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  1. My journey through the Legendary MCU is done! Finishing off Phase 3(b) and Into the Spiderverse for good measure. Plus it was an excellent movie. BUT FIRST - War with the Evil Power Master, which is a Target, Choose Your Own Adventure game. Theoretically plays 1-99 people, but honestly it plays like a Choose Your Own Adventure book with dice. More of an activity than a game I'd say, and as such is probably best solo. And frankly wasn't even that great. It had a few jokes but otherwise...meh. Back to Marvel. First stop, Infinity Wars. Here we join our protagonist, Thanos, as he and his crew Forge the Infinity Gauntlet while Uru Enchanted Iron Man tries to stop him. Somewhere around 15 bystanders were KOed by the protagonists on their way to victory. Next up is Ant-Man and, once again, I had to improvise on the people. The Goblin from Noir was the Mastermind, as he seemed to be a mafia boss type. And he was trying to Trap the Heroes in the Microverse, which kinda happened, but wasn't really the plot. I did lose the first one, but the second one I did much better. It was a bad draw to start so I lost quickly, which is the best way to lose. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, had a pretty well defined setup. The mastermind (The Supreme Intelligence), scheme (Kree-Skrull War) and villains made sense and most of the heroes did too. I added Photon (aka Captain Marvel when I was growing up) even though she wasn't a superhero in the movie. But close enough for me. The scheme had me on the ropes for a bit but eventually we smashed it out. Which brings us to Endgame! I'll be honest with you, I wasn't looking forward to facing Thanos. Twenty-Four health to start (though it does get lower) is formidable. Nearly every hero could be used too, so picking which 5 I'd grab was tough. I wound up with Ronin (since he hadn't been played), Captain America (original), Thor (Original), Superior Iron Man and Rocket Racoon (so the Guardians could get some representation). Tough match. Spider-man: Far From Home has my favorite Legendary Mastermind, Mysterio. He's always super fun. I added him as a hero too because it was either him or Nick Fury and we've seen too much Nick Fury. Last but not least, Into The Spiderverse. Not an MCU movie but a great one nevertheless. I went for a crazy scheme (Fragmented Realities) that required everyone to have their own villain deck and city space and that actually made it a little tough. However the Spider Team is super overpowered by themselves. Most of their abilities abilities trigger off of low cost cards, and all of the cards cost 2, so you are practically guaranteed to always be activating cards. It was a slow start however as the scheme was actually causing me problems, but once I hit critical mass, Peter Parker, Spider-man Noir, Spider-Gwen, Ultimate Spider-man and Silk teamed up to take out the Kingpin and the Sinister Six. All in all it was a good run with the MCU. I played a bunch of schemes and people I wouldn't normally play and haven't played before. One of my problems is that I tend to fall into a rut with this game, and doing the MCU forced me out of those ruts. Sometimes. But I've packed it away. Onward to another game that has a solo mode.
  2. Started Wakfu on Netflix recently. Kind of an odd artistic style but it is based off a video game so that is probably why. The designs are anime, but the color and motion seem a bit different, though not in a bad way. I wound up watching in the original French because the English voices didn't work for me.
  3. More mini size information - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/matagot/kemet-blood-and-sand/posts/2849549
  4. B:GCC - Versus Mode gives us three new heroic henchmen to pick from. Unlike the core game, versus mode has two masterminds battling it out against each other. There is still a mission to complete but the setup is much different. Each team typically gets a main character, a side character and some minions. DEVGRU. Apparently they are a real thing that has been comicbook-ified. They remind me a bit of a cyborg cop in the AD Police anime. Heavy Assault GCPD SWAT. Bomb Disposal Drones. I thought I should give them a brighter color scheme since you probably don't want to be near them when they are doing their job. And make them easier to recover if they fail.
  5. You probably want to give Azul (normal) a shot before Summer Pavilion. I played Pavilion once and we messed up a few rules so I'm not sure how it compares to Sagrada, but it is more complex than original Azul. I also do not thing that we have made a stained glass window in Sagrada without error, ever. MAYBE once.
  6. B:GCC - Hero Box Leftovers "aaaand DONE!"* The hero box had some police drones I had yet to paint (and they just as often show up as villainous henchmen) and some of the neutral innocent people of Gotham you sometimes need to rescue. *The first wave also had several expansions, so I'll probably tackle them next. Police Drones (with guns!) Bystanders Citizens. I don't know what makes these "citizens" and the bystanders "bystanders", but whatever.
