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  1. Tell that to him. We store chocolate in the fridge as he routinely swipes it to eat including the occasional dark chocolate. We have a very silly and odd dog
  2. I would pick option 2. Herman already hooked me on stroopwafels and the dog ate my portion we bought for ourselves. ::sulks:: To answer you Froggy she likely has a uti. She gets them a lot due to having 1 kidney
  3. At hospital for my mom. Interview for a program to help with a job hunt. Got more food
  4. Hello. Always good to meet someone new. Feel free to pop into the randomness thread sometime.
  5. Hi all. I have been worrying over Houdini. She seems to be failing on health and barely able to walk. I have noticed her barely eating and her back legs barely able to move. So i am being fretful given the lack of money. I will paint soon to relieve stress. So much to do snd get finished
  6. I should clean and prep storage along with permanent painting area.
  7. Or CW military life enhances an already warped sense of humor. My nana and her best friend were that way and passed it on to my mom. My mom passed it to me and my sister.
  8. I think i have my phone on if nothing else. Sorry for all my computer/internet/personal issues blocking me from posting. I have a working phone at least if i am still welcome.
  9. I mentioned the paypal transfer to my mom. She said frequently that happens with a hacked account. They do it to muddle the trail leading to them (the theif).
  10. Thanks CW. I try to be, but it has been a clutzy kind of day. Oh. LB try Netflix if you have it. Not sure if they are on there, but it is worth checking if you already subscribe.
  11. If a gardening/landscaping theme appeals check out Rosemary & Thyme. A pair of retired women travel to repair gardens and such. They solve murders that occur at or around their jobs. I know one is a retired police officer and one is a horticulture expert. I think she taught university. It was fun to watch them.
  12. I have to introduce her to Rosemary & Thyme next. Midsomer Murders is in our local library. I'll check for Rosemary & Thyme next
  13. I managed to trip and fall while carrying plates to soak in the sink. My right leg now hurts as does my left hand. I did manage to not break plates at least. In other better news i hooked m mother on Midsomer Murders
  14. And this is when i mourn not living in Boston any longer... I don't het to see any of you at all. Oh well. I am finally starting to feel better
  15. I hate when neighbors blast music. Especially when my head hurts... So glad i don't work overnight with how often music gets blasted around here.
  16. Ugh. I think i dislike today. Got to get more cleaning done somehow, but i feel awful
  17. I had a fairly good day yesterday as well. We got things done. Cats got more food. Tractor supply sells 36-40 lb bags of cat food for the same or lower price of a 20 lb bag. We also snagged some ziplocs so we could chop up the veggies we got on thursday and freeze them until we use them. All is coming along nicely. Oh and i volunteered to help with the urban gardening project which also signed me up to taste test the food we grow as well.
  18. I read that Pingo to my mom and she was quite angry at that. She also would have thrown a fit
  19. I am very sorry Unruly. ::hug:: That is never a good start to the day. ::hug::
  20. Talk of dogs reminds me. Mine needs a bath and soon. We finally got to the stage where i can use the tub to bathe him. Only took about 3-4 years of steady work on his water phobia
  21. So you ate it all before i could buy more in 2 weeks? We got a total of 20 dollars in food. I snagged 20 lbs of potatos for 4 dollars and lunch for us. Plus yogurt and strawberries
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