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  1. We got some Take 5 to the table. Its a nice game for a large group of non-gamers. There is some strategy and a good amount of luck, but it is also quick. Everyone plays a card simultaneously and the lowest card goes first. Cards are placed in 4 rows after the card that it is higher than but closest to. If it is lower than the last card in every row, you take a row of your choice, and your card becomes the new seed card for that row. If its the sixth card in that row, you take all the cards and your card becomes the seed card. You play several hands until someone hits 66+ points, and the
  2. Well...they did a CLANK! Game with two expansions, Upper Management and The "C" Team. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/266507/clank-legacy-acquisitions-incorporated
  3. CLANK! Legacy released an expansion before the game even came out! It was the Upper Management Pack and it could technically be used with regular CLANK! so that's what I did with it. As an FYI, you should not use these until after you finish the CLANK! Legacy campaign or else weird time vortexes will happen. The most annoying thing is the colors of the characters don't all match the available colors in the game! The whole team - Jim Darkmagic Morgaen Viari Omin Dran
  4. The Expanse on Prime is worth watching. I haven't started the most recent season but the first few were good. And The Boys, if you haven't seen those. Other than that my recommendations are mostly animated shows. I finished Pacific Rim: The Black, and it was ok. I'm really not a fan of that animation style, and the sporadic subtitles annoyed me more than they should have, but it points to lazy production. But the plot was fine, the characters likeable enough. I honestly don't know if I'd watch a second season of it. I saw the first episode of Invincible and I am
  5. We played some Machi Koro this week, a nice engine building and dice rolling game. Not the greatest game out there but light and fun. A bit too luck dependent and I, for once, was trying NOT to be mean. Being mean wins games though so...yeah. I lost. It was the first time we played in a long time, so I went back to the original rule and laid out all the cards. I think the updated rules that only give you a small selection of cards is a better way to do it. I also played some Marvel Legendary, solo. I set up my best WandaVision team (making a lot of substitutions
  6. I'm glad you like it, since you will apparently be hearing it every time you play League of Infamy... This weekend we played Mission: Red Planet for the first time in a long time. I really love this game as a 6 player game but it can drag if you have players who don't like making decisions quickly. You select one of your 9 cards that will allow you to place some astronauts on ships and usually do some other task as well (such as blowing up ships, launching ships or changing their destination). Three times during the game you will score, with the most astronauts in a zone taking
  7. I'm watching Wander over Yonder (Disney XD) and Kid Cosmic, both by Craig McCracken of Power Puff Girls fame. It took me a bit to get in the zone with Wander. It has a very Power Puff Girls tone and most of what I've been watching recently is more serious than that. Once I was able to get into the PPG mindset, I began to enjoy it. And I'm enjoying season 2 even more with Wander on a mission to get the galaxy's two most evil villains to go out on a date. Some good music in this as well. I'm 3 episodes into Kid Cosmic and its OK but not quite there yet. I enjoy the co
  8. CLANK! is a great deck building game where you are a thief trying to rob some sort of ruin better than your peers, while trying not to attract the attention of the resident dragon. CLANK! Legacy adds a story element where you are building a franchise of Penny Arcade's Acquisition Incorporated, so not only do you have to loot better loot than the other players, but you also have to build the franchise WITH the other players. CLANK! Legacy is also a bit more expensive than the original game for all sorts of reasons, but one of the things they added were miniatures for the characters.
  9. May I suggest "I'm the Bad Guy" from Wander over Yonder (spoilers..I guess)
  10. For the very last Batman: Gotham City Chronicles post I'll make, here are the Gang of Robin. I couldn't find any comic book references to these guys specifically, so they are probably just designed for the game to help balance out the number of henchmen the heroes have access to. Gang of Robin(s?) - Not the flashiest way to end, but breaking these figures up into smaller groups helped me manage this project. AND I was able to finish before IDW's Batman game was delivered (thanks in part to art problems on their end). Fun timeline facts -
  11. We played some more Downforce this weekend, trying out a couple new boards. Still an enjoyable game, though I'm learning more about the things you should and shouldn't do. "Mars" map (our name, not theirs). There is debris in the road limiting movement. Canvas, a Kickstarter game. A lot of the reviewers are loving it for being simple and welcoming to new players. You use three transparent cards and a background card to create a "masterpiece". Scoring is related to the icons and colors at the bottoms of the cards. How you arrange the cards will matter as you will
  12. For my penultimate post on B:GCC, I am finishing up the Batman Inc box, featuring Batmen from around the world. The crew part 2 - El Gaucho - Batman of Argentina and other parts of South America. Batman of Japan - Apparently they take a different approach to being subtle in Japan. Night Runner - Parkour master and Batman of Paris. He has a fun and unique pose, but it did throw off my normal painting order. I mean, I paint the head first, but I also do top down so...what to do?!?!? Batman of Mosco
  13. Thanks! I did overemphasize the gun a bit. The bio on him states that he was a sidekick and when his mentor was killed, he got violent. The gun is technically a stun gun so there is that. And his card has the "No Killing" icon which means he can't use a real gun if one is in the scenario.
  14. The third and final big box from Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is full of Batmen from various countries. Apparently Bruce Wane decided to franchise superheroing like a McDonalds. The crew, part 1 - Dark Ranger is the Australian "Batman". He dresses in white, uses guns and flies around on a jetpack. Just like Batman...yeah I don't get it. Knight, Batman of England. Chief Man-of-Bats, of the Dakota territories. I tried to get his eyes white but it never looked good, so I wound up going black.
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