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  1. whew. teensy tiny crisis averted. Zelda is back on! oh happy day! cleaning can wait... TGP: So, Zelda, A link to the Past is an ancient SNES game I played as a teen (showing my age... came out in '92) Anyway, a randomizer was developed for this that shuffles all the items randomly throughout the game. So finding the swords can be... interesting. But, since it's been out for awhile, they made it harder and started shuffling things like the enemies, entrances to rooms and dungeons, as well and the keys and items. Current races this week are shuffling items, keys and entrances. It makes it fun to see what the runners will find. It's a speedgaming thing.
  2. cannot cope. twitch crashed. trying to put it in perspective given scope of current situation... but am stuck at home and want to know who wins the keysanity zelda race! will have to vod... but... what if twitch never comes back?! must go clean something...
  3. don't know if this is close enough, but I vaguely followed a Bangladeshi model's skin. There's a link in the show off to the WIP, where I listed all the colors and did the step by step.
  4. I have fallen in love with Penzeys parmesean peppercorn salad dressing mix. (they have a website which I probably am not allowed to link, and most states have a store) I mix the loose spice mix with olive oil and keep it in a jar. I use it to drizzle on french bread slices. I usually top the bread with a meat- like smoked turkey, pepperoni or nice sliced salami. Then put a tomato slice next, and top with sliced mozarella cheese. I bake until nicely toasted in the oven. I usually put it in a cold oven, preheat while it sits there and cook an additional few minutes after the oven dings. I add my fresh basil from the garden after baking. It makes a great open-faced sandwich. I bake them on my baking sheet a bunch at a time and eat them over several days. they reheat well. I pretend I'm getting in my vegetables that way!
  5. See, I was going to title this PSA, but that still means Prostate-specific antigen to me, just like TLC is thin layer chromatography... but I'm geeky like that! I work in Healthcare, so keeping folks happy and healthy is my job. With the upcoming Convention Season fast approaching, I thought I'd share some general tips on staying safe while enjoying all the awesome miniature/gaming world has to offer. First, some humor. Because health is always better when we laugh about it. I mean, how can you not laugh about colonoscopies? Am I right? Anyway... the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has a fantastic sub-site about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you haven't seen it, check out their blog. It's fun, and a general guide for preparing for any emergency. I live in hurricane land, so I read up on it every fall, just to brush up. At any rate, there are a few general tips I'd like to share. Because I despise icky nasty things like the flu, and would like everyone to stay safe. 1. So, if you're sick, stay home. I love seeing all my peeps, but I know Reaper also has a fantastic refund policy. If you truly are sick sick sick, show your love of your fellow gamers and hobbyists and sit this one out. I always tell my patients that the reason I get my flu shot every year is not so I don't get the flu, but so I don't give it to them and kill them off. I see a lot of "little old ladies," and they don't recuperate well from illness anymore. So think before you travel. Along those lines, think about insurance for flights. Hotels let you cancel fairly late, but airlines sometimes needs a gentle hint to give you your money back. I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about Reaper. They'll take care of you, so don't let money be a concern. Health first. 2. Most stinky bugs and viruses are opportunists. They catch us off guard and make us roll a 1 on our constitution checks. Not cool. So let's find a way to boost that constitution modifier. First, handwashing. I cannot stress this enough. If you're going to eat, wash first. I shake soooo many hands during Reapercon. I play so many games where I pass dice or other markers around to everyone. So before anything goes in my mouth, the hands get washed. The CDC has a whole section just on handwashing, so that should tell us something. While hand sanitizer is nice, and I use it daily at work and on the road, there is no substitute for a good scrubbing. Wash wash wash. Second, don't touch your face. I mean, think about it. Buggies love mucus membranes like our noses, mouths and eyes. They'll crawl right in and start wreaking havoc on our immune systems. Not rubbing my eyes is something I have to continually remind myself about. And biting my nails, because that's my nervous habit. So make a conscious effort not to touch your face. Third, I love me some Vitamin C. Every since I started taking it, I swear my nieces and nephews don't get me sick nearly as often! Do things that boost your immune system. