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  1. oh yay! I really wanted the dinosaur when I saw it in the pic!!! :) happiness!
  2. clockwork, lizard folk, deep dwellers and I really want to do crazy conversions on mister bones...
  3. I do wish the reinforcements could be used as babe choices, but I totally understand why they aren't. sigh. I'll have to choose wisely.
  4. Well, as a girl, I'll throw in a thumbs up for the giantess and a vote for minis with personality. :)
  5. just pledged. thanks for the info!
  6. +1 dark fantasy minis: yes please!
  7. someone may already have asked this, but... I have pledged for several vampire levels. does each one come with a mister bones, or do you just get 1 per pledge. I f so, I will order extras. thanks!
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