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  1. There are ways to get the majority of figures in but don't know you would want to bend em the necessary ways to make em fit.
  2. OK good to know. I tried straight painting a couple and then applied a black coat to some first and then painted them. Incidentally one had a bent sword and i had forgot about boiling water.
  3. So I recently got my kickstarter and have started painting in different ways. 1.) I know about the boiling water to bend them into place, but can you do it after painted or will it make paint come off? 2.) I know priming isn't necessary but should I use base coats (don't know if that's the proper name or not) what i mean is will using a first coat make a second coat more vibrant or colorful? I'm new to this and I looked at the FAQ and other stuff on the reaper website but wasn't clear about these things.
  4. I'm fairly simple by comparison to most others here but I'm still going crazy waiting. -- Vampire x1 $100 -- Demons x1 $15 -- Red Dragon x1 $10 -- Figure Case x1 $25 I WANT MY MINIS.
  5. My Vampire Box, Demons, Red Dragon and Case, I await thy email patiently Next day, "THEY STILL AREN'T HERE?!?!" (throws chair through window). Maybe not
  6. What all is needed to get started when you have miniatures as a hobby? I understand brushes of different sizes, paints, a water pot (is a paper cup ok? or is there something special about a water pot i don't know about?), and a hobby knife, but what else is really necessary or just useful?
  7. Alright then I don't have to get the case, I can get something else like those demons, or cthulu, or dragons, or (babbles on for a while)
  8. vampire minus sophie Kaladrex The case I think, BUT IDK!! SOMEONE HELP ME! How do you guys plan on carrying around your vast supply of minis?
  9. Projections are that 3 mil will be met easily (only 10 times the original stated goal!), its after that where the ? is.
  10. I don't know what to trade sophie in for, a couple of addon models or the case to carry everything around. How do you guys carry around all those minis? This is of course assuming I can trade for the case.
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