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  1. It took some effort, but I got a couple of other people together to play My Father's Work. It is an app based worker placement game where you attempt to create scientific wonders, like giant spider robots or lycanthropic strength, over the course of several generations. There is a gothic horror feel to the setting. Lots of fun. Would love to play it again, but it is long and takes a bit of commitment from the players.
  2. I tried to get a smaller game night going with a few friends, so I headed down to their neck of the woods and brought some games. First up was Marvel Dice Throne. This game was recently delivered from its Kickstarter and I wanted to get it to the table. Its mostly a 2 player game, though it has rules for 3 people or team play. The third player showed up right as we started, but declined to play and just watched. I'm not saying it went over well, but both of my friends bought a version of Dice Throne the next day. After dinner we went to Star Wars: Outer Rim with the Unfinished Business expansion. We had Doctor Aphra, IG-88 and Hera Syndulla. It is a long game, but I don't think the base expansion added much time to it (several optional features of the expansion absolutely will add time). They did a good job of adding players and what to do if you get a bounty on another player. We got a few of the rules wrong because it was getting late. It was a close game and overall I think everyone had fun.
  3. Got mine assembled on Saturday, then played some Outer Rim on it. It is a good, solid piece of furniture. I'm happy I got it. One of the cupholders is warped JUST enough so that it doesn't fit in the outer rail but does fit (extremely tightly) in the inner rail. Otherwise everything works fine. Time for new chairs!
  4. Yeah, I did something similar to the same result. I also did a Google search for Milton Bradley Cowboy Board Games, since they put out a ton of games in that era. Nothing really fit the bill that I saw. You MAY want to try the Board Game Geek Facebook page, but that way lies madness. There was a contributor to the Dice Tower videos who did classic, 1970's games. However his name escapes me at the moment and I haven't watched those videos in ages so I'm not sure if he still does that. And he's not on their website for contact information so...I'm stumped. 😞
  5. Yeah. I'm not happy but I sucked it up. Apparently the shipping for Galactus was particularly bad, but I never was planning on getting him.
  6. I have been a slacker in painting AND on posting to these boards lately. But my friend came up for PAXEast and we were able to play a few games over the long weekend. The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged - Its a very quick skirmish game. Very rules light, not too much crazy terrain. We played a couple games (elves vs humans) and split them. Fun game for a quick, light skirmish game. The GI Joe Deckbuilding Game - I really like this game. Co-operative Deck builder where you try to send Joes on missions to thwart Cobra's schemes. Each game consists of trying to defeat 9 Cobra schemes in a particular storyline as they get progressively more difficult. There is a lot of randomness, in that you have to roll some dice to beat the mission, but that is balanced somewhat by the ability to put new cards on the top of your deck, so you have some idea what is coming next. Vehicles are also a fun mechanic, limiting how many Joes you can bring, but possibly giving you other bonuses. The Transformers Deck Building Game - Another fun deckbuilder. This can be played in either co-operative mode, where you just try to beat the big baddies, or competitive mode, where you score points for trashing Decepticons. We played the game both ways and it was fun in either mode. Instead of buying cards from a "river" or specific cards, you do it from a Matrix (of course). Wrath of the Lich King - If you know Pandemic, you know this game. It plays slightly differently, and honestly makes it easier to understand and learn, since there is only one way to lose. Everything that would make you lose in the original Pandemic just contributes to lowering the despair track, which ultimately causes you to lose. You have to go around and complete missions while keeping the board cleared of baddies and not dying. Once all the missions are clear, you can attempt to defeat the Lich King mission. First time I played it and it was very fun. My friend loved it too but they love Pandemic so I was expecting that.
  7. Renegade Game Studios is Kickstarting their new cooperative GI JOE game, Mission Critical. It is based on the same system as their Power Rangers game, and apparently they are both compatible with each other, if you want to mix IPs. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renegadegamestudios/gi-joe-mission-critical/description
  8. I finally decided to play some Batman: Shadow of the Bat in solo mode. To make my life a little bit easier, I went with the "Dark Knight" mode, which allows you to just control one character (Batman), and gives him some boosts so you can actually do everything you need to do with just one character. It was really well concocted and a good way to play. My only real complaint is that I can only be Batman, so I don't get the variability of playing with different heroic characters.
  9. I'm not a CMON backer either, but I enjoyed my friend's copy of Zombicide - Black Plague and I'm a sucker for super hero stuff, so I'm in. Not Galactus though. That's a bit much for me.
  10. Did you play as fully cooperative or against each other? I played some GI Joe The Deckbuilding Game. It is fully cooperative and has some neat mechanics where you need vehicles to take on missions against Cobra. We wound up loosing but it was a learning experience. We played some of the rules wrong and corrected as we went. And after we were done we realized we made other mistakes.
  11. I have started it. I haven't read the books in a LONG time and I stopped around book 8 or so. So far, they are hitting the high points. They've moved some things around, chronologically so the timing of things is different but the story is working for me. They've missed a few things that I'm assuming they'll come back to, though one of my friends is somewhat upset that they skipped a particular segment of the book. There are a few odd changes that don't make sense to me, but I'm enjoying it so far. I'm doing a lot of "Oh, yeah. I remember that" while watching. I'm curious as to where they'll end season 1. I am disappointed in the Gleeman's Cloak, however.
  12. The funny thing is, the old cover for the main game was used for the rulebook covers, guns and all. So they didn't remove all the guns, just the ones on the cover of the main game. (I don't think the other three covers had any guns on them) AND, because of the art change, the main game cover has a different aesthetic than the other three boxes. I wish they changed the art on the other three boxes to match, maybe doing silhouettes of the villains.
