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  1. Sure. It is only two I absolutely adore the look of (and can't afford the cost of the imported figures of them) Nargacuga and Barioth There are others I like, but those two are my favorites
  2. You shall have a long wait as I need to figure logistics and how to work it. AFter all my favorite ones will be the the most difficult
  3. I wonder how hard it would be to convert some minis into monsters from monster hunter
  4. Have more bacon... Maybe paint later. I just need the chair now to do so...
  5. I hate trying to make m body sleep and it just refuses. So i got out of bed in hopes of convincing it to sleep
  6. Sometimes i want to type arglebargle for my own amusement
  7. I got a random box today with Reaper minis in it. I placed no order and have no clue who had it sent to me. It had 3 Tara the SIlent 1 Khanjira 1 Nethyrmaul 1 Cthulu 1 Verocithrax The box had Happy Birthday written on it. I am pleased even it completely baffled me as to why I was getting a package. I is happy and managed to set it all up.
  8. Sounds good to me. I may be painting by tomorrow. Once again shooing cats away from the paint water... Super excited again
  9. Table cleared. Now to place paint, brushes, and minis. Also sort how the tree is placed for verocithrax
  10. It is sweet. I was just super confused. I got the mini of the month and a couple i know i don't have
  11. Puzzlement. I got a box randomly today from Reaper that said Happy Birthday on the outside. Many goodies in it and it made me smile. But baffled at who sent it.
  12. I slew monsters and decided to practice drawing once more.
  13. Thank you all. It is filled with the great friends here on the board. Otherwise it was peaceful and quiet
  14. No cake today. I prefer ice cream. No money for either though. So i plan to try to enjoy it at least
  15. Yawn. I wanna sleep, but working to push my body back to healthy sleep times. I should paint later
  16. I want to sleep more, but my neighbors have decided to throw a party...
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