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  1. SHADOWRAVEN!!!!! ::hugs:: It is sunny here. WE had only a light dusting of snow yesterday
  2. Sure. Are you willing to bring all the supplies needed for repair and come to the midwest? I likely will replace it. Eventually. We needed to do work on it anyways as it has been slowing down a lot recently. I had it moving at full speed, but she kept having it stall out on her. Which is weird that it would work for me until this and then freeze up for minutes at a time on her.
  3. There was a light, but it would have a light on for a bit even after it was unplugged before. There were a couple of loud pops (that had color to accompany them), a slight burning smell. There was no fire and it might be just the power thingy as there is no damage elsewhere. Just the dang things are expensive and I have no clue on how to check the issue.
  4. No clue what happened, but I am fairly certain that computer is dead now
  5. I made more progress on the living room. Just a bit more and I will be able to paint more easily. I could now if I really wanted so long as I don't do it when people are coming home or over.
  6. I mentioned it to my mom the first time along with mentioning you report all of them. She was really grateful and said they like the information. They use it all to help track the people down as apparently once they do they prosecute and shut them down. She also said they prefer to hear about it as it might allow them to shut it down before someone gets scammed. She had also told me to tell you thank you for that, but I forgot to that night. I have coffee, just no energy to go make it
  7. Dragon sleep more? I keep waking up at a reasonable hour and yet want to sleep more
  8. I cringed as I saw some of the Rainbow Brite reboot. I actually whimpered, mostly because I actually recall the show and movie. Flamehawke is happy as she has dinner and a situation resolved.
  9. I did something today... Got a bedside table into my mom's room. Not in correctly, but it is no longer cluttering the living room. Now to prepare to tomorrownight for the double moving. Aonghus' kennel and the table over it to where the cat kennel and that table were so I can move the entertainment center (it's going where the kennel and table are to make a more defined area). Cleaning and arranging the house at the same time
  10. I just confuse people when I refuse chocolate. I do love ice cream though... So I guess that is my treat of choice most times. Dang it! I now want ice cream
  11. I am also not hugely into chocolate is the main thing. I love the dough for chocolate chip cookies and the chips, but barely finish if there are lots of chips. I am very odd in that way.
  12. That would be too much chocolate for me Pingo (I admit to not having a sweet tooth most of the time). I do like to eat chocolate chip cookie dough though despite my mother scolding me everytime I do. I really should get around to cleaning soon. I just feel so lazy today.
  13. Ah yes and thank you for the review Mori. I appreciate it. I really need to finish raising levels on my dragons.
  14. ::yawns:: I want more sleep again. Instead I'm fighting to stabilize the internet once more. I want to scream. Maybe I'll get the energy to do more work later. I still have things to pick and rearrange in the living room
  15. I want to find a job in case I need to adjust which day I am available as in retail work I prefer to have one set day for having off (just to make appointments easier to arrange). I would totally join a group including people I already know from the forums as I am incredibly shy when meeting new people in person. Our Chili con carne is just hamburger, rice and salsa. Incredibly easy to create on the fly. Cook hamburger, add rice, salsa and some water (for the rice). Cook until rice is tender. Add cheese if you like to it at the end. Pretty much all we do for it. I am so looking forward to that game. I would buy it for the Wii U if we had the money. Soon though...
  16. I don't have a gaming group or I would still consider it a decent day as I would get to game. I mostly have to solo play to get a game and that feels like writing with more of rules to dictate some of the interactions (though it does make battles a bit easier to write to an extent or determining how well some things happen) Not painting here or doing the exchange. Not painting as I am trying to focus on cleaning which will lead to a paint area in a better lit area. No exchange as money is tight (will improve once I find a job). I am ignoring dishes until tomorrow except that pesky pan and crockpot I need to clean to make our version of chili con carne. Not playing Breath of the Wild for the same reason I am not doing the exchange this time around. You must tell me if it is as fun as it looks. I intend to save up for a Switch and that game along with a couple of others.
  17. That is a neat scarf Mori. I don't think I ever completed a mario game...
  18. ::fixes teapot and adjusts it to not break due to indecisive users:: I wanna go back to sleep, but I likely will need to finish the living room if possible today so I can do work in my room and arrange things
  19. oooh thanks for the reminder Pezler ::puts out platters of unending bacon:: I might see if I can finish the living room tonight so that tomorrow I can finish setting up the new painting area and move the cat kennel to another window.
  20. The mage did. ::puts out never-ending coffee, never ending chocolate fountains, Tea (in pots that adjust to what you request them to have), and bowls of endless ice cream:: Melt my lair again while I am gone and you will never see these again. I know how to deactivate and destroy them even if they are not in my possession. I got stuffage done today. So yay me. Just a bit more to do and I will be able to have an area to paint in with plenty of room for projects in various stages once more
  21. I'll set up the coffee, chocolate fondue, tea, and ice cream once I finish reconstructing my lair. It should only take a couple more hours.
  22. I would rather be asleep, but my body insisted on waking up.
  23. So I get to fight my internet once more. The modem sulks at being told to play nice with the new router and having cords changed around. Sometimes I hate being the technologically adept one in the family.... (Apparently it decided to be nice when I started writing my complaint and then back to the tantrum)
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