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  1. me too! If it helps, Anne mixed it from (the equivalents of) sapphire blue and walnut brown, so you can make it yourself more or less. Apparently, due to the base pigments in each, it was pain in the butt. I still love it!
  2. I opted for hard cider. I thought about margaritas but I have to work tomorrow...
  3. But we could use free zoom or skype for panels and everyone can do that! That and the House party ap are the only way I've been able to play bingo with my family for the last 2 months. Thank goodness for game night.
  4. Drat. And I'd just gotten motivation in to painting again and over my covid-induced mental funk. Sigh. Well, if it helps, I'm going to figure out how to stream and I'll be available for teaching. I think we should do an ask artist panel or something like that, where we all get on video and answer questions. I'd love that. It would almost, almost be like seeing all you guys again and getting hugs. I miss everyone horribly. I'm at work so I have to put on my "giving bad news" face and not cry. I guess it's better than telling somebody they have cancer... sigh. Trying to have perspective. But I am sad. I'm coming up with a plan and I will make it cool. It will be awesome! But still sad now.
  5. check with Greg Zuniga, maybe. He's done wonders for my neck and back at past Reapercons. He might be willing to co-teach. I'm pretty sure his email is on the one Ron sent for instructors and hopefully he won't kill me for suggesting him. He's a physical therapist.
  6. must...resist...on budget due to pandemic... but... but... argh!!!
  7. I don't really use Facebook much, but I posted this a few weeks ago to attempt to explain social distancing and what it means to "flatten the curve." These are my personal views, and I am not affiliated with Reaper, so if they are upsetting, please blame me, not the awesome folks who run Reapercon. If you think about viruses from an evolutionary standpoint, they are no different than any other organism. They have a drive to reproduce and spread. Their secret weapon is the period of contagion where their host shows no symptoms, or few symptoms. They have developed to maximize this potential. Think of it this way- a virus that wipes out all its hosts immediately would quickly die out along with its means of spread. Something like the common cold is a perfect virus. Annoying but not deadly except in the weakest host, constantly mutating, constantly reproducing, and never killing its host. It just continues spreading. If this virus is similar in its ability to hide, we're in for a world of hurt.
  8. whew. teensy tiny crisis averted. Zelda is back on! oh happy day! cleaning can wait... TGP: So, Zelda, A link to the Past is an ancient SNES game I played as a teen (showing my age... came out in '92) Anyway, a randomizer was developed for this that shuffles all the items randomly throughout the game. So finding the swords can be... interesting. But, since it's been out for awhile, they made it harder and started shuffling things like the enemies, entrances to rooms and dungeons, as well and the keys and items. Current races this week are shuffling items, keys and entrances. It makes it fun to see what the runners will find. It's a speedgaming thing.
  9. cannot cope. twitch crashed. trying to put it in perspective given scope of current situation... but am stuck at home and want to know who wins the keysanity zelda race! will have to vod... but... what if twitch never comes back?! must go clean something...
  10. don't know if this is close enough, but I vaguely followed a Bangladeshi model's skin. There's a link in the show off to the WIP, where I listed all the colors and did the step by step.
  11. I have fallen in love with Penzeys parmesean peppercorn salad dressing mix. (they have a website which I probably am not allowed to link, and most states have a store) I mix the loose spice mix with olive oil and keep it in a jar. I use it to drizzle on french bread slices. I usually top the bread with a meat- like smoked turkey, pepperoni or nice sliced salami. Then put a tomato slice next, and top with sliced mozarella cheese. I bake until nicely toasted in the oven. I usually put it in a cold oven, preheat while it sits there and cook an additional few minutes after the oven dings. I add my fresh basil from the garden after baking. It makes a great open-faced sandwich. I bake them on my baking sheet a bunch at a time and eat them over several days. they reheat well. I pretend I'm getting in my vegetables that way!