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, drink water. You know, the stuff we bookish doctory types always preach about at your annual visit. Little things add up to a lot of extra points to your Con check. Be smart. Prevention is worth a whole bucketload of tissues, cough drops and cold medicine... 3. Speaking of tissues, don't reuse them. Use one and toss it. I know, I'm a tree hugger, so I don't like wasting paper, but if your hand has touched the tissue, it's not worth putting it back on the nose. Keep the nose clean! Carry tissues with you at all times. Please please, don't be like my nephew and remember to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use tissues instead of your hands for that, too. That way you lessen the spread of evil germs. 4. If you feel sick while you're away from home, don't be afraid to get checked out. I know in today's world, healthcare is expensive. But if you're not well, get help. You can come to my desk and I will cheerfully give you cough drops, chocolate and find you the nearest urgent care. Pinky promise. But seriously, don't suffer in silence. Get help if you need it. Ok, so that's about it from your friendly neighborhood Corporea. My local health department has been keeping us up for years on everything, so I'm happy to answer any questions from my trusty painting desk during Reapercon. Looking forward to fun!
  6. Thank you thank you!! It's beautiful in person. Great work with the airbrush. I love the base!!!
  7. I am going with my tried and true Reapercon giveaway: chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. I keep thinking about ribbons but then real life interferes and I run out of time. So, chocolate it is!
  8. So, if a piece wins a medal, it will be announced in the awards show aloud and the title and piece shown on the big screen. As this is a kid-friendly event, I'd take that in mind. I don't care as a judge, but those in charge might want to keep the awards ceremony PG13 at least. Although I am a southerner, so the best I can mange is to bless someone out... ;)
  9. The old school models I remember from the 80's-90's were all one piece. Lovely, simple... but looking back on them, somewhat static. There is a limit to what can be done with a vulcanized mold. Certain features are impossible in a single mold. Adding arms, legs, etc, allows for a more dynamic pose, but also adds complexity and cost. I sort of miss the good old days. It was a lot easier to game back then. I think miniature companies are pushing the bounds of what can be done, and in some cases, not succeeding because of ambition. They may not always think about assembly, but about aesthetics alone. So I truly appreciate companies that strike a good balance between number of parts and coolness. I have mostly stopped buying mini based on look if I can tell it will be a nightmare to assemble. You can usually tell. If it looks too good to be true, it will steal your sanity... avoid the super-cool ones!
  10. This was my Secret Sophie gift to Inarah. I had a lot of fun painting it, though I was cranky there wasn't much room to play with freehand! Let's see... the crystals are a combination of sculpey, green stuff, sprue cut into crystal shapes and actual small quartz crystals. You can buy them cheap online in bulk. Great for terrain projects. The colors are nightmare black, clouded sea and mint green, then after I was done highlighting, I glazed the whole thing except in the light effect area with pthalo green. It knocked down the highlights a bit and I like the more teal look it gives. The fire was pure white, sun yellow, marigold yellow, fire red and spattered crimson. I think I used some Golden brand carbon black for the deep shadows. Anyway, enjoy! I didn't do a lot of WIP stuff for this one, sorry! er, and my camera was dead so I had to use my phone. The balance is always funky. I decided I wanted to work on OSL, so I planned ahead of time while painting the miniature. I find this helpful for OSL. I decide where I'll have the light effect and then up the highlighting on that side keeping in mind the spread and direction of the light. Then when I add the colored effect, the highlighting is already done. I think where I see folks fall down on lighting is one of two things: remembering that light is brightest at its source and lessens outwards, or thinking that light is color rather than brightness or higher value. Meaning we have to highlight first before we add the light effect, or it just looks like paint, not light. If you take a black and white photo of a mini, you should be able to see the light and effect is closer to white. If done incorrectly, the light effect will disappear. You also have to darken shadows elsewhere to sell the effect. It becomes complicated, but in all honesty, you can do OSL with drybrushing, as long as you remember to highlight first! Enjoy! C&C always welcome! Here's what I mean with the black and white photo- see how you don't see the color of the light, but you still see the light?
