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  1. It occurs to me with the weather that some folks may not receive paints or supplies for my classes. Have no fear. Reaper will be recording the classes, so I'm pretty sure we should be able to go back later and watch and follow along. This may actually be a good thing. Sometimes I like watching someone do a technique, then I go play around with it later and learn it all over again. Also, if you can't get specific paints, ask in the chat, and I can tell you which paints can sub. I can even demo with some of them if it would help. Now I just have to attempt not to stress about being recorded!
  2. I know when I registered for mine, I immediately received an email from reaper notifying me. I just checked and searched my mail with the tag "reaper" and they all came up in a neat little row. They are listed in my inbox under a title such as "reaper classroom 2" or "reaper class 5" Hope that helps! But in terms of the website, I'm not sure. Jon might know?
  3. yes! Surf aqua would probably be the closest. The maggot white will probably be too light, but you can use it as you "white" instead of pure white. Or, you can use ghostly moss or spectral glow if you have those. These are all fairly intense greens with a good amount of white pigment in them so they should work fine. Alternatively, if you happen to have any artist acrylics, viridian or pthalo green mixed with a bunch of pure white or titanium white would also work. I seem to recall Anne telling me mint green was basically pthalo green with white in it. Hope that helps! Keep in mind, you can use any colors to paint the crystal, even if you don't have any of the ones I listed. The principle will be the same, so don't sweat the colors. woot! prepare to have some fun!
  4. I don't think you need to register for zoom. It's free. It may make you download, though.
  5. I tried playing around with the zoom on my browser and that worked. I think it's because I have it setup as bigger font for work. So if anyone has issues, change the font size!
  6. for some reason my computer illiteracy is affecting my ability to read my descriptions. I suspect it is just me being a dinosaur, but in case it isn't, here's the blurb on each of my classes. I'm also happy to answer any questions about them as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Skin Deep Monster Edition This is an intermediate level skin class, focused mainly on blending and glazing to achieve smooth skin tones. But unlike last fall, we’ll be going crazy! (Insert Bob Ross voice here.) This class will cover blue skin, perfect for our frosty giantess. Students should be familiar with glazing and/or layering in order to get the most out of this class. While the majority of the class will be spent on the face, I will cover placement of highlights and shadows on other skin surfaces and the differences between painting male and female figures. Please bring a brush with a nice tip. I find it easier to blend skin with a size 1 or 2 brush, as smaller brushes tend to dry out more quickly. Students will receive a handout on material covered in the class. You will also need a palette, paper towel or sponge, a cup of water and good lighting. We will be using 77592, Frost Giant Queen. Colors used in class will be linen white, nightshade purple, ultramarine shadow, fair skin, mint green, ashen blue. If you don’t have ashen blue, clouded sea would also work. Clean your miniature before class with warm water and dish soap, and remove any mold lines you’d like with a sharp knife. You do not need to prime, but please basecoat the skin areas with an even coat of ultramarine shadow. 2 hrs, hands on, intermediate Miniature 77592 Paints: 9061 linen white, 9022 nightshade purple, 9187 ultramarine shadow, 9047 fair skin, 9263 mint green, 9057 ashen blue The Dreaded Black and White We all hate them, right? Right?! This intermediate level class is designed to help take away some of the fear and show you ways to approach painting black and white. We will be using a combination of layering and either feathering or wet blending to achieve our smooth transitions, so students should be familiar with at least one of those techniques to get the most out of the class. Please bring a brush with a nice tip, such as a natural sable brush. I find it easier to blend with a size 1 or 2 brush, as smaller brushes tend to dry out more quickly. Students will receive a handout on material covered in the class. You will also need a palette, paper towel or sponge, a cup of water and good lighting. We will be using 77209 Arran Rabin. 