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  1. No worries! We pick the mini that we think will receive the highest score. We'll go around as a team and decide together the mini we'll judge. We will always choose the one that will score highest, though sometimes it's a hard choice. It's a difficult thing I know for entrants, because sometimes the techniques or miniatures we work hardest on are not always the one chosen. It makes us question why we worked so hard on a new technique or pushed ourselves. But remember when we're deep in the painting process, we can't always see the things we've excelled at the same way an outsider can. Or even the things that just shine and have a cool factor that draws the viewer in. I find it very helpful when I'm painting to take breaks on a mini and come back to it a few weeks or even a month later. I'll look at it with new eyes and see things I didn't before. I am constantly baffled when people like a specific mini I painted more than the ones I've pushed through a new process and really sweated over. When we level up a process we feel that mini challenged us and we learned. That is a valuable thing and we naturally expect others to value it equally. Art being subjective makes this all the more frustrating as a painter. I hope that helps! But rest assured, there are always things in our art others love that we may not see!
  2. Actually... when reaper contracted with embassy suites initially, they were quoted a figure far outside their budget that was non-negotiable. They then reminded the hotel how many city council meetings they had attended in order to help encourage the council to agree to build the convention center in the first place. Reaper went seriously up to bat and supported the convention center plans at the local level, knowing it would be a great place for them in the future and good for the town. And it was only by reminding the hotel over and over again about this, that they were able to secure an even remotely acceptable contract. It's a rough situation to be sure.
  3. Guys, there isn't another convention center in that area that can meet the needs of the convention and Reaper's budget. The cheapest option for renting convention centers at a hotel is generally a holiday weekend. Which is why, if you may note, that so many conventions are labor day weekend, including Dragoncon and NOVA. Reaper generally wants to host a good time, and I know in the past they've just planned to hope to break even on the convention. Other weekends would result in a loss, so are not possible or ideal. Other convention centers are either not awesome (I'm looking at you strip mall convention center, blargh!) or more expensive and smaller, with less ideal classroom setups. The hotel chooses how many rooms they will give in a block, not reaper. I can't fault capitalism in action if Embassy Suites chooses to sell rooms at a higher price outside of the block. Embassy is sort of a luxury hotel. It's swanky. Does it irritate me that they take advantage of people? Yes. Is it unusual? No. My feelings on the US business model lead me to believe this is not an isolated incident. I cannot expect the hotel or reaper to lose money on something- that would not be sustainable. Does it make things more complicated for attendees? Sure, and that sucks, I'm so sorry. As a small business owner, I get the difficulty of negotiating with a larger business or corporation. There is certainly a power level difference that makes it hard to get what you want. Remember Reaper is a small business, no matter how much they seem to have grown into the internet in the last few years. It's hard for the little guys to stay ahead. (FYI, I own my own GYN practice, so the insurance companies don't give me much choice in what they pay me. They tell me I should be grateful to get anything for my work! 😉 But, the hospital can't tell me what to do, so I call it a win.) I get the frustration and I am so very sorry. I wish I had better answers. But I do feel requesting a different venue would result in a less awesome convention. I suspect the result would be higher admission prices and class prices to make up for the higher fees from the hotel management, plus a requirement to eat hotel meals, also adding to attendee costs. That would not be good. A smaller center would mean limited tickets, also not cool. I'm so sorry folks are having a hard time getting a room, but knowing the background and situation, I can tell you that reaper has tried to negotiate the heck out of the hotel and then some. It is not that they are not trying. Adrienne works overtime on this. Being frustrated by the situation is totally valid. I get it. I wish there were something that could be done about it, I do. I really do. I never want to see folks have to reach beyond their means to have a good time. It isn't right. I am a firm believer in equity and justice. The lawful good paladin in me gets pretty cranky when I feel folks are being treated unfairly. I love teaching at reapercon. I hope to see everyone there who can come! Hang in there guys. This has been a long few years with a lot of stressors. Come September, we're going to throw a party and have a great time, no matter what. Hugs. I'll bring the chocolate. (Also, er mods, if I am overstepping by speaking about reaper, please feel free to delete my post. sorry in advance.)
