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  1. Mission 4 "An Icy Welcome" is the first strictly two player map, and it stars my favorite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze. Only two miniatures and I actually finished theses a bit ago, but never put them up because things have gotten a bit busy (in a good way). I was even able to get in some games of Batman! I'm not too familiar with Batman Year Zero (or Batman Zero Year or something), I can't understand how the gloves go with the rest of his outfit. I used my favorite MSP Sample (pinkish/purplish) paint for both figures. It is such a great color. And a crossbow! When does Batman use a crossbow? My favorite Batman enemy since (and because of) Batman: The Animated Series, Mr. Freeze's B:TAS design comes from Mike Mignola, Hellboy creator, and you can tell. The more recent designs don't stray too far. I'm not happy with the gun, but the rest of his body painted up nicely with just a little drybrush work. Super simple.
  2. The rest of my Kickstarter for AEG's Thunderstone Quest came in. This was for an expansion that changed the player count from 2-4 to 1-6 as well as adding a cooperative mode. I'm not sure I'd want to play this game at 6 players unless it is cooperative because there is a lot of downtime when its not your turn. In cooperative mode, it seems that everyone goes at the same time, so that probably reduces down time. I didn't realize it at the time, but the expansion ALSO comes with two minis (6 were included in the base game so it wasn't strictly necessary). I also didn't realize that the monk had a mark on her forehead that I THINK is intentional (these aren't the best minis, as you can see from the crease down her back). I would have painted her a lighter skin tone so the mark would stand out better if I realized that earlier. I chose green for her since a nice yellow/orange color was already taken by one of the other minis I painted for this game and I wanted unique player colors. Likewise, I chose white for the crusader because all the good colors were taken and I could see him as a paladin type. Hopefully I don't get any more minis for this game because I'm running out of unique player colors.
  3. We played a 5 player game of Kemet on Saturday. It is a fun "dudes on a map" game that promotes attacking which helps keep the game moving. You can purchase upgrades for your side including giant monsters that make your army more powerful. Highly recommended, and I'm not just saying that because I won. Probably not anyway. Kaiju Throwdown - Bast overseeing her troops -
  4. I appreciate the offer. I was talking to one of my friends over the weekend and we may print a couple out just to see what they look like with his printer.
  5. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 3 "A Series of Mutations" has another villain I've never heard of, Mr. Bloom, turning thugs into plant people. For Frank Miller's Batman, I went with a lighter shade of blue. The pictures I found were ether black or a brighter than usual blue, so I stuck with the blues. He also came with two bases. I was hesitant about painting the "diorama" base just because it was so different than the rest of the bases but it came out a lot better than I was expecting. When he hits the board I hope we use that base. Nightwing and Bluebird were a good choice to do together, I basically used the same palate for both of them and there wasn't a lot of different colors. I don't know who Bluebird is, but her outfit is pretty sweet. Mr Bloom wore a bit darker cloths in the comics, so I used dark green to give him a little color and stay with the plant theme. I played around with his base and I'm not sure I like it, but I definitely don't hate it, so I kept it. Maybe it will grow on me...
  6. Unit04