  7. Continuing the Solo Legendary MCU through Phase 3(a). Captain America: Civil War has historically been super difficult for my friend and I to win. I tried again solo and I realized we were playing an important rule wrong that made things MUCH more difficult. Authoritarian Iron Man Fortifies a location, strengthening the villain there and making it impossible to attack Iron Man until it was cleared. We thought he fortified an additional space with each Master Strike. It turns out, he MOVES from space to space with each Master Strike, occupying a new space, not an additional one. That makes the game a LOT easier. Anyway, team Cap won. Yay team! Dr Strange was a bit harder to pick people for. Mephisto made a good stand in for Dormammu and Portals to the Dark Dimension was a good scheme, but I had to dig for heroes. I wound up using Dr Strange, Dr Punisher Soldier Supreme, Magik, Black Knight and Moonknight, just because they were magic or mystic themed. Anyway, easy victory. As usual, the Guardians of the Galaxy (vol 2) heroes were easy to get, but I was debating about the villain. I eventually went with Fin Fang Foom because he was big and honestly the Guardians work well with each other. I had Corrupt the Next Generation of Heroes because Ego was trying to turn Star-Lord over to his side. This was actually tough for a bit, but being able to store up shards is pretty powerful. Spider-Man: Homecoming was another easy setup. They released a set dedicated specifically to it. I just needed to add henchmen and voila! Also cookies. Easy win thanks to Spidey being so good. Thor Ragnarok was tough. Easy to set up, but Hela and the World Serpent crushed me the first time. The second time around I fared better. Black Panther was another one where I had to struggle a bit to find relevant cards. Grim Reaper was a good Mastermind though and I enjoyed fighting him. Mockingbird and Quake stood in for his royal guard and Shuri. Juggernaut was M'baku's replacement, since both are evil in the comics, typically.
  8. B:GCC - Villain Box Leftovers "Almost Done". We are finished with the mission book!* Two alt sculpts that were not specifically involved in any missions so far, and all the 3D objectives are all that remain in the villain box. The hero box leftovers will be next. *There was one more mission that featured the Batmobile, but I'm not painting that and there was no one else I hadn't painted already. Island of misfit Batman minis. Riddler, with a fantastic pose, I think. At least, one that fits his style. Riddler Year Zero was in a core book mission but not this guy. I wonder why. (Unless I missed him, which could have happened) Killer Croc, with a more animalistic look than his other sculpt. Getting his face in focus was a bit of a pain. Consoles. I wanted to make them that ugly, 1970s green. Not my best paint job but, meh. They are good enough for objectives. Computer Objectives. An unsafe safe surrounded by bombs.
  9. B:GCC - Mission 23 "A COWardly Act". Catwoman's cats have been poisoned by poison milk. The Bat Team has gone in to investigate, but hasn't returned! It is now up to Batcow to rescue the Bat Team from the clutches of Poison Ivy. I...don't get Batcow. I mean, I understand that comic books have to comic, but why include him in an otherwise serious game? He doesn't really fit the tone of this game system. The Dynamic Duo Catwoman with her Long Halloween outfit. She is not actually in this mission, but she is the person giving the introduction, and I hadn't painted her yet. Batcow. The heroine of our story. Admittedly you can have a lot of fun with Batcow and she was an easy paint. I mean, you can't really screw up a cow, no matter what you do. Mother's Day Flowers! (also Poison Ivy's deadly henchmen)
  10. Played through the Legendary MCU Phase 2. As usual, some judicious poetic interpretation is needed for some setups. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I decided to only use the special bystanders. The stack is huge if you use all of them, and its my game so...screw it. May as well play with more fun stuff and less boring stuff. First up, Iron Man 3. Thankfully the last Iron Man movie, as I'm getting kinda bored of all the same heroes. Iron Man, Tony Stark, Iron Man Noir (for the homebuilt "suit" part), Happy Hogan and War Machine face off against the Hydra Super Adaptoid (who is some sort of AIM character, I guess) leading AIM and the Shield Elite as they try to Brainwash the Military. Unfortunately the AIM villains kill this scheme, as they put Shield officers in the escape pile, and that is how the villain wins. So I lost twice before eventually winning...by cheating. I added another henchmen group and ignored any Shield Officers who escaped by way of an AIM ambush ability. They Hydra Superadaptoid was an interesting Mastermind though. Next up, Thor: The Dark Thor. Maleketh is a new mastermind so I was able to grab him and his Dark Council from the new Asgard set (and Enemies