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  1. just bought heinrich kemlar and krel for my undead army. and to celebrate the release of total war warhammer 2(i get to finally play as my long beloved dark elves(i have had a tabletop army for almost as long as an undead army.) Massive Darkness kickstarter arrived a few weeks ago and am planning to paint the female cyclops as an undead giant cyclops. and the trogaladites as a type of undead force maybe a reptasauruses also since i got 2 boxes of both. also a few months ago i ordered a all in one cygnar army along with the new player starter sets for hordes and warmachine. along with a stormwall colossal. still working on putting that army together.
  2. @Reaperbryan this is why we like you so much bryan
  3. so that basically means i have to keep adding items to the pledge manager every power up
  4. round 2 of my pledge manager addons done.
  5. i dont know because i had to drop out of bones 2 and 3 due to funds. right now for me to get everything i have to add 450 more ontop of 600 initial pledge. which i will do but need to replace computer soon and thats atleast 1k due to me liking me some WoW.
  6. Exwilly

    Maledrakh's 77305 Gelatinous Cube

    love the coloring of the cube
  7. Exwilly

    Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    *flies in takes refreshments and flies off*
  8. im thinking like a earth-ish type of one you know lives in the earth(tremor esq) im not familiar with the old gods from lovecraft besides cthulu. now world of warcraft old gods i can tell which ones are my favorite nzoth or yshaarj would be pretty close not a hundred percent
  9. Exwilly

    Massive Darkness

    u will get it and i bet soontm
  10. @Reaperbryan u always do a good job even when people want to put words in your mouth
  11. but also on top of that i need to buy cthulu maashaaf, shubniggurath and khanjira(not an old god i think but he would fit in with them) to go along with my other old god nhothotep(cant spell)
  12. well that makes up my mind need to buy ma'al to fight argent and kaldrax 3 way death fight between them.
  13. Exwilly

    Kaladrax on Mausoleum by Glitterwolf

    i like it glitter and the bobba yaga hutt is also a good idea.
  14. Exwilly

    Cliffbreaker Cyclops - Massive Darkness

    awesome! now if my order would show up i could start getting to know the minis
  15. Exwilly

    Lots of Heroes

    awesome as always