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 2

    I saw that picture. It didn't help me much.
  7. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 2 "Deadly Infection" has the Penguin and Doctor Death trying to do something evil while some version of Batman and two of his allies try to stop them. I'm not terribly familiar with Doctor Death, and I couldn't find too many good pictures of him online, so I just went with a zombie-ish look. The Penguin was also a little tricky, but for the opposite reason. He has been around for a while and has a slew of looks. Although I was planning on sticking to the Batman Animated Series as a baseline, I found the color scheme for the Penguin there a bit bland. Other versions of the Penguin have a lot more purple, so used purple for his pants, tie and hatband. And I figured if the Penguin wold wear purple, it would be Imperial Purple, of course. I didn't have much luck with his monocle, but its good enough for tabletop. Out of the available heroes, I painted Batman Year 100 and the two Robins. I'm not too familiar with Batman Year 100 either, but he seems a bit like a vampire, so I went in that direction with very little color. I took the Robins looks from the Batman Animated Series, pretty much. The Damian Wayne look with the yellow down the front I was particularly happy with. He should have more yellow outlining, but I decided to stop before I ruined it. And apologies again for the glare. I glossed these minis up before I decided to photograph them all. The next set will be better, I swear! Batman Year 100, aka Vampire Batman Robin (Tim Drake) Robin (Damian Wayne) Doctor Death (I presume) The Penguin. He was actually a bit more fun to paint than I anticipated.
  8. I went to game night last night and was able to sneak in a game of "The Captain is Dead". You are aboard a space ship and bad things are happening. For one, the captain is dead, as you may have guessed. Also alien ships are attacking, weird anomalies are popping up, ship systems are going offline and alien invaders are teleporting onto your ship. Its a fun co-operative game where you need to get the engine fixed before the ship gets overrun with invaders or the shields drop below 0%. You use cards and actions to activate (or fix) various stations around the ship. Each character has a number of actions, skill discounts and a special ability. For example, my neighbor was the Hologram. He couldn't get injured, wasn't affected by aliens, and had an extra action, however if the teleporter or the CPU was down, he was stuck in the CPU Core and couldn't move. And we (barely) won! You really need to use everyone's abilities as best as you can and keep most of the ship functional. I do enjoy playing this game, it is light, silly fun and I debate about picking it up every time I see it. It can handle a large number of people, which is helpful.
  9. I looked at Red Alert, but all the ships are similar, which is not what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is 17 drastically different ship designs (like the Full Thrust line). That being said, getting 17 ships from Full Thrust is a bit more than I want to spend so I'll probably make do with some 3D printing and maybe get a few ships from other sources to fill out any missing items.
  10. Unit04

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 1

    (That's probably the only place I'll post it )
  11. Looking forward to the rest of them!
  12. Unit04

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 1

    Getting the game to the table may be tough, but I'll post something once I get a game or two in.
  13. Monolith Games "Batman: Gotham City Chronicles" came in recently and I decided I'd go ahead and actually try to paint all the minis. Looking at the boxes can be daunting though so I'm breaking it down by mission to make it a less daunting task. For each mission, I'm doing the main villains and one hero for each player, so the game is at least playable with a set of painted minis. The minions will have to wait until my free time matches up with the not raining time so I can spray prime a bunch at once. Did I mention it won't stop raining on my time off? In general, I'm trying to get as accurate as I can with the paints and paining skill I have to the Batman: The Animated Series version of the characters. That is the version I love the best so that's where most of my inspiration comes from. The first mission, "To Sink a City", pits Bane vs our heroes. From the hero selection, I grabbed "standard" Batman (because, of course), "standard" Catwoman and The Red Hood (Jason Todd...spoiler?). I did these a week or so ago and I put gloss finish on them without thinking of taking pictures first, so sorry about the glare. I do plan on giving them a matte finish when I'm done with all the minis. Group picture! Batman! I used a lot of Nightmare Black since it has a blue tint. Breonne Blue quickly became my go to blue for team Batman and Rainy Grey makes a good suit color. The Red Hood (Jason Todd) Catwoman (Classic). I'm not super happy with how the eyes turned out but it looks good enough on a table so... Bane and juiced up Bane.
  14. I'll be honest, I don't blame him. You want to pick who you play this game with. Its a long game to start with and if you get someone who like to think through every move thoroughly and you've increased the game time by a couple of hours. Or if you get someone you can only tolerate for a little bit at a time, you'll be at the end of your rope well before the game is over.
  15. I was finally able to get Twilight Imperium 4th Edition to the table. The game is designed around 6 players and we only were able to get 4 to the table. The game does suffer a bit without the full player count, but it was still enjoyable and I was still happy to play it. It does make me want to play the 6 player version a lot more though. Red and Black had a bit of an alliance that was bordering on unsporting, and that annoyed yellow a bit (especially since it was yellow's first game of TI, the rest of us have played the previous version), but otherwise it was a good game.