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  1. So we may have to just go for killing him and possibly fighting or way out
  2. That I can help with Vonthra isn't going to be good at stealth either. Still I can see the value of keeping the bloodshed down though it will hard to get him out of the fort without starting a fight
  3. I have no objections to this course of action. Especially as it seems we are now a much smaller active group
  4. I am all good with sneaky tactics personally. It could indeed work. I only ever have to worry about causing to Vonthra to fall, but we'll worry about that when I get to it.
  5. I have a friend I talk to elsewhere and I don't think they are on here. They like to sculpt and paint minis. They put paint on too thick on the mini and want to know if stripping it will cause a problem with the putty. They are using Pro-Create they said
  6. I'm in. As a paladin poisoning of any sort is likely out. SR has a point that the Stag Lord might be alone and thus a bit easier, but combat either way is likely to draw huge attention. But things get tricky with acting in a sneaky manner with a paladin. I can sneak into places.
  7. But it fits her Modus Operandi(?) so well. Last I checked she did like glitter I am watching Doctor Strange finally on Friday. I hope it is good. If not I only rented it and not buy it
  8. We had nice rainstorm last night into the early hours of today. I also now realize I need more stroopwafels. I also apparently sparked a conversation and craving for it in others elsewhere
  9. Distracted with trading pixels on another site. How is everyone today?
  10. I should paint today, but I have been trying to get the cleaning all caught up. Almost done catching up all the dishes, removed the broken chairs, swept a portion of the kitchen floor and wiped down the stove. Just a bit more and the kitchen will look nice again. Then I clear up my room and get the living room in order. My goal is to remove flat surfaces so we have to put things where they belong and such. Mostly because the more flat surfaces we have access to the more we tend to build clutter. Wehn there are none we deal with it properly. Also I want the house clean once more.
  11. Not everyone Dilvish. I only said it made me laugh. I never suggested anyone wear it. If I did I would pick someone easier to goad and get pictures for later. I lik all of you too much to subject you to that kind of humilation (unless you like it and want to wear it, then go you)
  12. They are yummy. Especially after warmed up by being put on top of a mug of brewing tea...
  13. I haz a package and must keep it for it has a boot mark on it...
  14. Neither. I have no money so no Doctor visit. My mom used her Call a Nurse. They said anti-histamine eyedrops. We went to the pharamcy and she talked to the Pharmacist. I simply said "I have poison oak all around my eyes and no money for a doctor." He took one look at my face and hurried out. He recommended what to use to bring the swelling down fast. Just a standard anti-histamine, Wal-Dryl. He also recommended I use an ice compress as well. So we bought a couple packages and I took the pills right away. I made sure to take them every 6 hours and used a compress. It started going down, but I wanted to make sure it was fully gone before I came on. We also kept the AC on constantly despite being cold to help. The itching was horrid until I got the anti-histamine. It helped control that as well. So I was able to relax and just heal. It was the boredom that nearly got me first as I couldn't see due to the swelling at first and then not very well. It was a relief when it went away as when I could barely see I just did mindless things that required no reading. Except for a chat with NoZ when it went down enough. Now I am on as it is fully gone and I am relieved by that
  15. Yeah. It was rather large lesson as she admitted when I said it was poison oak that she had never seen it before. I wanted to scream, but it was useless at that point. Worse is she touched it as well and had no reaction at all so that made me a bit sulky. My lesson learned was if I am hesitant or uncertain I should go ahead and check even if feelings are hurt. Still all cleared with a valuable lesson (including that I need weed killer as there is a ton of poison ivy and poison oak in my backyard).
  16. Hi again. I can see once more! I have learned a lesson about taking assurances when I feel hesitant about a plant. I took my mom's assurance I was not dealing one of the poison plants. It turned out to be poison oak and taking her assurance meant that I got it all around my eyes since I had wiped the sweat from my face. It set us back a bit as money was at a tight point, but it was determined handling the issue was more important. The point is I can see once more as the swelling is fully gone and I finished healing. It also means I can finally paint once more! That also cheers me as I was in the middle of painting a couple of them
  17. Alright. I found my dark blue and light blue. Dang. Why am I nervous about getting started. I am sure it will be fine. My experiments from before were. I hope you two are having fun
  18. Broccoli is liked by me, especially raw with cheese or ranch. I do abhor beets though. I am just working up courage to start working on shading and highlighting on a mini. I am nervous, but I need to work on this. I am sorry your day has been horrid TGP.
  19. *looks at mini and then back at paints* Shading and highlighting is totally doable with a lack of a wet palette and space to the mixing right? Alright. I need to try to do this... How is everyone this weekend?
  20. I slept. Put paint on minis and even started watching the DVDs I ordered... I have done so and it can be tasty when made correctly
  21. I have to pick one first and that is so hard. I want to paint Marth up as a viper
  22. I like the book of concept art. There is even some unused art. It looks really nice. I like her drawing style.
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