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  1. You can have the dragons fight other creatures and they are pretty colors and designs. Also dragons are more fun to play with than numbers in my opinion
  2. I do the same with ponies, but can make new ones to breed for multiple characters. So it works for me. I just love when I win art or gift it to me (Only once, but such a day brightener). I have yet to do much with the dragons as I need more patience for breeding work.
  3. My sister just wished me a happy birthday a day early... I'm glad she recalled, but it amused me
  4. Today I found out that while in court to handle an arson fire case that a lawyer's pants caught on fire. (It was on my show and did not happen today) I see you found his comment Ary. I just avoided it so I could pretend innocence
  5. ::snicker:: Just a site I play on where you breed brightly colored horses of mostly imaginary breeds. WE have the standard fantasy and a standard earthbound one. There are a few variations on some to get more breeds in. I enjoy it as a mostly relaxing thing Now to just get photobucket to cooperate with me so I can add the picture to the pony's profile...
  6. I am in a better mood. Apparently someone on another site that I made a pony starter for was bored. So they decided to draw a picture of the pony I use as my avatar and to represent my stable. It is a pony version of a character I have. It was very nice of them and really lifted my spirits up
  7. Me too I will have all three only due to a very awesome friend here on the forums. They bought one for me when I thought we could get none and then it opened up we could buy two (because that was a nice discount on them) so as a gift to me my mom bought the other two. I am looking forward to them as well in hopes of learning new things or mastering things I am working on
  8. Where is it? I don't know if I am up to trolling through everything to find the thread
  9. What is a pizza cheat meal? I am curious. I am gathering energy to go hunt for the remotes and cord for the wii-u remotes (I want to play Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for some reason). Then Clean and pick up the living room so I can finish paint area set-up. I also have better things to do than worry about whether or not Wonder Woman shaves her under-arms. I do appreciate the reminder we are considering seeing the movie in theaters.
  10. Yes, but I doubt it is the kind you meant. I came down ill yesterday. That works for me. It is how I get through many things. Just being stubborn and determined. I should get that to have on hand as a reminder at times My brother-in-law decided that all three kids should have smart phones by grade 5. He did the first without telling my sister and put the oldest on his plan. Then informed my sister she had to pay every other month regardless which ticked her off as she prefers to make them earn the privilege of having a phone on every month. So she decided to beat him to it on the younger two and get them pre-paid so she can allow it to go off if they don't do their chores and she can insist they pay on their own once they get jobs. So I can understand this even if I don't fully understand why kids in elementary even need phones.
  11. I shall be grateful that at least I moved the entertainment center and rearranged things so we could game before it hit. So it will all be goo eventually. At least I had not found a job yet when it struck
  12. I like pineapple as fruit. I don't generally put it on anything. I hate feeling bad, but I have started feeling bad and know why I feel bad. I may be up longer dealing with this.
  13. I don't feel so good all of a sudden. I hope it passes as swiftly as it came
  14. I have to head out soon to check my application as the hiring guy was off yesterday. Plus side is I met another manager and thankfully I dress nicely and neatly everytime I go.
  15. Entertainment center moved. Dang that thing is heavy. Now we plan to check on an application I put in as the manager requested I do so. Apparently he likes to make sure people actually want the job.
  16. I apparently was exhausted as I woke up after 4pm. I woke my mom up as today is the day we move the entertainment center
  17. I want spring to be fully here. My birthday is next week.. Plus side is I am almost done rearranging the living room which will give me an area to paint
  18. I want pizza as well now. I need to finish locating a job so I can buy pizza
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