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  1. Missed out again. I kept hitting refresh until 10:05, unfortunately I then had to clock in at work. No phones allowed. :(
  2. So, my box arrived in Jacksonville just after 4pm this afternoon. No reason on earth for it not to deliver tomorrow. Other than I have tomorrow off, and work Tuesday when it is scheduled for delivery.
  3. ReaperBryan, LadyStorm, and everyone else at Reaper. I work at Disney's Animal Kingdom. With the coming opening of Pandora World of Avatar one week from today I can totally sympathize with both your 60 hour weeks and non-disclosure agreements. I will get my minis when I get them. (Won't have time to touch them for a while anyway, lol) Get some rest and thank you for all your hard work. You guys rock.
  4. Friday is your sunday? So you are jewish? ;) Congratulations by the way. Nope. I work for the Mouse. Full-timers have fixed work weeks. Mine just happens to be Saturday to Wednesday.
  5. I was awakened this morning at 6am by my phone insisting I had a text message. It was UPS saying my Bones will now arrive on Friday! As Friday is my Sunday I am so happy. The Bones won't have to sit on the porch for hours. :)
  6. UPS finally gave me a delivery time. Monday the 16th. Seems a long time to get from Texas to Central Florida. Oh well, knew it wouldn't show up on my day off.
  7. Got my notice at 10:30pm eastern. Mine is also at DFW. Thanks Reaper!
  8. To add to what Doug has been saying, don't try to fill the pic with your mini. Most modern cameras have enough mega-pixels that you can just crop the photo instead. This way you can be farther back with that short lens to get the DoF you need.
  9. Great story. That was a fun game. It is kind of a shame my kids won't get to enjoy it, because your right, it would likley get you arrested if not shot. Also nice to know someone here is older than me. I was still in high school in '83.
  10. Forgot linky http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2013/09/miniature-photography-part-2-how-do-i.html?m=1
  11. Skip the macro mode. Get a tripod and a remote shutter release (self-timer will work if your camera does not have a remote. Place the camera well back from the mini, with a decent depth of field. Use normal room light and a 3-6 second exposure. Then crop the pic to remove all the excess background. You will get a much better picture.
  12. Get a thick piece of Matte board from someplace like Micheals in the framing dept. Use a metal ruler and an Exacto to cut it to whatever size you want. After basing the mini paint and seal the sides and bottom, and it will be indistinguishable from a plasticard base. Cheap and easy.
  13. Actually, there is a video on YouTube where Ken, the owner of Badger says windex is safe to use. I just don't see any reason to use it. Water is so much cheaper.
  14. What JackMann said. I almost never have masking tape around. I typically tear off a little piece of paper towel and place it over the slot. Then I put a couple drops of CA on it. Seeps in and when dry the paper towel is hard as a rock. Add pva and basing material and all is well.
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