  13. Mine finally arrived. I haven't got a chance to play it yet but...its here. And only a year late.
  14. I was not expecting to say this but...I do NOT recommend the new Cowboy Bebop live action show. The first 9 episodes were fine. They made some changes that made sense, some that didn't. Small changes that left me with a "Han Shot First" vibe, where they really change a character or scene with a minor alteration. It worked for what they were trying and although it wasn't as good as the original, it was a fine version. After Episode 9, I was fully expecting to recommend Cowboy Bebop to my friends. Then episode 10 happened. It really ruined the whole series for me. They attempt to recreate the Spike v Vicious fight in the cathedral and it just does not work. Not only that, but the changes made ruin one of the best fight scenes. And the epilogue bits after the fight scene are also horrible. If the Cowboy Bebop anime brings you any joy, do not watch the live action version.
  15. I enjoyed Arcane a lot. While I'm sure I missed a lot of Easter eggs, I'm glad I didn't know anyone's story going into it. I felt like one of the characters in particular was underused but otherwise an excellent series.
  16. Oh you sweet, sweet summer child... I'm not worried. They are communicating regularly (big plus) and making progress. I have no idea/expectation of when my table will come in (expected delivery was July 2021), but I know it will come. They do seem to be taking over a month to go through a month's worth of tables but they are making progress and explaining what is going wrong and what they are doing to fix this. I wouldn't say that it is well run, but I wouldn't say that it is bad either, and far from the worst.
  17. I watched a lot of The Next Generation growing up, but I'm not a Trekie by any means. Still, I enjoy Lower Decks a lot and I just finished season 2. Inside Job is another good show on Netflix. It is about a 30ish yr old woman who's in charge of keeping the world's conspiracies hidden. It has a bit of a Rick and Morty vibe as she has to deal with her divorced, alcoholic dad who has moved in with her, but it is its own show.
  18. I am not a fan of Splendor for a few reasons (though I can't stop playing it on my iPad, go figure), but some people really prefer one thing they know they like over exploring other things they may enjoy more. So just be happy they are enjoying Splendor. Though if you want, there is a lot of comparison between Splendor and Century: Spice Road, so you may want to see if that works as an alternate game. 🙂
  19. What is Alias like? Is that from the show of the same name? We played Sakura for the first time this weekend. It was a nice, light game. You are an artist attempting to paint the Emperor as he admires the Sakura trees. You want to be as close to him as possible when he stops but not bump into him. You do this by playing cards simultaneously and those cards move the Emperor and your figure (and occationally other painters) around the board. You score each time the Emperor stops at the Sakura trees. Its fun and light and works fairly quickly even with 6 players. The board with all the pieces on it. The cards you play to move the Emperor and yourself along the board.
  20. Middara - Unintentional Malum: Act 1 (aka. Middara) was a Kickstarter game that one of my friends picked up and brought me (and two other people) in to play on a regular basis. It was so much fun that, when they re-ran the Kickstarter, one of the other players and I backed it to play with other friends of ours. One of the neat things about Middara is the unique world building. Even though it has the trappings of a D&Desque dungeon crawl, the weapons and monsters are (mostly) unique. The monsters could have been goblins or rats or snakes, but they created a bunch of interesting creatures for you to fight. The game comes with plastic rings of various colors to identify individual minis. I painted the bases, thinking it would be easier, but I'm not sure it was the best move. The first things you fight are cave sickles, and upgraded cave sickles continue to plague you throughout the game. Not too tough, but they can still kill you if you make a mistake. Merk Hounds are fast and tough and hard to hit. And in fact a couple of them murdered me last Friday and was a major reason the rest of the team made for the exit. They are also hard to photograph, probably because of their pose and height. Fragors are bugs with bombs. They toss nasty little surprises that ruin your day. Thankfully they are slow, easy to beat up and tend to kill themselves.
  21. I've played Borderlands for a while now and I am also looking forward to this. Here's hoping its good! The Borderland franchise has had some excellent songs in the game openings and credits, so it would not surprise me if they were able to get a Baby Metal song.
  22. I finished Star Wars: Visions. While it is neat, like any anthology show, enjoyment can vary greatly from one episode to the next. I think my favorite was The Ninth Samurai, and I enjoyed a few more, but on the whole they dove a bit too deep into the (worst) anime tropes for me. Overall a very solid "meh" rating from me. I'm also about halfway through the first season of The Doom Patrol and I'm really enjoying it. Another "Super Hero, but Not Really" show, but done differently enough to be interesting.
  23. I'm of a similar opinion, but I arrived there in reverse. I watched the show and enjoyed it, so I got the first few comics. It was very "meh".
  24. A 3d printer file may be the best option. I don't have one myself but I know enough people who do. Edit: Technically Apophis is in the game, though in a different capacity. I would want a mini that's significantly different than just a giant snake. Preferably half snake, half human woman.
  25. In a board game I picked up called Kemet: Blood and Sand, you are an Ancient Egyptian god/goddess, leading your people against the forces of other gods and goddesses. It comes with a box load of minis, of which I painted all the main ones. One "problem" with the game is that city ownership is indicated by a piece of flat, boring cardboard in an otherwise interesting sea of minis. Fortunately, Reaper has mini statues of Sobek, Horus, Anubis and Bast, so I can paint those up in the team colors. Sadly, there is none of the snake goddess Wadjet. I did a quick search of some 3D print sites and still found nothing (it doesn't help that the spelling is not consistent for most of these gods). Does anyone know where I could find a nice mini of Wadjet? Ideally the same size as Reaper's offerings, but at this point I'll take what I can get.
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