2hrs, hands on, intermediate Miniature 77209 Arran Rabin Paints: 9162 driftwood brown, 9257 blonde hair, 9144 creamy ivory, 9061 linen white, pure white, 9022 nightshade purple, 9164 dark elf skin, 9021snow shadow, 9209 aircraft gray forgot to add: basecoat the bottom cloak in nightshade and the top cloak in blonde hair Rockin’ Crystals Ready to make those crystal elements on your minis really shine? Painting translucent crystal is fun and rewarding, and surprisingly easier than you might think! This class should help break down the process in a step by step paint-a-long. This is an intermediate level class, but even if you’re not familiar with blending techniques, you should be able to follow along as well. We’ll be using reaper’s 77312 Wall of Ice. You can use any colors to paint crystals, but I’ll be demonstrating with Pure White, Nightmare Black, Ultramarine Blue, Marine Teal and Mint Green. Students should have a nice brush available for blending, such as a natural hair sable, and be familiar with blending techniques such as wet blending or layering in order to get the most out of this class. One thing I’d recommend when practicing crystals is to go to your favorite shopping site and search for cheap rough quartz crystals. You should be able to buy these in packets of 20-50 for not too much, and they’re fun to incorporate into your minis. You can also save old plastic sprue and use a sharp knife to make your own crystals. Clean your miniature before class with warm water and dish soap, and remove any mold lines you’d like. You do not need to prime, but please basecoat the miniature with an even coat of ultramarine blue. 2hrs, hands on, intermediate Miniature 77312 wall of ice Paints: 9039 pure white, 9280 nightmare black, 9188 ultramarine blue, 9077 marine teal, 9263 mint green
  7. oh- the cat fellow does have his extra parts, but I left them in the bag. No worries! I never ended up buying any of the old crystal-bearing dragons, so I'll have to tackle them soon! yay!!! Thanks again!
  8. woot! Ok, I got my box earlier this week, but now I can post! I got some awesome goodies from Kangaroorex!! I may have... eaten most of the cookies... But here is a shot of all the rest! I am especially excited about the possibilities of the cat centaur and the frog. I play the Ori games, so I've been wanting to make a Kwolok mini for awhile now. He's a perfect jumping off point! I forgot to include Rocky in the group pic! I love the "Snack Time" mini!!! Nice work! He's on my shelf of awesome! Thanks so much Kangaroorex!!! squeeeeeee!
  9. I'm slowly working, should be done on time. Here's a wip. Sorry it's out of focus. my phone can be iffy. soon! I swear, I haven't painted small things in awhile... I miss busts...
  10. woot woot woot! I got my first covid vaccine today!!! Hope it's ok to post here. If not, apologies and delete away. Not trying to be controversial or anything. In frustrating news I have to quarantine until I get my test back due to an exposure last week, so probably no Christmas for me. But, hey! I feel great! Soontm this will help me get back to the next Reapercon!!! Hang in there everybody. Happy Holidays!
  11. That was our Thanksgiving- I dropped a pie at my brother's and took home some lovely turkey, etc. Yum yum! I think you're good with that plan, and your risk should be minimal. For surfaces, most of the stuff I've read says a few hours to a few days, depending on the surface- I tend to err on the side of caution and say 48 hrs to 72 hrs. By then, virus particles should be dead. But, don't stress too much about surfaces, because they key is then not to touch your face. The virus isn't transmitted by touch, but by particles making their way into your eyes, mouth or nose. Things on the surface of a container shouldn't re-aerosolize, so just practice good hand hygeine and you're fine. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/etc everyone! We can do this. I have faith in us humans to work together to make the world a brighter, or at least more fully painted surface!
  12. As an update on our front, I received our numbers from the local hospital this morning. Our covid census has increased from 73 to 97 this week, and they project based on the community increase for that to reach 140 in the next few weeks. This is in line with the data we've been collecting since april. Cases in our county increased from 672 in one week to 1080 this past week. I had a patient come in positive without knowing it, but so far my testing is negative and I feel fine. Our hospital is shutting down overnight elective surgeries again to reduce hospital bed usage. Keep in mind, our hospital has a total of 435 beds, and we currently have over 90 clinical staff out sick due to covid. We'll get through it. But please consider this in your holiday plans, as I suspect many areas are experiencing similar rate changes. Be safe.
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