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  1. This is my favorite board game ever!!! Have been trying to hold off on buying new version, but.... argh!!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. kept 2, upgraded 1, traded 1. you never know when you might need a biker succubus.
  3. I like the idea of being able to customize the shields. Also the wings- I was thinking a sketch of the da vinci flying machine on one. Maybe arcane formula to power the dragon. That bookend idea is looking even better.
  4. ...er...sorry to go off topic. ahem.... I really like the new storm/cloud giant sculpts and can't wait to see the fantastically professionally painted example of the Storm Giant the hardworking Reaperfolks will grace us with soon. Anticipating coolness. Or at least a cool color scheme.
  5. It's like the stars are right or something...
  6. I couldn't agree more! I don't agree at all. I knew I should have concurred!
  7. squee! new scuplts! clockwork in progress! Whooo! http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77177
  8. must have rocket bike! please please please!
  9. great greens! really loving this kickstarter!
  10. It's all for the best that paint is delayed. My painting room (read: kitchen table) is full. Now I have time to build some extra shelving and create office space! Hmmn... could always do that mulching I've been meaning to do...clean the house...finally put the pottery wheel to good use... Always look on the bright side of life. BTW, ReaperBryan- I blame the RPM for my poor housekeeping skills. How could you distract me from the important things in life with this foolish Kickstarter! Well, I never! etc etc. :)
  11. windsor newton and davinci make good sable brushes. fyi, if it hasn't been said before for new painters, NEVER leave your brushes sitting in water.
  12. goal: finally finish painting cinder. 3 minis for my gamer buddies. finish basing the bard, ranger and paladin.
  13. Is the iSlug Karricks sidekick, Thulle's sidekick, or a demonic-arcane media playing device? all of the above! except it's probably a virus that only infect mac devices. ;)
  14. The entire family has now been put on notice to paint the 1000+ minis coming in March. Between this, Demons and Devils and Bombshell, we are going to be busy. Must clear shelf space.
  15. Yay! Bones are mine! Had no problem and even left it sitting for a while and it still let me complete my order. Thanks Reaperfolks!
  16. If I give them my word as a Spaniard, will I get my pledge manager sooner? ;)
  17. fantastic! reminds me of jim henson/dark crystal.
  18. that's a fantastic idea for a diorama using the villagers set #2, the zombie folk, undead hordes and mr bones with converted signs! muah hah hah ha. now must construct a reaper factory out of sculpey!
  19. Do iiiiiit... I've never owned minis before either, but these have convinced my husband that the Bones Invasion in March is containable. heh, heh, heh... nothing can contain the bones! The bones are unknowable, unrealized and thus far remain unformed...nothing will stop them! Invade minions, invade! :)
  20. I just bought some sable paintbrushes from amazon and they were a good price for a nice brush, fyi: Da Vinci Kolinsky Red Sable Deluxe 5 Brush Watercolor Set Of Series 36 Rounds Da Vinci Nova Miniature 5 Brush Set for Spotting, Retouching or Detail Work
  21. really love the dwarf! Must add familiar to staff...perched owl, perhaps.
  22. I am itching to freehand some Celtic tattoos on that storm giants back!
  23. love the cloud giant/storm giant/whatever. awesome!
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