  11. That happened to me once and the post office delivered the lost package to me a few days later after I'd filed a report. Interestingly, I received updates on the computer on the "lost package" for 6 months and then a final once telling me they'd given up on finding the package. I kept meaning to update them...
  12. Please come visit my desk! I have chocolate! It's how I lure innocent con-goers to my secret lair. Muah hah ha! My first reapercon, 2014, I tried to hide in my little corner. But everyone was so kind and welcoming, I couldn't stay hidden for long! I met so many folks I call friends now. It truly is a mini family reunion. We all want to help and teach. And we do get lonely! I am happy to answer any questions, give feedback and do mini-demos if you need extra explanation. I usually have extra handouts from prior years if you can't make any of my classes, and I can give you files if you have a portable drive. I tend to forget to email files, though...
  13. ...and monday was a postal holiday. But I did mail it today! should hopefully arrive by friday!
  14. Please find us sunday morning if you can't find us saturday night. Even if we didn't judge your piece, we'll ask you what medal you got and then give you pointers to get to the next level. I don't teach on sunday if I can manage it because I like to have that day free to sit at my desk and answer questions. Please know you are welcome to come find me and ask questions. Every year I look at entries for folks that I didn't judge and I don't mind doing it at all! The only thing I'll say is I don't judge ordnance, and am not sure I can offer any feedback since my weathering ability is... well, a work in progress.
  15. I'm almost done. Have to finish the base and I should be able to send out monday.
  16. I think the wedding guests were miffed the "weirdos" were spoiling their romantic vibe. Nothing bad happened. I remember complimenting lots of folks on their fancy shoes, though! Shoes are the best.
  17. Also, we always want people to come up to us at our stations and ask questions. I'm happy to do mini-sessions to help out anyone and I'll critique minis anytime. I get up early, so I can usually answer questions before thing officially start up as well. Just let me finish eating breakfast and I'm good to go! I'm going to try to add a few classes this year. Is there interest again in black/white or red/yellow? Those classes are fun to teach. I think I may just do skin three times this year again, but I hate to drop color theory since I think it is the most important thing aside from fancy basework. That reminds me- I was going to see if Proctor would do a joint "The base is the most important part" class with me because, um, it is!
  18. I took B&J's sculpting details class and it was wonderful. Just so everyone knows! Glad you guys are teaching that one again. I love the idea of the dragon relief. If it doesn't conflict, I'd take it.
  19. I've taught as few as 4 and as many as 6 in a given reapercon, and I will admit, this past year doing 4 was nice. I didn't feel as rushed. I felt like I had time at my station to help folks one on one. I got to eat! So, don't feel like you have to overburden yourself with stress or responsibility. It's ok to do less, and give it your all. If you're exhausted, you won't be at your best. Also, your health is important. Think about all you put in to the classes, including the prep time. You gotta live, too! For those that don't know, we as instructors plan our classes on our own, do any prepwork on the minis and create our handouts. For some of my classes, there's a lot of background work and planning that goes in to them. My color theory class has a 70+ slide powerpoint that I add to every year when I learn new things. Rhonda has insanely detailed handouts. Poor Dave did an amazing amount of prep on his bases for the water effects class. Like, crazy amazing work. There's always another year. I rotate some of my classes and teach them every few years. Dave, pick the ones you most want to teach. Pick the ones that make you the most excited and enthusiastic. Do those. Save the others for another year when you're feeling more into them or feel like you've learned something new you want to share. Also, you can certainly teach two of the same class. Teach two of the water class and hold off on one of the others instead. I know it's hard when there are so many cool things to show folks. Your classes will be loved, no matter which ones you pick. But you don't have to teach them all. I applaud in every way your good spirit and generosity. You are an awesome person and should know you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. But it's ok to limit the ones you teach. If you can't pick, roll dice and let them pick. Also- remember Tish will pretty much always teach a kids class.
