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  1. I've had my first dose of the pfizer biontech vaccine, so now 3 weeks to wait for immunity to kick in to a useful level, and 12 to wait for dose two, very pleased to have had it, no real side effects other than a bit of an ache in my arm UK is still generally moving in the right direction, but there are worrying indication of folk who have been vaccinated starting to ignore social distancing etc which is not what we want to see (evidence is suggesting the vaccinated population is less likely to have asymptomatic infection, and less likely to spread it, but it's clear this isn't perfect protection and both can and do still happen)
  2. The UK's vaccine roll out is doing well and our top 4 groups should all have been done (or refused it) within the next couple of weeks (0ver 65's, very vulnerable, hospital or care staff & those in old folks homes), uptake has been better than expected (although lower in BME groups, but it can't have been terrible even there or the overall stats would have been worse) however our independent vaccination body identified 9 groups overall who were medical priorities (we're prioritising in order of likelihood or death or serious illness needing hospitilisation) so we still need to do folk from 65 down to 50, and people with medical issues that are serious but not critical), and sadly 'leaks' from the govt suggest they're thinking of lifting lockdown again which will no doubt lead to another spike (the vaccinations already done will have some impact but as a big chunk of those vaccinated weren't mixing in a big way at least with the general population, folks in homes mixed a lot but in small self contained groups of the other home residents) I hope rumour is wrong and the keep things tight for at least another month or two as the next groups to vaccinated are of working age and will be a significant impediment to virus spread once they're done, or at least take opening up really slowly On a personal note my parents have had their first dose of the vaccine, and i'm due to get mine (due to my asthma) on the 23rd which makes me happy as it will pull me out of the 'real chance of dying' group
  3. In the image below ... on the left is the unlocked Cyclops Pony. Just for fun to show the things you can easily do with free Meshmixer (I will do an update to show how to an example of this). I added the Jet Pack, Fire Hooves, Mustache and Tentacle Tail onto the Cyclops to make some type of terror you have never seen to face your players!!! <insert muh ha ha ha here> (note you do not get the Eldritch Mustached Flaming Rocket Cyclops Pony as part of your reward ... just showing what could happen if you wanted). The Kelpie is a water spirit that take the form of a horse very often. It looks all nice and peaceful to lure in people to try to ride it. Once it has them, the Kelpie binds then and rushes into the water to drown them. To match this dual nature we had the Kelpie sculpted in both peaceful and murderous formats. Both formats are being added for free to the Monsters & Villains bundle. An incredible Saturday and Sunday morning! We unlocked 2 Stretch Goals and added the Undertaker / Necromancer Pony and the Sphinx Pony to the project. The Undertaker / Necromancer Pony will be added to the RPG Adventurer pack. The Accessory Pack for the Pony Pack is getting a Battered Hat and Raven accessories. The Sphinx Pony will be added to the Monsters & Villains pack. Also we have unlocked so many Accessories that I added them to the project as a $5 pack. The Pony Pack and All-in digital rewards will be get this pack automatically. If you just have the RPG Adventurer or Monsters & Villains packs and want to get all the accessory files ... you can get them as well by adding $5 to your reward. SuperPony will be added to the Pony Pack digital reward and the Cape and SuperPony emblem will be added to the Accessories digital pack. Last night/this morning we unlocked both the $9000 and $9500 Stretch Goals which means you now have (pictures of everything at the end of this update): Sleipnir - The 50mm 8 legged child of Loki and steed of Odin Stallion - A 4 legged version of Sleipnir to fullfill a backer request for a stronger looking base pony. (Note accessories have not been modified to match this model). Fallout Pony - Ready to survive in a radiation wasteland with his Pipbuck to guide Robocanine - Time Traveler ponies need a faithful companion No Chest Armor Ponies - Five one piece models without the front chest armor designs Pipbuck Accessory - Resized to work on the base Pony and Unicorn Sleipnir, Stallion and No Chest Armor Ponies will be added to the Pony Pack digital set. Fallout Pony will be added to the RPG Adventurers digital set. Robocanine will be added to the Monsters & Villains digital set. Pipbuck will be added to the Accessories pack 36 hours or so to go
