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  1. Hello all I have bought a considerable amount of modern/sci fi/ fantansy papercraft. I have a list of thing I still need so I can completely round out the gaming terrain that i am hoping to build. Ive got almost of all WWG modern line, pickings of there sci fi and fantansy. Microtax - entire modern line (i think) Fat dragon games - Capital city set - and expansion Pm me or post here if you have any of the following, Im willing to trade lots for even one piece im missing: Ebbles: 4x4 General Purpose Vehicle Convoy UD-41 Utility Dropship Ares Meteor ODV Utility Shuttle Landing Platform Gun Crawl Hummingbird Trilateral Union Reaver $6.50 Onager Logistics Vehicle $5.00 6x6 Armored Patrol Vehicle $5.00 ARe my big wants here, will cosnider anything though Worldworks Games (got there old set Mayhem Bits, it has parts from all 4) Terrainlinx Mayhem Services Mayhem Tracfic Mayhem Street Props Mayhem Rail* only one Im missing Stoelzel's Structures Lair Lair Expansion 1,2 The Warehouse The Split Level The Barn The Cottage Big Box Hospital
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