  12. See, I was going to title this PSA, but that still means Prostate-specific antigen to me, just like TLC is thin layer chromatography... but I'm geeky like that! I work in Healthcare, so keeping folks happy and healthy is my job. With the upcoming Convention Season fast approaching, I thought I'd share some general tips on staying safe while enjoying all the awesome miniature/gaming world has to offer. First, some humor. Because health is always better when we laugh about it. I mean, how can you not laugh about colonoscopies? Am I right? Anyway... the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has a fantastic sub-site about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you haven't seen it, check out their blog. It's fun, and a general guide for preparing for any emergency. I live in hurricane land, so I read up on it every fall, just to brush up. At any rate, there are a few general tips I'd like to share. Because I despise icky nasty things like the flu, and would like everyone to stay safe. 1. So, if you're sick, stay home. I love seeing all my peeps, but I know Reaper also has a fantastic refund policy. If you truly are sick sick sick, show your love of your fellow gamers and hobbyists and sit this one out. I always tell my patients that the reason I get my flu shot every year is not so I don't get the flu, but so I don't give it to them and kill them off. I see a lot of "little old ladies," and they don't recuperate well from illness anymore. So think before you travel. Along those lines, think about insurance for flights. Hotels let you cancel fairly late, but airlines sometimes needs a gentle hint to give you your money back. I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about Reaper. They'll take care of you, so don't let money be a concern. Health first. 2. Most stinky bugs and viruses are opportunists. They catch us off guard and make us roll a 1 on our constitution checks. Not cool. So let's find a way to boost that constitution modifier. First, handwashing. I cannot stress this enough. If you're going to eat, wash first. I shake soooo many hands during Reapercon. I play so many games where I pass dice or other markers around to everyone. So before anything goes in my mouth, the hands get washed. The CDC has a whole section just on handwashing, so that should tell us something. While hand sanitizer is nice, and I use it daily at work and on the road, there is no substitute for a good scrubbing. Wash wash wash. Second, don't touch your face. I mean, think about it. Buggies love mucus membranes like our noses, mouths and eyes. They'll crawl right in and start wreaking havoc on our immune systems. Not rubbing my eyes is something I have to continually remind myself about. And biting my nails, because that's my nervous habit. So make a conscious effort not to touch your face. Third, I love me some Vitamin C. Every since I started taking it, I swear my nieces and nephews don't get me sick nearly as often! Do things that boost your immune system. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, drink water. You know, the stuff we bookish doctory types always preach about at your annual visit. Little things add up to a lot of extra points to your Con check. Be smart. Prevention is worth a whole bucketload of tissues, cough drops and cold medicine... 3. Speaking of tissues, don't reuse them. Use one and toss it. I know, I'm a tree hugger, so I don't like wasting paper, but if your hand has touched the tissue, it's not worth putting it back on the nose. Keep the nose clean! Carry tissues with you at all times. Please please, don't be like my nephew and remember to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use tissues instead of your hands for that, too. That way you lessen the spread of evil germs. 4. If you feel sick while you're away from home, don't be afraid to get checked out. I know in today's world, healthcare is expensive. But if you're not well, get help. You can come to my desk and I will cheerfully give you cough drops, chocolate and find you the nearest urgent care. Pinky promise. But seriously, don't suffer in silence. Get help if you need it. Ok, so that's about it from your friendly neighborhood Corporea. My local health department has been keeping us up for years on everything, so I'm happy to answer any questions from my trusty painting desk during Reapercon. Looking forward to fun!
  13. Thank you thank you!! It's beautiful in person. Great work with the airbrush. I love the base!!!
  14. I am going with my tried and true Reapercon giveaway: chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. I keep thinking about ribbons but then real life interferes and I run out of time. So, chocolate it is!
  15. So, if a piece wins a medal, it will be announced in the awards show aloud and the title and piece shown on the big screen. As this is a kid-friendly event, I'd take that in mind. I don't care as a judge, but those in charge might want to keep the awards ceremony PG13 at least. Although I am a southerner, so the best I can mange is to bless someone out... ;)
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