  4. more stretches as a result we have added the Clockwork Pegasus and the Cyborg Pegasus one piece models to the project. The Clockwork Pegasus as well as the accessories for the Clockwork Key tail, wings and tailless clockwork body will be added to the RPG Adventurers bundle. The Cyborg Pegasus as well as the accessory for the Clockwork wings will be added to the Monsters & Villains bundle. Last night we unlocked Stretch Goal #6 and so now Dastardly Villain Pony has been added to the project! This Pony will be included in the digital & physical rewards for both the Monsters & Villains and Pony Pack rewards. In addition, both digital rewards will receive the Mustache, Monocle and Top Hat accessories. From your votes ... Stretch Goal #6 is going to the Skeletal wings for the Skeleton Pony to create a Skeleton Pegasus. We will be offering the wings in both full Bone form and with partial feathers! Both version of the Skeletal Pegasus will be added as one piece digital files to the Monsters & Villains digital pack and both versions of the bone wings will be added to the Pony Pack as digital accessories. We reached $5000 last night and unlocked the digital files for the Trojan Horse! This is a very large model and is provided in pieces for 3-D printing. Since this is not a one piece model ... a version is not included with any of the physical rewards as its a huge model. In the image a physical pressure cast model is shown next to the Baby Unicorns and 30mm fantasy chibi models. So yesterday's unlocks did the following: Adding to the Packs from the 2 stretch goals Aviator Pony will be added to the RPG Adventurers Pack The Jet Pack will be added as an accessory to the Pony Pack Famine Pony will be added to the Monsters & Villains Pack Ponies of the Apocalypse will be added as its own reward pack and level Skeleton Pegasus, Zombie Pony and Famine Pony will be added to the RPG Adventurers Pack Barbarian Zebra added to the Monsters & Villains Pack
  5. the big issue with them is they won't be as good at picking up early infections, so if possible doing another series at 3 or 5 days is a good idea
  6. #1 - $1000 (UNLOCKED) - All component STL files will not be made available with each reward level. For example, the Dragon Claw wand of the Wizard pony or the Axe of the Barbarian will now be separate files you will receive in addition to the one piece models. In the pictures below, if a model has components, each component should be a different color so you can see what all extra files you will be receiving. What the above means ... is you can use a free tool like Meshmixer on your computer/laptop to take the different pieces of the digital STL ponies and mix and match parts to create your own now instead of just receiving one piece models digital files. We reached $2000 and that unlocked the stretch goal to add supported versions of all the one piece ponies to the KickStarter (in addition to the non-supported models). I will also include supported versions of all the accessories in the Pony Pack. I had a backer message me to ask for a Hippogriff and Celia Miniatures sculpted it for us this morning to match that request. (Thanks Celia!) This means the Hippogriff and Flame Hippogriff models are now added to the project. Printed the Hippogriff is a $6 model and the Flame Hippogriff is $5. Both the Hippogriff and Flame Hippogriff models will be added to the $50 All-in digital reward level as well as the $15 Pony Pack digital reward. Both of these one piece models are also added to the $75 Pony Pack printed reward. The Large Eagle wings and Large Pony Tail accessories on the Hippogriff both work on the Pony and Unicorn bodies and have been added as digital accessories to the $50 all-in reward and the $15 Pony Pack Digital Reward.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/chibi-pony-adventurers-miniatures-2-digital-stl-and-physical/ The Project This is our 12th Chibi miniatures project. Over the last 5 years at conventions, our Pony Chibi from our previous KickStarters are always the most popular figures and we love hearing the happy sounds of people seeing them for the first time in the display cases. Now as technology has greatly changed we wanted to add new ponies and accessories to the model line and now offer them to everyone as digital models to print at home for yourself! The Miniatures The digital models will be sent as STL one piece models within a month of the project ending. Models will be sent without supports (we will have a stretch goal to buy software and add supports to all the files). Due to Stretch Goal #1, the ponies will also be provided with STLs for the different components of the models, so you can use a free product like Meshmixer to mix and match parts from the different models to create your own ponies. In addition, if you want the models will be available as physical one piece 3-D prints as well in super high quality resin prints. Prints will be grey and will come with bases (as most are not free standing models) The miniatures will come in two sizes. The base pony figures will normally be 30mm tall to the top of the figurine's head and a couple large pony figures will normally be 50mm tall to the top of the figurine's head (the Nightmare and Kirin are large ponies)
  8. Warploque Miniatures wild elves might fit
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55379220 Well cases are starting to skyrocket again in parts of the UK (although it's not as bad as the US), and the stupid idea of a 5 day free for all with no real restrictions over Christmas has been binned and replaces with only Christmas day in parts and not even that for a the capital and a bunch of the surrounding area. They're blaming it on a 'new' variant of the virus which spreads about 70% better (but thankfully isn't any worse in terms of outcomes and shouldn't be resitant to the vaccines either), I suspect it may be a part of it but I think a lot is just people getting tired and careless with the restrictions on their lives, especially now vaccines are rolling out and a certain percentage of the population think everything is instantly fixed. the same new strain is also circulating in Europe, not sure if it's gone elsewhere, but it probably will do even if it hasn't yet I fear things will get worse before they get better, so glad vaccine roll out is underway, and I hope those eligible who are offered it grab it as if take up is poor (as it sounds if it may be in some communities) covid just isn't going to go away
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