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Status Updates posted by Flamehawke

  1. Sister is moving out! Hobby space once more!

  2. Painting station soon. Then mini pictures... And of course more painting...

  3. Love the lightning! Always loved a good storm!

  4. Playing Monster Hunter and soon Story of Season

  5. Birthday Soon!!! I'm so happy!

    1. Erifnogard


      Happy Birthday! Soonâ„¢.

    2. Flamehawke


      It was last month. I forgot to change my feed

  6. Must paint minis. Need to clear some of my backlog out in time for Bones II.

  7. Need to finish more mini before KS2 arrives!

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      Yes, you do. You can DOOOOOOO EEEEEEET!!! :)

  8. I need to do more things with my time.

  9. I need more dragons.

  10. Experimenting to find a style I like currently

  11. Painting more minis and doing class work.

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