  20. I should be able to do this- will send PM this week. I like painting for people because I love giving gifts. If you get to paint for me, please know that I cherish every mini I have ever been gifted, and they have a special place on my shelf. I do not care about skill level. The holidays are about love and sharing, not quantity or quality. This is also about fun! So have fun!! PS: I asked for coal one year in my stocking when I was still collecting rocks. I never got it. I had to go buy it at a local gem show...
  21. Welcome to the forum, HolyHeathen!! HolkDiggity- I am a huge fan of WIPs, and there should be a bunch from me on the forums scattered around. I'm currently working on this lion. This bust was one of my favorites as well. I put a lot of information in this bust WIP, too. I find documenting what I do teaches me how I do things and makes me more aware of how to improve my process. It wasn't until I found the forums here and got feedback on my painting that I improved. Painting in isolation is hard, doing it in groups is so much more rewarding! And fun!
  22. All of them! Muah hah ha! They will all be mine! Seriously, she is such a gorgeous sculpt, I can't wait to get my bones one and paint it! Ready for retail when I can buy more and try out different skin tones.
  23. I know awhile ago I did a marble tutorial, but I think photobucket might have eaten the images. I'll try to put together something later this month or early next month. I like marble. It is so varied in its appearance, we can play with virtually any colors and patterns. James Wappel does some really cool marble effects on his blog as well. These are two of the marble effects after the blending. You can still see some of the lines, but if you glaze thin layers of your highlight and shadow over it, the lines will soften. If they become to faint, just paint them back in. Push and pull with the lines and the glazing until you are satisfied. Leave some of the lines more defined and others softer. The veins that run through marble dive in and out of the stone. It is a very forgiving effect and fun to play with! In this case, I just used colors I'd used elsewhere in the mini to help tie the colors together. NMM has a steep and painful learning curve. The safest way to approach surfaces, is to break them down into geometric shapes. So you may have a cylinder, sphere or cone. See how the light affects the shapes differently? While our minis are more complex, if we follow the rule that light hits a surface in a fairly predictable manner, all we have to do is simplify. This is hard and takes a lot of muddling through sometimes. So on the breastplate, the chest area acts like a sphere. Since I've picked a light direction, I know there will be a circle of light near the top. I'll shade down in circles around that to tell my viewer this is a rounded form. See the arrows? I have decided I want a front and slightly right main light source, but I also am using some top-down lighting. So the light on the cylinder part of the breastplate goes more or less in the middle and also near the top. Placing a dark area next to a light area helps a surface read as sharp or metallic. See this cylinder? You can see the light strikes it from above and to the left and next to the light area is a dark band on either side. This helps us read "shiny" So... I think the reason NMM is hard is because it requires us to think about shapes, light source and placement of light-dark all at once. It just means taking a more systematic approach to painting. It does require planning, because unless you have a consistent light source, it will look odd. Also, there is a certain degree of cheating to make it look good that I just think takes practice. It may not make sense for a shadow to be somewhere, but I want it there to sell the effect so I make it up. That just comes with time. So, er, yes. plan it and always go back to the wonderful internet browser and search for images of the thing you want to paint. It will help to see it and then copy it. You can also take a picture of your mini held up to a bright light and see where the light goes. That can be helpful for planning. Hope that helps!
  24. purple and yellow are complementaries, so I wanted the color contrast. It's one of my favorite complementary combos. Do cloud giants have green hair? I should have done more research in the monster manual! I felt like if I go yellow, I risk blonde, and green feels too oceany to me. For some reason the purple just felt colder and frostier. More cloudy! Thanks guys!!!
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