  4. I thought I'd throw together a little thread on the subject of contrast. Everyone raise your hands if you're been told you need more contrast. Don't worry, my hand is up, too. Contrast is one of those things we hear a lot, but because there are so many meanings of the word, it can be confusing. We can achieve contrast in many ways. And all of them are important. The best pieces we see out there probably use all of them. Some of types of contrast are easier to see than others. I'm hoping by showing a few examples, I can help you guys get a handle on how to improve. Remember that even those of us who've been painting for awhile still have to think and work on our contrast. Types of contrast: Light/Dark or Value Color- complementary, temperature, saturation Texture Matt/Gloss As a general rule, I feel like the hardest for new painters to grasp is Value or Light/Dark contrast. It's also my personal favorite, so I tend to harp on it a lot in classes. Value in regards to color theory is defined as range from dark to light, often using a numerical scale. It has nothing to do with hue (or color.) White is high value. Black is low value. In this case, on the left you can see a grayscale example of a very dark value at 0, and a very light value at 9. Just like in Star Wars, there can be no light without shadow. We need the Dark Side of the Force just as much as the Light Side or we wouldn't have a very good storyline. If everything in our painting is the same value, or we fail to include very dark or very light areas, the result will lack contrast. Here's an example of the in-progress cloud giantess I did the other year: Here I'm using a blue-yellow color scheme. There does appear to be some contrast in the color- the blue and yellow areas are distinct, but when you remove the color and look at the same image in grayscale, the contrast disappears. In fact if you look close the blue and gold are exactly the same value. Can you see how this example lacks value contrast? Do you see a difference between the armor and the leg? To me, they blend together. So while I had different colors, I failed to also vary my light-dark. I realized this part way through my painting process and helped correct it, so the final was better. But, I hope that goes to show that we all struggle with this in painting. This brings me to my favorite sneaky trick. I recommend constantly taking black and white photos of your minis. You'll start to see value in whole new "light" Whenever I am in doubt or feel like something is off on my piece, I'll do this. The other thing to remember is that value is relative. In this example, the bar in the middle is actually the same value. See? But because I've put it next to a dark area and a light area, it appears to change. In practice, this means if you put something light next to something dark, you get more contrast. I do this a lot in monochrome painting. The arrows point to areas of light nest to dark in both a grayscale and a sepia test mini. The old masters were really good at this whole value thing. If you feel like doing some research, look up Chiaroscuro. In this example from Caravaggio, only the areas the artist wants us to focus on are light. There is a huge range of value in the painting from light to dark. This is maximized contrast. Like contrast on steroids. That's what were looking for, right? Mine goes to 11! Well, sort of. So here the hard part. When we say we need to see more contrast we're not just telling your to go up to white and down to black in every single area of the entire miniature. That in an of itself would ALSO lack contrast, but in a more subtle kind of way. If everyone in a room is a blonde supermodel, none of them would really stand out from a distance. They're all the too similar. If I bombard your eye with a thousand tiny highlights, the effect may even be off-putting. BUT, some areas should have higher contrast. Places like the face should be lighter, to draw attention to it. Areas I want you to see first, I need to paint with the highest contrast. This sort of gets more into the concept of composition, and this sort of planning takes a lot more thought. Does that make sense? Let's get back to some practical examples. I grabbed some colors to try to illustrate some of the traps we might fall into. Let's paint some skin. Here's my test bones using the purple as a shadow and the ocher as a highlight for the green. I love purple and yellow- they're complementary colors so naturally will give me some contrast. Looks ok, right? Looks like skin. Has some highlights, etc etc. oops. Where did my contrast go?! Yes, there are so shadows and some highlights, but it looks a lot flatter and more boring. While we can use color to do some really fun effects, we still have to obey the grand Rule of Value. Ok, so I've added some of the ivory. I'm getting a little more contrast. Better. Much better. Here the same picture in grayscale. Can you see the rounded forms of the muscles better? That's what we're going for in terms of light and dark. Notice in this example I used an off black- nightmare black. For skin?! Heck, only one of the colors I chose has the word "skin" in it, and none of them are on the same reaper triad. This is because I know I need to push my highlights and shadows beyond what the triads can do. I may go up close to white, but remember that adding white to a color washes it out. To use another color theory term, it desaturates the color and we lose a lot of information about what that color was. In this example, I used yellow for most of my highlights. I'll go see if I can find some older examples of where I used white instead. I hope this helps a little to explain. I'll try to get together some more examples, but feel free to hit me with questions. Hugs!
