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  1. ok, I'd been waffling because this has been a tough year, I've been busy at work and wasn't sure I'd be able to commit to painting something. However, I always want to participate. I like giving back to the hobby that has given me so much over the years, and been there for me when I needed it. So, while I may not be able to do my usual fancy-based mini, I want to at least commit to painting something. Maybe it will get me out of my funk and back to painting! It'll be a win-win, right? ;) I'm in! Muah hah hah!
  2. all of the class descriptions should be updated with prep info! woot!
  3. I was thinking or driftwood brown. ginger is a little warmer and more translucent, but similar.
  4. I bought magnets! Yay magnet option!!!
  5. yeah, I still feel like that even after teaching for a few years! You can do it!!
  6. Adrienne was on top of it! I usually use the cloud giantess, but the stock was low so she helped me find well-stocked alternatives!
  7. There is a chat function in zoom that allows folks to type questions. There will be a moderator who's job is to audibly ask these questions throughout. Participants can up-vote questions they want answered sooner. I know I will be mostly fighting to keep painting on screen as opposed to my lap which is my natural go to, so I will do my best to also look for questions! The link that should appear soon will have a list of sku# for paint and models, then if you already have some of the items, you need only purchase what you don't from the reaper store. If it helps for my skin classes: 77592 frost giant queen. 09047 fair skin, 09061 linen white, 09136 walnut brown, 09277 spattered crimson for the paint colors. Though I may throw in some pure white and maybe a green, but not necessary to have.
  8. Highlander/TGP: This class will be a demo, so I would not expect people to buy a bust for it. While you can paint along, I'm not structuring it as a paint-along. I will be moving very quickly to try to get as much work on the bust as possible. It takes me at least 20-30 hours to finish a bust, so I'm going to be using all my sneaky tricks to paint as fast as I can. I will explain them, I promise! So, yes, plan on Sarah Kilmister. TGP- I have a few male busts in process, so I can show you the differences in how I paint them versus the female figures. As a general rule, the transitions are sharper. SamuaiJack- Would printing something be legal? Most of those files would stipulate no commercial use, correct? Clearman- I'll have to look into heads. cool! I'm getting excited!!! yay reapercon! From what I understand on the class kits, they're coming. Reaper asked me what colors and models I was going to use for my other classes, so I know they're planning to have them available. I listed materials for the other classes in the description I think, though they were almost out of the cloud giantess so I'm using the frost giant queen instead. That might be wrong in my description. Not sure how to edit that. But this new class is a little different. Hope that helps.
  9. heh heh heh! Scale 75 makes that bust. They had a kickstarter the other year I supported, so I have a good supply! Humansquish- the main thing I see as different in a bust is that we have way more space, so we have the opportunity to add a great deal of detail and it is always harder to blend on a larger figure that an smaller. Otherwise, I paint them like I would a smaller figure. Just with less cursing when I come to the eyes!
  10. ok, posting this here because it seems the most appropriate thread. The way I understand it, classes should hopefully be going up next week. Woot! I going to try to teach virtual! Yay!! But, I'm trying out a new class, and I thought I'd ask for some suggestions. I'm going to test out Bust Painting, because this seems like the best format. Busts are generally cost-prohibitive for teaching because they're darned expensive. On average they're probably $50. That would make it hard to run an in-person class and keep it affordable. So, I think of this as the silver lining to our current situation. I can demo it! I'd like to know if folks have color preferences for skin and such. I'm pretty sure I'll be using: ...though I do have other busts, both male/female and old/young, so I can be flexible depending on everyone's needs. Heck, I could get creative and let the chat vote on the bust... then we'd really be living dangerously! Is there anything folks want to get out of a bust class? Any areas that are troublesome or hurdles you're having trouble getting over? I want to make sure I cover everything I can. Thanks guys!!!
  11. I know everyone is excited! Not all of us have finalized our classes yet. Work for me has been crazy, so I'm running behind, and we're down a partner, which means my days are a lot fuller than they used to be, so I have less time for volunteering. And I know the Reaper folks are dealing with a completely new medium, as are the teachers. I know we aren't used to teaching online, so it's got us trying to figure out exactly what we can manage. Please be patient with us. Everyone is stretched thin on account of Covid, so it's bound to be a slower process. Reaper is still a small company, and they had limited staff even before the whole "work from home" thing. Keep in mind, Gencon just opened up to virtual signups, and it starts july 30th. We'll get there, but I don't expect things to be finalized for some time. Hang in there. I know it's frustrating. The good news is, it's online and free, so if you need to make plans, you may be able to catch a VOD later, and won't be out any money regardless!
  12. Thanks guys! I treated myself to sushi after a long hard day at work. whooo!
  13. I suspect the Reaper policy is to ensure that folks check on their reservations and don't assume they will be cancelled. Just to be safe.
  14. me too! If it helps, Anne mixed it from (the equivalents of) sapphire blue and walnut brown, so you can make it yourself more or less. Apparently, due to the base pigments in each, it was pain in the butt. I still love it!
  15. I opted for hard cider. I thought about margaritas but I have to work tomorrow...
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