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  1. Some friends of mine decided that every year we'd get together, ditch the spouses and the home life for a weekend, and hang out. This year was tough because of the pandemic, but those of us who could make it did, even if only for a day stop. I brought along some board games since we wouldn't be doing do many activities in town. We didn't play as many as I would have liked but we got a few in. Vegas the Dice Game is always good with this crowd. Fantastic for a beer and pretzels group. I also brought up WWE Royal Rumble. Again, it helps if you know your audience and I knew they would love this. It went over well. It was a good day for outdoor gaming as we got in some Onitama. A fun, two player, chess like game. And we also played Take 5 (originally 6 nimmt since its a German game). That's a nice, semi random game that works well with large groups. We also played Killing Dr. Lucky, a bit of a precursor to Clue, poker, darts, and a variety of video games from one of those multi game systems. I wish we got some heavier games in but all in all it was a good weekend.
  2. A video examination of the opening bike gang scene from Akira. Pretty interesting for someone like myself, who doesn't know much about the techniques and tricks animators use. NOTE: There is some NSFW content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ltgr21jMag
  3. Played some Thunderstone Quest this weekend. A fun deckbuilder mixed with a fantasy/D&D/dungeon crawl/sword and sorcery theme. You start with some generic characters and go monster hunting to gain XP (victory points) which you can use to level up your heroes. One of my favorite games that does not see enough play.
  4. Lodoss War Gunbusters Appleseed Tenchi-Muyo I just watched a show called "Zillon" that I borrowed from a friend. What a horrible piece of entertainment. I mean, I probably would have loved it when it came out, but the amount of bad animation, power inconsistencies, plot problems and general sexism that was probably totally invisible at the time made me cringe. I did watch the entire series though.
  5. My games came in the mail, including Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Outer Rim. In Outer Rim you get to live on the edge of the galaxy hunting bounties, picking up and delivering cargo of questionable legality, and doing odd jobs for various factions. It has a solo mode so I was able to get a game in with myself. Han Solo won the solo mode, I really should have seen that coming. Its a fun pickup and deliver game that has a lot of the hallmarks of other Fantasy Flight games, like Eldritch Horror. I look forward to playing this with other humans. I went over to my friend's house and we played some King of Tokyo and taught it to someone new. Always a fun game. We finished up with a 5 player Atlantis Rising, which is a cooperative game where you try to escape the sinking of Atlantis. Once you build all the parts of the engine, your leader characters all have to chip in a build the final part, when they can escape the flooding island. It is a worker placement game and honestly fairly easy to understand. There isn't too much you can do on your turn and the actions you can take aren't too complex. I enjoyed it and think it would work well with a new gamers or a large group (it can handle up to 8 people, and the turns are basically simultaneous so things can go quickly).
  6. After several mishaps, possibly involving me and a bottle/can of soda, I will be adding some cupholders to my order.
  7. Thanks all! I didn't get to play any board games due to some friends travelling and some friends getting the sniffles (probably allergies but its best to play it safe). I did, however, buy myself some board games! Small World of Warcraft and Star Wars Outer Rim should be arriving soon.
  8. <nerd> Actually, that was a different GI Joe movie, specifically GI Joe: The Movie. Serpentor actually dies (off screen and in a completely reversible way) in that one. </nerd> On topic, I'm not a fan of these. They pull all the nostalgia strings but I just don't like the dimensions.
  9. Labor day weekend, I did some gaming with friends at a cookout. We sat around for a while outside, eating burgers and dogs, then masked up and headed inside to play some games. (After my ReaperCon classes, of course) Saturday, there was six of us, so we went with some Space Base (the expansion plays up to 7). While it has a simple mechanic (roll dice, look at cards), the cards can get complex so I wouldn't exactly call it an entry level game. Still, it goes over well and the new gamers did ok and were beginning to grasp the game by the end. Sunday started with Sushi Go Party. A simple drafting game that can handle up to 8 players. Drafting games are good for large groups since the playing time doesn't increase too much with more people. We were able to get a few hands of this in with a bunch of different cards. Fun all around. Some of the cards caused confusion for the new gamers, but overall it is a good game to understand and everyone enjoyed it. Seven Wonders was next. The gamers picked it up, but one of the new gamers basically gave up midway through. Too many card interactions I think. I won so no complaints from me! After a few people left, we were able to break out the 4 player games. First up was Gridlock Boston, the Mass#@!* Edition. We played it twice. It is about as fun as driving through Boston. Not recommended. Followed by Azul, which was a good palate cleanser. Finally, Monday we had a full 5 player game of Terraforming Mars with drafting. Never a good choice if you have time issues. I couldn't quite get my engine going until it was too late. Not helped by my neighbor tagging me with a negative card early in the game because he couldn't see across the table at another person's production. I do love me some Terraforming Mars, but I will also get salty when my engine doesn't work and people are dropping rocks on my head.
  10. "Fiends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears..."
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