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  1. Welcome to the other returning member. 


    We have discovered little Bran is fierce enough to hold the dog and older cats at bay from his food while he is eating it. First time the dog never managed to steal a cat's treat.


    I need to get a lamp to keep painting so that is on my list now. Now to go fill up a cart

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  2. 5 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Lady Flamehawke! Welcome back and a BIG congratulations!!! I've been wondering what happened to you. Do you still have Angus (wrong spelling, I know, but I don't recall the correct spelling). 


    Here's a picture of what happened in my life since you've been gone ^_^ 


    Awww. They are adorable. Congrats on the little one Red. As for Aonghus...I do not have him. He wound up really really bonding to one of my husband's friends. To the point he wound up being train within two weeks to be fully off-leash. He also now herds sheep as well. He is also extremely spoiled as the two adore each other. I'm glad to be back even with all the changes I'm seeing. This is still my little slice of sanity.


    3 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Ladyhawke, welcome back, nice to meet you. Congrats on getting married.

    @redambrosia you are hitting me with cute overload again!

    Coffee this morning [lifts cup in salute to @Crowley]

    @Glitterwolf thanks for the Airshow link

    @Pezler the Polychromatic, I just give up....::P:

    Thanks and good to meet you as well

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  3. Alex is nervous about painting. He has very shaky hands, but he has expressed interest in it. THough he does have a great deal of knowledge and interest in fashion. He also has an eye for detail so like helping me out in that way.


    *Hugs wolf* I missed you too.


    *Lays out coffee and ice cream*

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  4. 21 minutes ago, TGP said:

    Welcome back and congratulations. 


    Animal shelter?  I think I remember you worked at one. Same one?

    Thanks. I was not expecting to have my circumstances lead me to love, but its been great. I haven't worked at one before, but I did apply to one and to this one. Not same shelter as I moved, but this was fun. I mostly get to cuddle all the kitties and ache to bring a few of them home.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Your sig is down because of the new Photobucket policy ( which S#$$)

    You might want to just upload a pic from your PC in your signature.

    Go to your Account settings, to signature and remove the old one and just copy paste one from the PC.


    I'll do that when I get to it. I knew of change on Photobucket as I play around on another site that used it extensively so I had to find a new one

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  6. Oh. I almost forgot. I found Aonghus a new home. While we were without a vehicle the brother of our landlord took care of him and the cats. He fell in love with Aonghus and vice versa. He has already advance Aonghus' training further than I was able to in four years. He asked if he could just keep him. We agreed as Aonghus has always favored men more.


    Same night. He bought Aonghus a kennel sized for a Great Dane. Purchased $500 dollars worth of dog items from Amazon, bought him premium dog food, and signed him up for Bark Box. I think he is going to become a very spoiled dog

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