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  1. Ebonwrath is a black dragon Deathsleet is a white dragon Cinder is a red dragon Blightfang is a green dragon This is all subject to opinion, but it is the gist I get. You can of course change the colors to suit your tastes. I would also love to see metallics that match up to those and some other dragon varieties, but I'll like adapt the dragons to the colors I want.
  2. That worked Godfather. Thanks. I'm not sold on them, but some of my players will want them. Notably the ones who want to play ratfolk. They are the ones who will decide they need to play one and ask me to paint them up. Good thing I enjoy the painting
  3. Alright. Maybe it is just me, but I can't see a difference in the pictures. Maybe because I have been working on minis too long today?
  4. Missed that, but i might be part of why I so willingly grabbed it as an idea. My parents gamed and my mom came up with vicious ideas to use the most innocous of things as enemies. She taught me all I know about encounter building and how to build monsters that terrify you players for years to come. I passed the final exam of hers by crafting and then employing a monster she actually never wanted thrown at her ever again. I really need to stat those up again to throw at the new group and see if I can make them terrified of Sparrows
  5. I love it! I should do another adventure with them, but only when they recover from the paranoia. Or not. It will fully depend on my mood at the moment, but I'll have to store away the library idea. They mention somewhere (I think in Classic Monsters Revisted) that some mimics can grow large enough to form a full Dungeon Complex.
  6. I have newbie party that have yet to arrive where the mimic hold the treasure.... I´m exited with the idea :D As a note for that. The treasure chest was just fine, but the sorcerer decided to touch pews in a temple taken over by evil. Also some crates and other furniture was dangerous. Only one chest was a trap. No mimic's as chests yet. Pathfinder mimic has: Mimic Object (Ex) A mimic can assume the general shape of any Medium object, such as a massive chest, a stout bed, or a door. The creature cannot substantially alter its size, though. A mimic's body is hard and has a rough texture, no matter what appearance it might present. A mimic gains a +20 racial bonus on Disguise checks when imitating an object in this manner. Disguise is always a class skill for a mimic. That is what I played with. I also tossed in gargoyles along with mimics taking the shape of smallish statues. It absolutely terrified them and they destroy inanimate objects now of all sorts when I am not running an AP or module. I casually threaten to insert mimics when they annoy me and it causes them to stop doing whatever is annoying me.
  7. Mimics can be just as much fun to use. I had my group terrified for the longest time. They are still paranoid two years later about statuary coming to life or other inanimate objects attacking them.
  8. My mom already tossed in on this and already is looking at a hefty build. She got in on Wave 2. She knows a few add-ons are definitly happening. So far mouslings are in as a way to induct my nieces and nephew into painting minis. I'm drooling over them as well and it looks like I best step up my painting of the last KS, but I already have several minis from that started or finished. I usually can finish 5 a week if I focus. 2 a week if I am distracted. I have not painted in a week though due to working on school stuff.
  9. Squeeee! We finished the inventory. Got an extra skeleton and such. Only came up short on a couple. My mom will be sending the e-mail as the kickstarter was in her name. We were very pleased by it all. Coming up 2 short and a few over. So it is all good as far as we are concerned.
  10. I have not received notification from Reaper yet about the shipment, but UPS has notified us we are getting a hefty package from Reaper. Since we have not ordered from the store for several months (mostly due to a tightened budget) it can only be our kickstarter. We were squealing in delight as my mother is about to move to Omaha and thought she would miss seeing any of them at all.
  11. My mother and I both want to thank you. This will make the inventory of the bones go so much quicker. she likes it already.
  12. I truly like the look of this. Its very detailed and looks wonderful. I honestly cannot think of much you could add on. Though the stable and hot tub sound interesting. I don't know if this is simply a diorama or if you plan to use it in a game. If its for a game I would see if you can make the stables hold 4 critters. You never know what those druids or rangers will bring to the inn. They seem to think that tiger or wolf should be in the tavern scaring the patrons away... I seriously can think of very little to add that would appeal to a group that you have not already thought of
  13. Whee. A pretty new badge and first post on Reaper forums. Two for the price of one works for me always.
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