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  1. how did i run out of cat food at this point? Now to plotting
  2. Yes it is almost every country. Though I do wish at times it was not
  3. Getting out of the house can help a lot to improve a mood. I am beating up monsters in Monster Hunter as it amuses me. Well and finishing all the quests where I play as cute kitty that beats the monsters up.
  4. There are no surprises to spoil for me since I sat out. No money for shipping right now. Maybe later, but for now I get to read the thread and look at lovely minis. That one looks really nice Fan
  5. I have to have a blanket sort of like how I feel a need to have a jacket with me at all times. There is a reason I prefer jean jackets and windbreakers during the hotter months. I can tie them around my waist when it is too hot to wear them and put them on if the wind cools things off just a bit too much. I got that habit from living near an ocean, which was awesome in the summer as the living room faced the the direction of the breeze most often so I slept there and was nice and cool. We are going to an event in about 3 hours. We listen to a lecture about the food groups and get $10 worth of free food.
  6. Well I finally solved my only sleeping for an hour or two problem finally. Apparently I was cold, but too tired to realize until I took a nap and kept shivering. So I pulled on a quilt and finally felt warm enough to sleep. Woke up earlier thaan I wanted, but slept for longer than an hour or two at a time
  7. The cats lost my owl again... I am more than a bit annoyed after I had gone through so much trouble to locate it...
  8. Ooooh Borzois. I love the pictures I have seen of those, but never met one before. I have met lots of other breeds including a few that people tend to be nervous of.
  9. Dragons are always normal and somehow i am glad to not be the only one who knows who he is
  10. One of my teachers bred and showed the breed. It is how i learned to love them as i worked with her two in my dog classes.
  11. Congrats. I need to find the owl for Christmas Eve. It went missing in the night
  12. Should I go paint more or clean> Or maybe write/game. So many choices...
  13. It made the mistake of switching letters around as i typed
  14. I painted more. The minis are coming along slowly as the painting chair and angel I need to bend for good light starts to hurt after a bit. I also need to find some supplies for Verocithrax
  15. Why are you eating a car? Like i said... Sorry Ary. I want them as well the game has some rather awesome and cool monsters to hunt
  16. Thank you Jack. And sorry Ary, but i doubt those can go in Bones 4 or any at all. Those rather large wyverns are owned by Capcom and they already have a company making figures of various monsters. They are sold in Japan, which is why i don' t have any
  17. Thanks. My brain shut down while spelling it. I just knew it looked wrong
  18. I painted! It is nice to have space to spread out once more as i paint things. Starting with things in the queu(?) and then on to new ones. One has sat partly painted for years. I intend to finish that patient one
  19. The wagon is what got my interest the most. I really like it the absolute most and could see the use of several to help represent caravan guard jobs or other various types of caravans a group might encounter
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