  5. This is awesome!!! Thanks for posting this series. I am trying to come to grips with my irrational dislike of orange, so hopefully this will give me some insight!
  6. I had such a wonderful time this year! I was so grateful to be able to see everyone and hang out. It was a much-needed break. I loved the extra space we had at our artist row seats Usually I have to pack my stuff into a smaller space, so this year I didn't feel like I crowded my table-mates as much. I suspect that was because there were fewer of us, but maybe we can stick with the same space size in the future. I loved doing the feedback on sunday, so I'm hoping we can do that again. Maybe with some limited hours saturday night for those leaving early sunday. I ran out of candy. I must pack better in the future.
  7. hmmmn... I wonder if Jim has anyone in mind for these. I'd love to paint them! Great job so far!
  8. As one of the judges, just come find me at my desk (Erin Hartwell) and I can give her some constructive feedback and even demo some things to help her. I'm happy to do that before the competition if she wants to work on her entry while she's at the con, or after the competition. If she wants to learn what we look for and how we judge, I'm pretty sure all of us are happy to help. I tend to "grade up" for youth because I want to encourage younger painters and we all totally remember what it's like to be new to painting! We want to encourage people to enjoy our hobby! Hope that helps. But please let her know she's always welcome to visit artists alley and we love love love sharing painting with everyone. I hope that takes away some of the nerves and worry!
  9. I'm in the Wave 1 waiting boat, but I'm so excited to see everyone's awesome pictures!!! Keep posting! Thanks for the updates, Guindy. Hang in there everyone.
  10. Our local health department gave us all buttons to wear saying "I got my covid-19 vaccine." I plan to wear mine to Reapercon, and am happy to talk data and scope out the cdc website with anyone who wants! (even though I'm on 'vacation!') Oddly, I have not had the slightest desire to buy microsoft products... chocolate maybe... hmmmn...
  11. It occurs to me with the weather that some folks may not receive paints or supplies for my classes. Have no fear. Reaper will be recording the classes, so I'm pretty sure we should be able to go back later and watch and follow along. This may actually be a good thing. Sometimes I like watching someone do a technique, then I go play around with it later and learn it all over again. Also, if you can't get specific paints, ask in the chat, and I can tell you which paints can sub. I can even demo with some of them if it would help. Now I just have to attempt not to stress about being recorded!
  12. I know when I registered for mine, I immediately received an email from reaper notifying me. I just checked and searched my mail with the tag "reaper" and they all came up in a neat little row. They are listed in my inbox under a title such as "reaper classroom 2" or "reaper class 5" Hope that helps! But in terms of the website, I'm not sure. Jon might know?
  13. yes! Surf aqua would probably be the closest. The maggot white will probably be too light, but you can use it as you "white" instead of pure white. Or, you can use ghostly moss or spectral glow if you have those. These are all fairly intense greens with a good amount of white pigment in them so they should work fine. Alternatively, if you happen to have any artist acrylics, viridian or pthalo green mixed with a bunch of pure white or titanium white would also work. I seem to recall Anne telling me mint green was basically pthalo green with white in it. Hope that helps! Keep in mind, you can use any colors to paint the crystal, even if you don't have any of the ones I listed. The principle will be the same, so don't sweat the colors. woot! prepare to have some fun!
  14. I tried playing around with the zoom on my browser and that worked. I think it's because I have it setup as bigger font for work. So if anyone has issues, change the font size!
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