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  1. I was restrained, only one warhost for me
  2. Now Live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-the-faraway-sea/description if you signed up for the newsetter for your free GM screen and back all in you'd have ended up with 2 screens, so they'll give you an extra set of dice instead (much more useful). If you back at core level (which doesn't come with the screen) you'll get the screen as originally planned
  3. Thank you backers ... as we go into the final day of the project we unlocked Stretch Goal #7 and have added the Bat Winged Sorcerer and the Owl Cleric for free as digital models to the project! 14 free models have now been unlocked. We only need 9 more full digital set backers to unlock the last 2 stretch goals so if you have any spots to recruit those last 9 backers we need to unlock everything that would be greatly appreciated! For the last day ... wanted to share with you one last video showing Celia converting a stretch goal model from 3-D Scan to 3-D ready to pri
  4. If you facebook check Painting Polygons for a link to get a free GM screen for signing up to their newsletter 'SPECIAL OFFER! FREE GM SCREEN Sign up to our pre-campaign newsletter (link below) using the same email as you use for your Kickstarter account, and back the Kickstarter at ‘Core Pledge’ or higher and we’ll include a free GM screen in your pledge!' (or PM me if you don't, i can't post it as it links to the SFG website which is commercial so not allowed on here)
  5. unlocked next Thank you backers as we not only funded yesterday but we also reached the first stretch goal! The first stretch goal added the Songbird Bard with Lyre digital model to the Sword Legion and the Songbird Archer digital model to the Tooth Guild for free. I wanted to better explain the daily reveals. Every day a new model will be shown as a Stretch Goal. The Stretch Goal is only for the digital set to receive the model for free. If the Stretch Goal amount is not reached to make the digital model free for a set, the model will still be made and is available to buy as
  6. The Project This is our 14th Chibi miniatures project! 7 years ago Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures launched the Tooth & Sword line of Chibi miniatures. The models were hand sculpted and were a line of chibi that I loved ever since I saw them. A couple years ago Meridian discontinued selling the entire product line. Fast forward to today and Impact! was able to negotiate a purchase agreement for the entire line of Tooth & Sword chibi to bring them back to everyone that missed a chance to own them. However technology improvements have allowed Impact! to 3-D scan a
  7. Signed up for this one when it launches, the book was a fun read and very well produced so worth having even if i was more interested in the minis
  8. second dose of pfizer went well, no sore arm this time, but next day i found i'd a fair amount of muscle weakness in it as i couldn't hold the hedge trimmer high enough to do the top of the hedge after about 5 mins. I'll take that over the fever and chills some seem to get
  9. Booked in for my second shot on Friday, looking forward to having it done, but not to the long walk to get there (i guess i could bus/taxi but i'd rather remain paranoid until i've got maximum protection and just walk for an hour and a half) The UKs unlocking has been going well (and slowly enough to see problems before they go out of control), but the varient that originated in India has now shown up over here and is starting to spread faster than is comfortable (probably more transmissible, but not more dangerous if you get it, and probably not able to escape the vaccine whi
  10. thanks for the fix on the width, that's now working on the rest of the site but for some reason not with this thread?
  11. Improved a lot since the update went live, but i'd still rather not have the sidebar on the right hand side and be able to have the whole width of the screen for the topic i'm actually reading or posting in (and that's on a laptop, i'd imagine it's worse on phones, assuming it's showing for them too) not sure why it's posting 2 of that image, it doesn't seem to want to let me delete one of them either
  12. Looks similarly horrible to me too, can't see a box to type in on Internet Explorer (not too surprised as it's now not supported for many websites) or firefox (no idea why that's not working), able to reply with chrome and edge
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