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  1. I had such a wonderful time this year! I was so grateful to be able to see everyone and hang out. It was a much-needed break. I loved the extra space we had at our artist row seats Usually I have to pack my stuff into a smaller space, so this year I didn't feel like I crowded my table-mates as much. I suspect that was because there were fewer of us, but maybe we can stick with the same space size in the future. I loved doing the feedback on sunday, so I'm hoping we can do that again. Maybe with some limited hours saturday night for those leaving early sunday.
  2. hmmmn... I wonder if Jim has anyone in mind for these. I'd love to paint them! Great job so far!
  3. As one of the judges, just come find me at my desk (Erin Hartwell) and I can give her some constructive feedback and even demo some things to help her. I'm happy to do that before the competition if she wants to work on her entry while she's at the con, or after the competition. If she wants to learn what we look for and how we judge, I'm pretty sure all of us are happy to help. I tend to "grade up" for youth because I want to encourage younger painters and we all totally remember what it's like to be new to painting! We want to encourage people to enjoy our hobby! Hope that helps. But ple
  4. I'm in the Wave 1 waiting boat, but I'm so excited to see everyone's awesome pictures!!! Keep posting! Thanks for the updates, Guindy. Hang in there everyone.
  5. Our local health department gave us all buttons to wear saying "I got my covid-19 vaccine." I plan to wear mine to Reapercon, and am happy to talk data and scope out the cdc website with anyone who wants! (even though I'm on 'vacation!') Oddly, I have not had the slightest desire to buy microsoft products... chocolate maybe... hmmmn...
  6. It occurs to me with the weather that some folks may not receive paints or supplies for my classes. Have no fear. Reaper will be recording the classes, so I'm pretty sure we should be able to go back later and watch and follow along. This may actually be a good thing. Sometimes I like watching someone do a technique, then I go play around with it later and learn it all over again. Also, if you can't get specific paints, ask in the chat, and I can tell you which paints can sub. I can even demo with some of them if it would help. Now I just have to attempt not to stress about bei
  7. I know when I registered for mine, I immediately received an email from reaper notifying me. I just checked and searched my mail with the tag "reaper" and they all came up in a neat little row. They are listed in my inbox under a title such as "reaper classroom 2" or "reaper class 5" Hope that helps! But in terms of the website, I'm not sure. Jon might know?
  8. yes! Surf aqua would probably be the closest. The maggot white will probably be too light, but you can use it as you "white" instead of pure white. Or, you can use ghostly moss or spectral glow if you have those. These are all fairly intense greens with a good amount of white pigment in them so they should work fine. Alternatively, if you happen to have any artist acrylics, viridian or pthalo green mixed with a bunch of pure white or titanium white would also work. I seem to recall Anne telling me mint green was basically pthalo green with white in it. Hope that helps! Keep in
  9. I don't think you need to register for zoom. It's free. It may make you download, though.
  10. I tried playing around with the zoom on my browser and that worked. I think it's because I have it setup as bigger font for work. So if anyone has issues, change the font size!
  11. for some reason my computer illiteracy is affecting my ability to read my descriptions. I suspect it is just me being a dinosaur, but in case it isn't, here's the blurb on each of my classes. I'm also happy to answer any questions about them as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Skin Deep Monster Edition This is an intermediate level skin class, focused mainly on blending and glazing to achieve smooth skin tones. But unlike last fall, we’ll be going crazy! (Insert Bob Ross voice here.) This class will cover blue skin, perfect for our frosty giantess. Students
  12. oh- the cat fellow does have his extra parts, but I left them in the bag. No worries! I never ended up buying any of the old crystal-bearing dragons, so I'll have to tackle them soon! yay!!! Thanks again!
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