red Dragon x1 Demons x1 There Be Dragons x1 Fire Giants x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 07-16-2013 and is being shipped USPS. To Birmingham, UK
  4. Definately. The highest US orders shipped in the main run is 15 item, you'll be about 22 items, so probably towards the end of the week - the book of 1500 orders they're doing now is 14 to about 20 per order, and they're making about 1000 orders a day.
  5. They spent a significant part of Friday opening Big K boxes to find the errant legs.
  6. Did you get Kaladrax? Because she could be Hykeria, Big K's little friend, who we don't have a reliable photo of up until this point
  7. Wait, you guys blame the Canadians for burning the White House? But that was us Brits, we're really proud of it!
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    Bones shipping homepage banner

    Not anywhere close; I've seen people quoting 50-60 items in their order. Heck you (and I, I'm about the 12-13 item point) are before the Vampire & one of everything grouping, which I suspect will be quite large...
  9. Enlightbystand

    Bones shipping homepage banner

    Earlier in this thread they said they considered it, but decided that it was better to have everyone in one shift covering as many lines at once as possible.
  10. I'm 99.9% sure it will be the pre packed pallets of Non addon Canadian stuff that was already prepped to go.
  11. Enlightbystand

    System Check Email

    What's happening is that there were approx 15,000 people to send those emails to, and if an address fires out 15k emails all at once, the likes of gmail and hotmail will detect that and presume that they are spam. Therefore the mails will have been sent out a few hundred at a time, which is probably still going on.
  12. Enlightbystand

    System Check Email

    Not accurate - the big three were in one of the containers that arrived in the last week, although I agree that it's likely to have been the system check email.
  13. Enlightbystand

    How complicated are you?

    Bold are ones he's bought for his friend, italics are the split able ones.
  14. Enlightbystand

    Status of next slow boat from china

    In fact, Bryan's post in this very thread on Friday is still talking about future shipments.
  15. Enlightbystand

    Guess what I found.

    If a store backed for a single Vampire box, and we shipped it, I cannot stop them from reselling it. We have not shipped out any product to retailers specifically tagged for resale (ie. in Blisters) We have not shipped partials. I assume if he's waiting for "a larger part" that he ordered under two accounts? This part makes no sense to me otherwise... He might have picked up his Vampire by hand from yourselves at Reapercon?
  16. Enlightbystand

    LE restock

    No, cmorse is theorising that they wouldn't need a bunch of capital to do it, thus precluding needing a Kickstarter if they wanted to do it. I don't think it's accurate btw. It's not just a question of telling the factory to start painting the new minis one day. To be in any way practical, you need to order in bulk, which involves paying up front.
  17. Enlightbystand

    Stories from the Kickstarter Discussion at ReaperCon

    The problem is Vampire. When it started it was 66 minis for $100. With each +1 to the vampire, the cost to Reaper of a vampire increases, but the amount they're earning for each doesn't. By the end ofthekickstarter, they'd reached 240 minis for that same $100. Now obviously the combination of the stretch goals being further apart and the economies of scale in many more backers retards the losses, but there will reach a point where those don't cancel out the increase in costs without extra earnings
  18. Deathsleet & Ebonwrath look like they will be Gargantuan, the Frost Worm looks like it will exactly fit onto a huge base but would not be out of place on a Gargantuan. Wrymgear & the Hydra are probably around that point as well.
  19. Enlightbystand

    Bones Shipping Has Started, 1st arrival reported

    Sort of. ReaperBryan said on another thread that the Kickstarter had 14,000 (!) orders which were simply a single Vampire pledge plus up to five options. So I'm guessing either Tier two is really really really big, or that Vampire x1 plus up to 5 items is subdivided into more than one tier. At any rate, since the vast majority of pledges are that simple, it may be some time before more elaborate pledges start getting theirs. On the other other hand, once the elaborate pledges start heading out we are likely to be close to the home stretch. Actually, he didn't. He said there were 14,000 that were 1 Vampire + options, of which most (meaning more than half) were 5 or less options.
  20. Enlightbystand

    /sigh.. I have a box of bones I can't open

    It sounds to me that the friend arranged it originally, but didn't let the OP know that they'd had the shipping notice, which is a lot more forgivable
  21. Sorry, I promise I'm not being intentionally obtuse. Of those 3 points, the 2nd would seem to contradict the 3rd. So there is no intention to mix multiple sculpts into one package, implying that something like Townsfolk 1 (metal version) will not exist, and that those minis will be packaged seperately. But if you have no intention of turning 3-packs into 1-packs... then Townsfolk 1 (metal) WILL stay together as Bones? Am I reading it wrong? I'm so sorry to waste your time, but as one of the relatively few users on these boards that missed the KS and will be looking to buy some Bones the second they hit the shelves, I'm curious. I'm pretty sure that what Bryan meant was that they weren't going to combine any presently seperated bones into one pack, not to have no multipacks when those things are already planned (ie the rats)
  22. Enlightbystand

    UPS fee and the bones Kickstarter

    Yeah it's USPS, so it'll be Deutsche Post once in the country.there should be something on their website that talks through it http://www.deutschepost.de/de.html I know in the UK, if it's over a certain threshold, you get 20% VAT plus a £8 handling fee, although HMRC don't always catch it
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    Your Bones shiver with anticip-

    Sorry, double post
  24. Enlightbystand

    Your Bones shiver with anticip-

    Some of us in europe will get the bones not before June. Maybe not, there's a lot less of us than in NA. There's a fair chance Europe will finish getting shipped before the US Reaper have said that they might move to 2 days US, 1 Canada, 1 RoW as demand needs
  25. Or maybe they will ship the big addons first to make room. Kind of like what they are doing with the cases. Cases are shipping in the low complexities? Is that confirmed? Haven't seen it, you know where you saw it? I was counting on that pushing my +3 smallish add on order back. There have been reports of Vampire + case going out on Kickstarter. I suspect vampire & case is in complexity two as it's quite simple to pull that - probably simpler than any other vampire + 1 as it's quite hard to mix up when packing.