of Asgard) as they tried to open a portal to The Dark World of Svartalfheim. Another interesting mastermind, as his tactics become artifacts you can use, but he can steal back. Thor, his brother Thor, and his brother Loki brought the Warriors Three and Sif along for the battle. It was a fun mission and pretty tough, all told. Legendary Captain America: Civil War has the Hydra High Council (a bit of a stretch, but close) leading Hydra the Hydra Elite and some Cops. They are trying to have Hydra Helicarriers Hunt the Heroes. Captain America (1941), Falcon, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Steve Rogers (Director of Shield) where the hunted. Another fun matchup with the Hydra High Council being an interesting mastermind. They keep rotating depending on Master Strikes and attacks, and have wildly different values. It makes it hard to plan for. And now for something completely different - Guardians of the Galaxy! Yay! Trouble is, I had to find a good replacement for Ronan the Accuser, so I used Ragnarok (who is some sort of cyber-Thor created by Tony Stark) because he's big and has a hammer. I also had to fudge a bit on the scheme, so I went for the "Massive Earthquake Generator" as it deals with strength heroes and in the movie they are after the Power Stone. Kree Starforce (which does have Ronan) and Shi'Ar Death Commandos make up for the not-quite-thematic Registration Enforcers. All the standard Guardians are in, and they are pretty powerful as a team. This went pretty quickly. Which brings us to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thankfully a fairly easy one to find the pieces for, but a bit more difficult narrowing down to the characters you want to use. Ultron was, of course, the Mastermind leading Ultron's Legacy, Army of Evil (because they have Klaw) and Doombots as he sought to...um...Age of Ultron? Well, scheme twists are troops and they evolve as more twists come out. The heroes I picked were Quicksilver (not too many options to use him in the MCU), Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hulkbuster Iron Man and Hawkeye. I enjoyed this particular setup. It was challenging and fun. It has no strings to tie it down, I guess. Last, as part of phase 2, we have Ant-Man. A bit of a tough one to set up as it is a much smaller scale than many of the other MCU movies, and the heroes are mostly regular people. Anyway I had Dr Doom stand in for Yellow Jacket, leading Hydra and the Dark Avengers as well as his ubiquitous Doom Bots. Middtown Bank Robbery was the scheme and it was interesting, I thought I was going to lose at one part. I used Ant-Man, Wasp, Goliath, Falcon and Forge (as a stand in for Henry Pym) in the hero deck. A bit of a stretch, but you have to use what you have. Next, Phase 3, which I'll probably divide up into smaller chunks.
  11. Just because you may get cavities if you watch TV with me...
  12. So... confession time. One of my guilt little pleasures is a French animated kids show called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir where a couple of teen super heroes go around stopping villains in the streets of Paris. Part of the lore of the show is that the jewelry that enables the super powers has been used by other people for thousands of years, including Joan D'Arc. There was a contest* on Instagram for "drawings, videos, or whatever you'd like". I can't draw for [expletive], and I lack mad video skillz, so I got the idea to paint up a mini as Joan D'Arc with the Ladybug colors. I had the perfect mini for it...that I painted up a while ago and sent to my friend several states away. So after rooting through my unpainted minis, I decided to go with Aina. She has a nice, flat, round shield except for the shield boss, which actually works in favor of the design. Although she couldn't really pass as Joan D'Arc, she could be another historical Ladybug hero. Anyway, enough rambling. Here is Aina, Valkyrie and Ladybug of the North - *I decided not to enter the contest as, like the show, the demographic was a bit young for me. BUT, it was inspiration none the less.
  13. I would like some Mountain Doom please.
  14. Here is Sir Forscale posing with some figures from the original game (which is an excellent game, btw). I have no idea if they are keeping this size, but it may be problematic if they enlarge the troops (the ones molded in colored plastic). I am seriously considering backing this game despite owning the original, but we'll have to see what the KS actually looks like.
  15. It is the diversity in TEAMS that I may need. Each team activates as a team, but they may be all over the board. I confused similar things before (the two versions of thugs when none were painted) and there is enough things to keep track of in this game that it may lessen the mental load by a bit. The big drawback is that they may no longer resemble the card, which would increase the mental load.
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