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  1. Since I missed out on pledging for the big bad boys like Khanjira and the expansion sets due to reasons, my selfish self would love nothing more than to have the ability to buy some of the excess boxes after the kickstarter has been fulfilled, especially after being very impressed with the quality of Bones II.
  2. Toronto, Canada here. Just the basic core set with no bells and whistles came to somewhere around $130 for which I was not slapped with customs or any additional fees. It arrived on Monday and passing it over once noticed no obvious issues, but I'll have to do a proper head count later. Very happy thus far! Bones 1 was great fun and I'm really glad Bones 2 isn't afraid to pull any punches either. I even got a signed card from the Reaper staff. <3
  3. Holy crap @ centaurs and feys. It's like Reaper has purposefully read my 'wants' list and decided to bone nearly every figure I want. Now all that's needed is some cavalry and I can stop F5ing.
  4. Two hours! ARE YOU READY FOR A MIRACLE? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SkqWQ82KeU
  5. If the pre-kickstarter thread exploded to these proportions, I shudder to think how many pints of tears the servers will shed when the actual kickstarter launches.
  6. While we're talking about big. As much as I love dragons and know very well that they're a staple of near every fantasy universe ever, I personally am burned out. I have too many unused dragon souls and scales after the first kickstarter, and have already maxed and unlocked all of my dragon shouts. May I instead suggest drakes, wyverns, wurms, dragon turtles and faerie dragons shoggoths and krakens, demons and devils, wendigos and necrophidius (necrophidiae?). Something more unusual, original and/or strange.
  7. To my utter dismay I discovered that the male is not anatomically correct. At least give me a ken-doll bump, even the posterior is conveniently covered by crow feathers. Can I get a peek? Just a peek.
  8. You should put up a warning sign, that picture is not for the faint of heart. My biggest fear is that, due to the overwhelming amount of work that was KS1, they'll scale back KS2 in quantity. All things considered, it does seem like a very tight schedule they're running, with the Reaper folks still wrapping it up, and way overdue with their well deserved vacations.
  9. In short, I really like it. I much prefer to paint an already assembled figure, even though painting unassembled is much more convenient, so having the ability to gently move parts out of the way like swords and arms while painting is just one of the small advantages. My skills painting are rusty (Read: Bad) so painting up a small 50c miniature due to kickstarter is less painful on the conscience, knowing even if I botch it or it ends up mediocre, I didn't sully a perfectly good ten dollar metal sculpt. The loss of detail strikes me as extremely odd and schizo, the faces in particu
  10. I don't know what strikes me more, the massive size, the neat sculpt, the beautiful selection of colours on the base, Kaly himself, or just how quick you've finished him. Top notch job Buglips, anxiously waiting for more close-ups!
  11. The centipede looks awfully menacing, which is excellent considering this is your first sculpt. Are you just winging it or are you following some kind of guide/tutorial?
  12. The '204 minis for $200' seems like a really good deal, but personally I see it as '$200 for ~~50 unique sculpts.' Guess I'm just not the target audience, and I don't really feel half of those sculpts ( the other half look amazing though ). I wish the lower tiers had similar bang for your buck.
  13. Watching this has been one hell of a ride, the base alone blew me away, I adore what you've done with it. Can't wait to see the dragolich in his full glory. God's speed.
  14. Arguably metal is of higher quality than bonesium, so the limited edition Anvall is still a limited edition; there aren't any other exact metal copies of him. Likewise, I would be happy if Reaper would eventually sell a bones Kraken, kickstarter or later.
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