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  1. I didn't plan on sleeving my cards until one of my friends "shuffled" his deck by putting all the cards face down on the table and "washing" them all around the table. I twitched a bit.
  2. B:GCC - Mission 13 "Suicide Escape" has two traditional Suicide Squad members attempting to flee prison. Kind of an interesting mission where the villains are passive until they aren't. They are basically meandering around the jail until they decide to pull the trigger and attack. Croc's left eye was not as well defined as his right, it was pretty annoying. He still came out pretty well though. I tried to make his trench-coat extra dirty. I had a tough time with Deadpool Deadshot because his color scheme is kind of all over the place. Or maybe better put, his outfits are all over the place, as he tends to have the same colors, just in different locations. And finding this outfit was nigh impossible. Still, I really like how he came out. His color scheme is very bright and really pops, especially when next to the drab, earthy Killer Croc. Not quite enough room for a full family photo this time, so the minions get put the the bottom. I'm not saying the color scheme is based off a football team near me, but I'm not saying its not...
  3. Yep. Except when it is not. One of the great things about Legendary is how many different schemes there are and how flexible the game is. At least one scheme (though I believe several) add heroes to the villain deck or villains to the hero deck. Additionally, specific characters and groups interact with various decks in different ways. The mastermind Mysterio (who I love playing with) takes the Master Strikes, so he needs to be sleeved like the villains, and the mastermind Shiklah (Deadpool's bride) has a Deadpool card you can rescue and add to your deck, so she needs to be sleeved like a hero. The villain group Infiinity Gems (who come with Thanos) enter your deck as cards you can use once you beat them, as does the Asgardian henchmen group. And that's just off the top of my head, there may be more. So you can weed out your sets to make sure you never play with those cards or schemes, or just sleeve/unsleeve everything the same.
  4. So, you may hate me for this but, you will need to sleeve everything in the same color (or unsleeve everything) anyway, so may as well start from scratch. I have all mine sleeved in Fantasy Flight clear sleeves. Up until last weekend, I would recommend not sleeving any as it adds to the size of the decks substantially, however my friend's cards were all beaten up around the edges so sleeving may be the way to go.
  5. I played some Marvel Legendary for the first time in a long time this weekend. It was (is) a game I love but I don't play it too often anymore because there is so much too it. Setup and tear down takes a little while too and gameplay/enjoyment can vary drastically depending on the number of players. But it was my friend's birthday and he wanted to play an all Spider-Man game. Spider-Man's cards, for many of his iterations, are all 2 cost and many combo well with other cards that are 2 or less. So if you set up the game correctly, you can combo with practically every card you can buy, making a pretty powerful engine. So we had Spider-Man, Spider Gwen, Symbiote Spidey, Peter Parker, Homecoming Spidey and Miles Morales take on Thanos. It took us a few hours but got him in the end. Now I want to dig out my Legendary set and play a few games.
  6. The difference between types of "white" light and why something may look different in what appears to be the same lighting. Somewhat tangentially related to the hobby but a neat video in its own right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYbdx4I7STg
  7. Unit04

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 12

    I just base, wash and drybrush. I've been using Citadel washes and Nuln Oil (black) specifically for Two-Face's suit. I think part of the problem is that Two-Face is very stark and cartoony, so a pure white and a pure black contrast would be ideal. When I had him painted in the pure white and pure black, he did look good and I ALMOST stopped right there, but you couldn't really see any detail like his lapels. So I did the wash in black and he lost a lot of his stark contrast. I did repaint him with pure white in parts, but parts of him look a bit dirty. That being said, re-looking at the picture, he looks pretty good from that distance. I am happy how he turned out, but I think I need to target the details a little better, rather than do a wash along large parts of the model. Of course, if I did that I'd worry that I'd miss the folds in his clothing... I'm not sure I can win.
  8. Unit04

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 12

    I did a drybrush of some grey over the black to get the highlights, but there is probably some light shine in there as well.
  9. B:GCC - Mission 12 "The Purge" has you trying to stop Two-Face from some nefarious deed that involves you purging some vats before time is up. And we are halfway through! Not as far as miniatures are concerned, but the core book has 24 missions so we have reached the middle. Most bad guys are not reused, but lots of heroes are, so I have very few heroes left to paint but still a box load of villains. And, of course, henchmen (and the heroic counterpart). (Sorry for the double post but I got a new computer and spent waaay too much time playing on it instead of setting it up to post pictures of stuff. ) I think I need to find a better technique to keep the whites bright and yet still get the shadows painted. Since I had no new heroes to paint, I am working my way through henchmen. Painting the Thugs with Guns to finish off my thug list.
  10. B:GCC - Mission 11 "Major Gas Madness" has Scarecrow as the major villain to beat. You need to find his toxin formula and escape before you croak. There is a lot of deadly gas about (surprise) so you need to be careful. There were no new heroes to paint in this mission, so I painted up a set of thugs instead. Scarecrow and Hazmat Thugs Not the Scarecrow I'm familiar with, but a cool one nonetheless. Fairly easy to paint, although sometimes the paint seemed to not want to stick to some difficult to reach areas. I thought Hazmat Thugs would be a nice combo to paint up with Scarecrow. I was debating on what to do with the area of plastic between the strap and the gun. Do I paint it black? Or light blue? or white? Or yellow? In the end I decided that these guys were minions so who cares. Black was the least amount of work and looks good enough for what they are on the table for.
  11. Unit04

    Happy Birthday Unit04

    Thanks all! I'm home sick with a stupid cold, but I went out to a BabyMetal concert last night and that was fun.
  12. Board game night last night! We played some Antike, which is a 2005 game, and looks like a 1970's game. It is a pretty interesting and fun game where you collect victory points by doing various things like building a bunch of temples, having a bunch of cities or burning down other people's temples. The turns went pretty quickly for the most part but the game was a little long. Another thing I didn't like about it was that two of us (Greece and Rome) started in the middle of the board with no compensation. We could be attacked from all sides, while the others basically had one major opponent to face (the ones in the middle). The rondel for picking your actions was neat, and made for some tough choices. You can go 1-3 spaces forward for free, but paid a resource for each additional space. Resources you need for picking up items are 4 spaces away from the items you could use them for. Overall it was fun but flawed. The rules were actually very easy to pick up. I'd probably play it again but it wouldn't be my first choice. The board mid game. I was red. A good shot of the rondel from my seat.
  13. I played some 51st State last night. I really enjoy the game and it was my #1 game I owned for a while, but it has been a long time since I got it to the table. I royally messed up my first turn and because of that I was basically a round behind everyone else. In an engine building game, that's really really bad. Still I had lots of fun and introduced a couple people to the game. And coming in last isn't the worst when teaching new players.
  14. My worry is that Sagrada is a bit more of a puzzle and things sometimes don't fit. I haven't made it through a game without everyone in the game making at least one mistake we discovered later. Thankfully it is somewhat generous about that but it may cause some frustration. It is colorful and lots of dice rolling so there is that. Good luck with it and I hope it works out well!
  15. I more or less gave up. I tried to put some orange in the middle but I didn't like how it looked. And then I painted over some of it accidentally and I eventually just said "screw it". Thanks for your help though! Picture below. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87689-batman-gotham-city-chronicles-mission-10/