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  1. I got so distracted. Been watching Naruto and we could only find one with subtitles. So I have to actually read the anime
  2. *lays out coffee, ice cream, bacon, tea, and cookies* I slept... I also finally started watching Naruto
  3. *lays out buffet table of coffee, ice cream, bacon, tea, and tasty snacks* Evening all. Slept all day due to having trouble falling asleep of a night recently. Though I need to go do research to fix my camera issue
  4. Sang tried that but the computer does not handle it very well at all
  5. Sang has been playing Sims 3 all day. I've been on Flight Rising or working out a few things...
  6. I have now played Skyrim. I also burnt myself just now...
  7. *Hugs Sang* This is my husband and his avatar is his dog Patches...
  8. *lays out ice cream, cake, bacon and coffee* Got my husband to join. Now to get him to chat...
  9. Welcome to the other returning member. We have discovered little Bran is fierce enough to hold the dog and older cats at bay from his food while he is eating it. First time the dog never managed to steal a cat's treat. I need to get a lamp to keep painting so that is on my list now. Now to go fill up a cart
  10. Nope. This place is far far saner than a few other places I hang out...
  11. I don't know my camera refuses to cooperate and I'm a year out of practice... I did spend sometime sorting minis out today
  12. And yay! Finished a mini! So happy. Just have to brush up a few skills and press forward once more
  13. Awww. They are adorable. Congrats on the little one Red. As for Aonghus...I do not have him. He wound up really really bonding to one of my husband's friends. To the point he wound up being train within two weeks to be fully off-leash. He also now herds sheep as well. He is also extremely spoiled as the two adore each other. I'm glad to be back even with all the changes I'm seeing. This is still my little slice of sanity. Thanks and good to meet you as well
  14. Alex is nervous about painting. He has very shaky hands, but he has expressed interest in it. THough he does have a great deal of knowledge and interest in fashion. He also has an eye for detail so like helping me out in that way. *Hugs wolf* I missed you too. *Lays out coffee and ice cream*
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